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A Special Escape to Aphrodite Hills, Cyprus

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Oh Cyprus, you special little treasure you. I didn’t know what to expect but I was in awe of your beauty. There’s so much more to you than a lads holiday in Ayia Napa, and well, in short, you were decent. I visited the Mediterranean island what feels like a lifetime ago but it was really just two months ago during the glorious hot month of August. Now I am sitting in my university room, mid October, dreaming of hot weather and long summer nights…
Whilst I spent most of our time at Aphrodite Hills in bed ill (just my luck), I still had the best time with my boyfriend’s family. As I cannot travel with my own family, it was really great to go on holiday with my second one, especially before university started and it was time to flee the nest. We were in Aphrodite Hills for two weeks, and the time absolutely flew by. Gaz’s family have been visiting the resort religiously for the past decade and it wasn’t hard to see why. While they mainly visit for the sports facilities, I was wowed by its outstanding natural beauty.


Aphrodite Hills Resort



I have to admit that I hardly took any photos of the resort (#badblogger). But trust me, it is just stunning. At the heart of the resort is the Village Square, where you will find a supermarket, gift shop, Costa Coffee, Häagen-Dazs, and car, bike and Segway rentals. There is also an ATM and a 24 hour medical centre, along with a wide range of restaurants and bars. Other on site facilities include expansive golf courses, “the Best Spa in Europe”, a Soccer School and a Tennis Academy.


Greco-Roman buildings, fountains, winding roads and deep rolling hills are some of the things that make Aphrodite Hills so bloody beautiful. But actually my favourite part of the resort was the lack of buildings. It is so spacious. You feel secluded in your villa, as if you’re staying in the middle of nowhere off the side of a valley.


Aphrodite Hills Cyprus


On a few occasions, Gaz and I escaped the lazy confinement of the hot summer’s heat, and jumped on bicycles at the brink of sunset. Planning to get lost on the resort, we started riding towards the end of the world, gleeful smiles beaming across our faces. On finding a spectacularly serene view, it was time to hop off of our bikes. Sitting on the edge of the valley, we breathed in the warm Mediterranean evening air, watching the sun set across the resort and the coast. Boasting panoramic views, this spot and the accompaniment sunset spurred on one of those “I’m so happy to be alive” tangents of thought. It’s funny how sunsets have the ability to do that. You don’t need to travel to see an epic, thought-provoking sunset, but the Mediterranean admittedly does do them pretty well.


After watching the sun set we cycled back into the dark, starry night. We continued to cycle through some of the paved golf courses (I don’t know if this is actually allowed but we rolled with it anyway). The skies were unpolluted and the stars mesmerising. And this is coming from someone who lives in the English countryside where we get clear, starry nights every night. Throughout our stay we also enjoyed walking around the resort, with no plan or sense of direction, stumbling across some gorgeous views.


However, I must warn you that Aphrodite Hills is not my typical ‘stay here, it’s cheap and young and fun’ dig. No, no, no, no… It’s not somewhere you’d go with your friends unless you have the cash to splash. There is, however, a huge hotel on site, alongside the villas and apartments! You’ll also need to hire a car if you wish to explore the island (or even the resort, depending on where your villa is – Aphrodite Hills is huuuuge) so keep that in mind when making a booking.


The Villa


Aphrodite Hills Cyprus


Our three bedroom villa was conveniently located only a ten minute walk from the Village Square. The only photos I have of the villa were taken on my camera by Gaz’s eleven year old brother. I actually thought they weren’t bad (although I won’t tell him that, it would massively inflate his ego). Gaz’s family kept stressing to me that this was probably the worst villa they’ve ever had, but I was nonetheless impressed. The balcony and flowers definitely gave off Romeo and Juliet vibes, and boy, oh boy, do I miss that pool. There is no better feeling than jumping in the pool after sunbathing* in the blazing heat. *Or at least attempting to tan… Irish problems, eh?!


Aphrodite Hills Cyprus

Aphrodite Hills Cyprus


Aphrodite’s Rock 

Aphrodite Hills Cyprus
If you didn’t already get the reference then you do now. Aphrodite Hills is named after Aphrodite, the Lady of Cyprus and the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreationAphrodite Hills is situated just one mile away from the tourist hotspot of Aphrodite’s Rock, which is believed to be Aphrodite’s birthplace. One day we ventured off to Northern Cyprus, seeing the Baths of Aphrodite during our travels, which were incredibly disappointing.
Aphrodite Hills Cyprus Aphrodite Hills Cyprus 
So, have you ever visited Cyprus? If so, what was your favourite part of the island? In better health I’d love to see more of what this underrated and magical island has to offer…


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