3 Days in Jersey Itinerary: The Best Way to See the Island [2023]


If you’re heading to the Channel Islands and want to know the best way to see Jersey, then look no further than this 3 days in Jersey itinerary!

Despite being only five miles long and nine miles wide, Jersey is a beautiful island packed with so many things to do and places to explore.

So much so, that you could easily spend a whole week here.

However, if you only have three days on your hands, don’t worry because this guide will show you how to maximise your time and get the best out of Jersey!

Faraway Lucy was welcomed as a guest of Visit Jersey; however, as always, all opinions are my own.

Where is Jersey?


If you’re not already familiar with Jersey, let me give you a little backstory.

Situated fourteen miles from the Cotentin Peninsula in Normandy, Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands between England and France.

Luckily for locals and visitors alike, this means that the island benefits from the same climate as the North of France.

This means that sunny days are far more guaranteed than they are back home in the UK!

Jersey is a self-governing British Crown Dependency, and as a result, the island feels like a mix between England and France, taking influence from both countries.

The island has a strong Norman-French culture, which you’ll notice in the French place names as you make your way around the island.

However, it still retains its British cultural influence in the shape of the island’s use of English as the main language and pound sterling as its primary currency.

How to get to Jersey


Undoubtedly, the best way to get to Jersey is to fly!

And luckily for you, flights tend to be on the cheaper side too.

British Airways, EasyJet and Loganair all fly from the UK to Jersey, and if you’re flying from London (as I did), you can expect to get there in just forty minutes. Yep, just forty minutes!

However, if you’re not based near to London, don’t worry because you can also fly to Jersey from lots of other airports across the UK.

We’re talking Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Doncaster, Southampton and Liverpool.

We flew out first thing on Friday morning and flew back last thing Sunday evening.

This meant we had three full days to explore the island, and only had to use one day of annual leave.

However, if time is on your side and you’re based near Poole or Portsmouth, you can also choose to visit Jersey via ferry, and your journey will take around four hours.

Head on over to Condor Ferries and get booking, if you want to opt for a slower travel approach!

Where to stay in Jersey


You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation in Jersey.

You’ve got luxury hotels, cheap Airbnbs, and everything in between!

However, the island is only home to two hostels, JAAC and Durrell Wildlife Hostel, so if you’re looking to travel on a very tight budget, this might not be the place for you.

We personally stayed in Somerville Hotel, one of the most famous and popular hotels on the whole island.

Nestled on the hillside in St Aubin, an enchanting fishing village, the country house hotel enjoys seriously good views.

The four-star hotel also serves up award-winning food (hello free breakfast!), a relaxing garden and pool area, free parking, free Wi-Fi and much more.

How to get around Jersey


By far the best way to get around Jersey is by car.

In fact, I’d probably go so far as to say that a car is almost essential if you want to maximise your time on this beautiful island.

I mean, you’re going to want to see as much of it as possible, right?

I’d recommend booking your rental car in Jersey before you arrive.

This way, once you leave the baggage area in the airport, you can quickly hop over to the car hire desks and drive away!

Car hire was surprisingly really cheap and the best bit is that because Jersey is such a small island, you won’t have to worry about fuel costs either.

We managed to see practically the whole island during our 3 days in Jersey and didn’t use more than half a tank of fuel.

Therefore, we didn’t have to visit a petrol station once. Cha-ching!

Please note that in Jersey they drive on the left (just like in the UK) and the island’s speed limit is set to 40mph.

However, if you don’t drive, you can also rely on Jersey’s public bus system to get around too. They even offer a ‘hop on hop off’ ticket.

There’s a bus stop right outside the airport to take people into St Helier, the capital of the island, and once you’re there you can check out the bus timetable.

Alternatively, other options for getting around are walking or cycling.

Yep, Jersey is so small that you can actually get around this way!

Not only is it healthier for you, but it’s more eco-friendly too!

Day 1 of your 3 Days in Jersey Itinerary

Midday: Visit La Corbière Lighthouse


After arriving in Jersey late morning, it’s time to get straight to exploring!

Grab some lunch on the go if you’re feeling hungry (this is a great picnic spot after all), then head to La Corbière Lighthouse.

La Corbière is one of Jersey’s most famous attractions and one that absolutely cannot be left off any 3 days in Jersey itinerary.

Not only is its architecture impressive but the scenery surrounding it is too.

Whether you choose to admire the lighthouse from afar or walk the causeway to explore it up close (and go rock climbing as I did) is up to you.

No matter how you choose to enjoy this attraction, you’re guaranteed a great time.

Top tip: head back here for sunset later – it will blow your mind!

Early afternoon: Visit Noirmont Point


Before your main afternoon activity, head to Noirmont Point, a picturesque headland in St Brelade.

The coastal tower was acquired by the States in 1950 as the Island’s war memorial, so not only does it look amazing but it’s steeped in history too.

You won’t need to spend more than half an hour here (unless you go rock climbing) but it’s a beautiful spot to take some photos and soak up the scenery!

Late afternoon: Wild food forage with Wild Adventures Jersey


Address: Kempt Tower, La Grande Route des Mielles JE3 2FN

Phone number: 01534 744101

Next up on this 3 days in Jersey itinerary, we have one of my highlights of the entire trip!

I cannot even begin to describe how much this activity took me by surprise. I absolutely loved every second of it.

If you want to learn more about the history of the island and wild food foraging while eating some delicious plants with the best company you could ask for, look no further than Wild Adventures Jersey.

The legend that is Kazz Padidar takes you on a wild food forage in the wilds of St Ouen.

Along the way, you’ll take in fascinating scenery, encounter local wildlife and learn about the vast variety of edible and medicinal plants along the way.

Just trust me on this one and do it! You’ll thank me later, I promise.

Early evening: Drinks at Project 52


Address: Waterloo Lane, St. Helier JE2 4WW

Phone number: 07700 803131

After checking into your hotel and freshening up for the evening, I think you deserve a drink after all that exploring, don’t you?

For one of the coolest places to drink in St Helier, head to Project 52, a bar so exclusive that you’ll probably struggle to even find it.

(I can confirm it even took us a while!) Top tip: look for the buzzer!

This Orwellian-inspired drinking establishment is discreetly located down a cobbled lane.

But once you’re in, I promise you it’s worth it.

Founded by a community of Jersey’s innovators and creators across a wide range of industries from art and architecture to finance and communications, Project 52 was created to be a space where anyone can feel at home. And that’s exactly what it felt like!

The public lounge was a ridiculously cosy space where you can melt into a chair to a backing track of 1920s style Jazz and ragtime.

As far as drinks are concerned, you’re spoilt for choice – so much so, that you’ll find yourself flicking back and forth through the pages of their drinks menu.

Why not just use that as a good excuse to get a few more drinks in, ey?

We were particularly impressed by the large offering of non-alcoholic drinks, including beer, cocktails and even wine. Bottoms up!

Evening: Dinner at Banjo


Address: 8 Beresford Street, St. Helier JE2 4WN

Phone number: 01534 850890

We’ve got to kick your first night in Jersey off with a bang, right?

In comes Banjo, a European-style grand brasserie serving tasty steak and fabulous fish as well as vegan and vegetarian options.

The elegant sophisticated restaurant certainly looks the part, and luckily for you, the food matches too!

After a busy day exploring, we were ready to dig into some delicious food, and delicious food is exactly what we got.

I started with a basket of continental bread (because, duh), and I followed this up with a vegan main of pumpkin and aubergine tikka masala with green coconut yoghurt, roast almonds, and crispy fried chickpeas.

To say it was delicious would be an understatement!

And for dessert, I opted for a dark chocolate bomb with vanilla ice cream, roast pear, hot chocolate sauce, which was equally as mind-blowing.

Day 2 of your 3 Days in Jersey Itinerary

Morning: Have a mini spa day at Ayush Wellness Spa


Address: Hotel de France, St. Saviour’s Road JE1 7XP

Phone number: 01534 614000

After a busy day travelling and exploring yesterday, I think it’s only fair that you kick off the second day of your 3 days in Jersey itinerary with a little R&R right?

After enjoying a free breakfast at your hotel, spend the morning relaxing at Ayush Wellness Spa at Hotel de France.

Here you can use the infinity pool, hydrotherapy pool with jacuzzi, hot and cold plunge pools and sauna and steam room.

And if you really want to treat yourself (this is a holiday after all), why not add a treatment to your spa morning too?

I’ve got to say, my facial was something special!

I personally don’t enjoy coming back to work after a weekend break feeling more tired than I was when I left. (Which is almost inescapable, right?)

But with a mini spa day, you’ll feel totally relaxed for the rest of your trip.

Early afternoon: Lunch at The Hungry Man


Address: Rozel Bay, Trinity, JE3 5BN

Phone number: 01534 863227

After dragging yourself away from the spa (I promise you won’t want to leave!), it’s time to drive fifteen minutes to the north of the island to the scenic Rozel Bay.

Because it’s ridiculously cute, Rozel Bay is worth a visit in its own right, but what you really come here for is to refuel at the famous Hungry Man kiosk.

I mean, it’s basically illegal to visit the seaside without some chips, right?

And when The Hungry Man serves up some of the best of the best you really can’t say no!

However, you can get more than just chips here.

From gourmet burgers to crab sandwiches to delicious homemade cakes, there are endless options for you to tuck into.

And not only is the food delicious but the views are just as special.

Just remember to bundle up warm in the chillier months as all seating is al fresco!

Late afternoon: Explore Mont Orgueil Castle


Address: Castle Green, Gorey JE3 6ET

Phone number: 01534 853292

Next up on this 3 days in Jersey itinerary is a trip to one of the most famous attractions in Jersey: Mont Orgueil Castle.

Steeped in history, this impressive medieval castle has cast its shadow over the beautiful fishing village of Gorey for over 800 years.

The village is worth a visit in itself because as you can see from the photo above, it’s pretty picturesque!

And, of course, it’s worth catching a glimpse of Mont Orgueil from afar so you can appreciate its full glory.

However, if you really want to learn more about the fascinating history of the castle, it’s worth paying the £13.40 entry fee.

Take your time exploring the network of staircases, towers and secret rooms to discover gruesome tales and hidden treasures.

And once you finally get to the top, you’ll be rewarded with some of the most breathtaking views in all of Jersey. Worth the price tag in itself, I assure you!

We visited on the most beautiful sunny day and it felt (and looked!) like we were in the Mediterranean.

The French coast has never looked better!

Evening: Dinner at Portelet Bay Café


Address: La Rue Voisin JE3 8PN

Phone number: 01534 728550

Next up we have the highlight of our trip and somewhere that I absolutely urge everyone to visit while you’re in Jersey.

After climbing up all those steps to the top of Mont Orgueil Castle, it’s time for…

Ha, you thought I’d say food, didn’t you?

Well, unfortunately for you, it’s not that simple as Portelet Bay Café is equally as hard to find as Project 52. (I like making you work for your food and drink, okay?)

This family-run cafe is located right on the beach at Portelet Bay, set between the conservation areas of Noirmont and Portelet Common.

Basically what I’m saying it’s that it’s outstandingly beautiful but also outstandingly difficult to find.

Access to the cafe is either by steps down to the bay or boat.

You can’t drive to the cafe but this only makes it a million times more special and unique.

I’d recommend parking at one of two large public car parks, Noirmont or Ouaisne.

Each of which provides a fifteen-minute walk across the headland to Portelet.

Once you finally arrive, you’ll be blown away by both the setting and the food.

Known for their authentic woodfired pizza as well as seasonal fresh fish during the summer, the cafe uses locally sourced produce wherever possible.

I had a mammoth feast of garlic bread to start, one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had for mains (with red peppers, red onion, butternut squash, rocket and fresh pesto for toppings), and a chocolate brownie with ice cream for dessert.

Words really can’t do this magical little spot justice.

I guess you’ll just have to come and experience it for yourself…

Day 3 of your 3 Days in Jersey Itinerary

Late morning: Visit Devil’s Hole


Address: The Priory Inn Devils Hole, La Grande Rue JE3 3BD

It’s your last day in Jersey so why not treat yourself to a lie-in and enjoy breakfast slowly?

After a slow morning, it’s time to head to one of my all-time favourite places in Jersey: Devil’s Hole.

Park at The Priory Inn, then descend the winding path to an impressive blowhole that has been eroded into Jersey’s coastline over the millennia.

The blowhole itself is not only seriously impressive but the views of Jersey’s north coast are unbeatable too.

If you have more time on your hands, you can extend the walk to discover some more cliff tops and secret bays that the north coast has to offer.

Early afternoon: Lunch and a wine tour at La Mare Wine Estate


Address: La Mare Wine Estate, St. Mary JE3 3BA

Phone number: 01534 481178

After discovering the natural beauty that is Devil’s Hole, drive just two minutes to La Mare Wine Estate to enjoy a delicious lunch at the Vineyard Cafe made by head chef, Marcin Ciechomski.

Whether you’re a wine lover or not, lunch at La Mare is worth it for both how yummy the food is and how beautiful the surroundings are.

I mean, who doesn’t want to eat lunch in the sunshine surrounded by a vineyard?

For lunch, I ordered the Mediterranean flatbread with peppers, red onion, tomato, mushrooms and mozzarella, with a side of chunky chips. And let me tell you: it was delicious.

After your lunch, join a guided tour for a unique vineyard experience.

The tour takes you around the beautiful vineyards, orchards, the Cognac style distillery and the chocolate production kitchen. (The last bit was definitely my favourite!)

As part of the tour, you’ll get to enjoy a variety of estate made products including two wines, apple brandy cream liqueur, chocolate, and ending with a G&T overlooking their award-winning gardens.

Sounds like a pretty good afternoon to me!

Late afternoon: Go for a walk down St Ouens Bay


What better way to round off your 3 days in Jersey itinerary than with a long beach walk?

Luckily, at St Ouens Bay, you’re not far from the airport.

So if you’ve got some time to kill before your flight, this is the perfect way to spend the hour.

You’ve already had a glimpse of St Ouens Bay while food foraging with Wild Adventures Jersey.

However, it’s now time to get a little more up close and personal with the beach.

Spanning almost the entire west coast of Jersey, with mile after mile of beautiful sand, it’s one of the most beautiful and famous beaches on the island. And for good reason!

At five miles long, there’s plenty of space and facilities for everyone, especially keen surfers.

So if you have time and fancy getting your surf on, why not hit the waves before you make your way home?

When in Jersey, after all!

So there you have it: a 3 days in Jersey itinerary!

I couldn’t recommend a trip to Jersey more so if you’re now feeling inclined to hit that ‘book flight’ button, I hope you have the most amazing trip.

Well, I say ‘I hope’ but I know you will because Jersey is great!

Tell me: what from this 3 days in Jersey itinerary are you most excited to do?

Please let me know in the comments below!

This 3 days in Jersey itinerary will show you where to stay in Jersey, the best things to do in Jersey, and amazing places to eat and drink. Click through to read more...

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