8 Best Restaurants in Paphos Cyprus That You’ll Love [2022]


Tucked away in the east of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is the real world answer to the island from Mamma Mia.

Local legend states the island is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love.

Adored by the locals and tourists alike, the tiny island is a beautiful holiday destination.

To be enjoyed with its incredible weather, stunning views and of course, delicious food.

Most popular in the summer months, the island is home to a large number of all-inclusive hotels but to really live like a local and experience all that Cyprus has to offer I would recommend booking a villa and using a hire car to get around.

I visit the island annually to see family and over the years I have created my own traditions.

Many include eating as it’s impossible to try these foods just once. I have to go back year after year!

Based on these years of experience I’ve put together the best restaurants in Paphos Cyprus, ranging from traditional Greek food to fresh seafood to family favourites for you to try and love during your stay.

This article is written by Faraway Lucy writer, Gracie Leader.

The Best Restaurants in Paphos Cyprus

1. Viklari The Last Castle

This lunch spot is one of the island’s best-kept secrets.

Tucked away high up in the mountains, this eatery is one of the best restaurants in Paphos Cyprus if you want to see some of the island’s most picturesque views.

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea that seems to stretch on forever, underneath clear blue skies, it’s a sight that you’ll snap hundreds of photos of.

To show just about anyone who will look when you get home, of course!

You’ll also be able to see miles and miles of uninhabited greenery from your viewpoint.

It makes you feel as though you’re the only ones on the island!

Outdoor stone seating and banquet style tables are the seating arrangement at the Last Castle for all the family to stretch out on while you enjoy your meal.

Overhanging vines and ripe grapes cover the courtyard, offering you shade from the sun.

No menu here. Instead, just one thing on offer: traditional greek souvla.

Pick between juicy chicken or tender pork.

Then, order chips and a mouthwatering salad to go with it.

Wash it down with their house wine that’s fruity and fresh. Exactly what you need in the midday sun.

On your way out, soak up the scenery.

Cobblestone pathways lead you to half-destroyed archways and pillars that will have you truly feel as though you are exploring castle ruins.

Top Tip: Be wise with your choice of hire car. High up in the hills the roads can get rocky.

2. Oniro by the Sea

As the name would suggest this restaurant is right on the edge of the island.

On the cliffs of Peyia, surrounded by sea caves, the scenery is breathtaking.

But the showstopper is the shipwreck that sits just off the coast.

Crashed into land in 2011 and remained there ever since, it’s an incredible sight that can be enjoyed when visiting Oniro’s.

It describes itself as a ‘bucket list destination’ and visiting there certainly ticked it off mine.

Open day and night, Oniro’s offers brunch, lunch, dinner and late-night drinks – take your pick because *spoiler alert* they’re all amazing.

There’s a huge menu on offer so there’s something for everyone to satisfy any craving.

I’d recommend the homemade prawn dumplings because they are delicious and I haven’t stopped thinking about them since.

The detailed cocktail list with a coloured system that helps you match your tastes to the drink most suited is a must-try.

During the evening, while watching the sun dip down below the sea, it really can’t be beaten.

If you take it too far and have one cocktail too many, the brunch menu is perfect to cure your hangover the morning after.

Choose between eggs and Cypriot sausage or leek and feta cheese pie.

Definitely a great way to start your day!

Top Tip: Make sure to book ahead because this place is very popular and gets super busy on the weekends.

3. Ocean Basket

It is not often a chain restaurant makes it onto a list of the best restaurants in Paphos Cyprus.

However, Ocean Basket is not just any chain restaurant.

Dotted across the island, the South African seafood place is perfect for a quick lunch or last-minute dinner that satisfies the whole family.

With an extensive and inexpensive menu, covering everything from small portions of cod or sole to huge sharing platters made up of calamari, prawns, mussels, oysters and more, it has something everyone will like.

It’s not often you find such fresh seafood for such cheap prices and that is exactly the reason it makes onto the list of best places to eat in Paphos!

Ocean Basket also offers a sushi menu that will make your mouth water.

California rolls, Sashimi and Hosomaki are all on offer and out of this world.

Top Tip: Pick one of everything for the table and share between your friends.

4. Samisen Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant

If you want to find your night’s entertainment and your dinner reservation all in one spot, Samisen is the place for you.

Found on the lively Coral Bay strip amongst the busy bars loved by holidaymakers, this place is perfect for a fun and exciting evening out.

When you arrive and are seated you are assigned your own personal chef who cooks your meal right at your table!

While you wait they perform an amazing show that will have you laughing the whole way through.

Juggling their utensils, throwing food for you to catch in your mouth, making flames and throwing bowls of rice at you to catch all while singing, putting on impressions and telling jokes, it’s hilarious for kids and adults alike.

It will definitely be one of the most memorable nights of your trip.

But the entertainment is not just what makes it great. The food is superb.

True Japanese food to choose from with fresh vegetables and delicious meats.

The beef dishes are outstanding and having your steak cooked before your eyes means you can have it exactly how you like it.

The staff are friendly and will cater to your every request.

You feel welcomed into the Samisen family as soon as you step through the door.

This place is truly one of the best; it’s the first thing I book every year.

Top Tip: Big groups are best for this restaurant so invite the whole family to eat with you.

5. Pelican Restaurant

Paphos Harbour is one of the busiest and most exciting places to spend an evening on the island.

Restaurants, bars and shops stand side by side looking out onto the Mediterranean.

My personal favourite? The Pelican Restaurant.

Positioned on the far left of the harbour hanging over the shore, the open-air restaurant allows you to see the sea bed below your feet and the stars above your head.

As you would expect, it offers beautiful fresh seafood caught the same day as well as a delicious wine list.

Being on the seafront you may expect to see some wildlife during your visit.

That’s especially the case at this restaurant with a four-foot-tall pelican who visits as often as he pleases to say hello to the customers.

He comes to collect his dinner from the chefs, eats outside and then flies off again.

It’s a sight I had never experienced before coming and doubt I ever will again.

Top Tip: Pick your fish from what’s on offer out front.

6. The Braai Lodge

The Braai Lodge is definitely one of the best restaurants in Paphos Cyprus for meat lovers!

If a steakhouse is essential for you when on holiday, the Braai Lodge will be sure to cure your cravings.

This family-run restaurant draws on their South African heritage to create the best menu and atmosphere combined.

Designed to look like the game lodges popular in South Africa, it’s a beautifully crafted setting to enjoy.

Filled with luxury antique African furniture and art, it stands out as an experience for your eyes as well as your taste buds.

Split between the lounge bar, the indoor dining space and the outdoor terrace, there’s plenty of room whether you simply want a glass of wine or to go all out on a three-course meal.

With a huge menu that can only be described as a meat lover’s dream, you will be sure to have a feast that will leave you stuffed.

The spicy surf and turf is to die for and will most likely leave you making a second booking before your holiday is over.

The Braii Lodge also offer a boozy brunch on the weekends.

Live music, free-flowing wine & beer and the best food is a wonderful combination for your Sunday.

Top Tip: Book to eat in the Terrace for the best outdoor seating during the summer.

 7. The Bunch of Grapes Inn

At the centre of Pissouri village is one of the most beautiful restaurants on the island.

Originally the village manor house but now converted into the Bunch of Grapes Inn, the building is more than 200 years old.

All the traditional features remain, making sure the atmosphere can still be felt. It can only be described as stepping back in time.

The courtyard is the perfect place for lunch or dinner, covered by an ancient mulberry tree.

The menu consists of a combination of Cypriot, French and English food, providing something for everyone.

Even the pickiest of eaters, who prefer to eat what they recognise from home, will find something they like.

The wine list is made up of bottles homegrown from wineries and vineyards on the island. Drink like a local and try the traditional bottles on offer.

Top Tip: Check the opening times as it closes between meals.

8. Anesi Restaurant

Anesi is a perfect example of the family-run restaurants that you see so many of in Cyprus.

Located in the Pegeia suburbs, just outside of Coral Bay, it has stunning views of the coastline.

The owners act as the perfect hosts throughout your evening and the staff are friendly and chatty.

The menu is made up of traditional Mediterranean and Greek food that is essential to try during your stay on the island. And the portions are hearty and well-priced.

If you’re a big eater the pork chop is definitely what you need to order – delicious and huge, it will leave you feeling stuffed.

The dessert menu is delicious and if you only order one thing make sure it is the passion fruit cheesecake. It’s the perfect end to any meal!

Live music and entertainment are often on so check before you book to make sure you catch it!

The busy and friendly environment is perfect for families and will ensure everyone has an enjoyable evening, from grandparents down to the kids.

Anesi is loved by tourists and locals alike so it certainly feels like a traditional, authentic Cypriot restaurant which is perfect if you want to immerse yourself in the culture during your stay.

Top Tip: They offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options so this restaurant is perfect if you have dietary requirements.

So there you have it. The best restaurants in Paphos Cyprus that are absolutely essential for you to visit!

A country with easily some of the best food in the world and with plenty of places to choose from, you certainly won’t go hungry.

Have you visited Paphos yourself? What were the best places to eat in Paphos in your opinion?

If there’s a place you went to and fell in love with, please let me know in the comments!

The Best Restaurants in Paphos Cyprus That You Will Love. There are so many things to do in Paphos Cyprus but one of the best is try out all of the amazing restaurants Paphos Cyprus has to offer! From traditional Greek food to fresh seafood to family favourites, click through to discover Paphos' best eateries...

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