Cocktail Bars Exeter: 27 Best Bars for Cocktails in Exeter [2023]


Exeter may be small, but it packs a big punch, and there are some fantastic cocktail bars in Exeter for you to get stuck into.

It’s a vibrant little city with plenty going on, so you certainly won’t be bored during your time here, no matter how long you’re in town.

Spend a day wandering around this pretty city, explore Exeter Cathedral or just spend your day hopping from cocktail bar to cocktail bar.

Whatever you choose to spend your time in Exeter doing, you can be sure that you’ll want to come back in no time.

Check out my round-up of the best cocktail bars in Exeter to get your weekend off to a perfect start!

1. Doctor Ink’s Curiosities


Address: Customs House, 43 The Quay, Exeter EX2 4AN, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 491695

Doctor Ink’s Curiosities is a lovely, intimate bar that can be found within the oldest Customs House in the UK.

The bar is said to be born of Queen Victoria and Cecil Rhodes’ love child Doctor Ink, an epicurean traveller who has arrived from distant lands.

It’s quirky and fun, and it’s one of the best cocktail bars in Exeter, without a shadow of a doubt.

Whether you just fancy a cocktail or two or you want to indulge in an afternoon tea, this bar does it all.

Check it out, it’s really not one to be missed!

2. The Bootlegger


Address: 162-163 Fore St, Exeter EX4 3AT, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 279636

The Bootlegger can be found in the heart of the picturesque city of Exeter.

It’s a speakeasy-inspired bar that harks back to the underground bars of the Prohibition era of the 1920s.

They’ve got world-class cocktails, spirits and craft beers on offer, which, when paired with the amazing and exciting atmosphere, makes it a pretty fab bar.

Tuck into one of their tasty platters as you sip on their creative cocktails, and prepare for the night of your life.

This is a bar that oozes glamour, and I just know that you’re going to love it!

3. The Monkey Suit


Address: 161 Sidwell St, Exeter EX4 6RH, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 660141

The Monkey Suit is a vibrant, modern bar with amazing cocktails and the perfect atmosphere to get the party started.

Their soulful array of cocktails and craft beers is sure to tickle everyone’s fancy, and there are plenty of comfy corners in which to enjoy them.

It’s got a retro games room to keep you entertained, too, so why not unleash your competitive side while you’re here?

To top it all off, they also put on some of the best live music performances in the city.

Do you really need to know any more?

Get yourself down there!

4. The Cocktail Club


Address: 23 Gandy St, Exeter EX4 3LS, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 20 7580 1960

The Cocktail Club is, probably somewhat unsurprisingly given the name, one of the best cocktail bars in Exeter.

With world-class cocktails and mega party vibes on offer, this is the ultimate night out destination in the city.

They’ve also got an incredible happy hour offer on that will reel you in and help you to start your night in the right way.

It’s fun and it’s a party hotspot, so if you’re after a boozy night with great vibes, then this is the place for you.

5. The Terrace


Address: 19, Queen St, Exeter EX4 3FB, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 793030

At The Terrace, you can expect to indulge in beautiful, handcrafted, botanical-themed cocktails and delicious globally-inspired food.

It’s spread across two floors, combining a gorgeous rooftop bar with a fantastic restaurant and a cool club lounge.

Their cocktails are truly some of the best in town, and the bar itself makes for the perfect setting for everything from alfresco dining to bottomless brunches.

Come and enjoy a tipple or two in this beautiful botanical bar.

It will look great on your Instagram, too!

6. Coolings Gandy Street


Address: 11 Gandy St, Exeter EX4 3LS, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 434184

Coolings Gandy Street is an independent city centre spot that can be found just off the main Exeter high street.

This bar is the home of brilliant bottomless, great grazing and crazy cocktails, and it’s a place that you’re going to want to be.

Check out their events calendar to see what live music they have coming up, or partake in their open mic night for something a little different.

Tuck into a stonebaked pizza and wash it down with one of their delicious drinks.

It’s got everything you need for an amazing night out!

7. The Mermaid


Address: 11b Gandy St, Exeter EX4, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 757830

The Mermaid is a bar that exudes subtle glamour and is sure to provide the perfect backdrop for your next night on the town.

It’s a cute and quirky underground spot that serves a range of delightful classic cocktails and craft beers.

With funky décor and a cool vibe, this is sure to become one of your favourite cocktail bars in Exeter in no time.

If you’ve been looking for a new late-night venue to enjoy your weekend in, then this is a pretty fantastic option.

8. Mojito Bar


Address: Princesshay Shopping Centre, Exeter EX1 1GJ, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 7429 060954

Mojito Bar is a fun beach bar experience with great 360-degree views of the surrounding areas that provide the perfect accompaniment to your drinks.

Their bottomless brunch is a super fun option if that’s what you’re after, with all of their cocktails being included.

The bar is complete with real sand, beach-hut-style thatched umbrellas and palm trees, so is perfect for those who are craving a bit of beach time.

It only opens during the summer season, so if this bar sounds like a bit of you, then make sure to get in while you can!

9. Cosy Club


Address: 1 Southernhay Gardens, Exeter EX1 1SG, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 848744

Cosy Club is an all-time favourite all over the country, and it just so happens to be one of the best cocktail bars in Exeter, too.

It’s a lovely spot for cocktails and small plates, and has a cool but casual vibe that makes it great for all occasions.

The bar has a vibe of understated luxury, all at affordable prices, which is what we like to hear, isn’t it!

They’ve also got a cosy private room called The Snug if you want a special spot for your next event.

Check them out, this one’s well worth a visit!

10. The Botanist Bar & Restaurant


Address: Guildhall Shopping Centre, Unit 32 Queen Street Dining, Exeter EX4 3HG, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 579300

The Botanist Bar & Restaurant is a gorgeous botanical-inspired venue that provides all the Instagram vibes.

Their botanical cocktails are some of the tastiest in town, and some of their sharing cocktails are served in watering cans, which is super cute!

They’ve also got a beautiful rooftop terrace that’s perfect for spending summer days on with a cocktail in hand.

Step away from the city and into this leafy oasis for the night of your dreams.

It’s one of the best cocktail bars in Exeter, so I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it!

11. Artigiano Espresso & Wine Bar


Address: 248 High St, Exeter EX4 3PZ, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 499169

Artigiano Espresso & Wine Bar is an acclaimed speciality coffee provider by day and a trendy wine bar by night.

As well as having amazing coffee and wine, though, they also have incredible cocktails, obviously, or they wouldn’t be on this list!

It’s the place to go for delicious food, tasty drinks and fun times, so if that’s what you’re after, then this is the bar for you.

They occasionally have live music on, too, which is another tick for them in my books!

For a classy atmosphere and creative cocktails, this is the place to be.

Give them a try!

12. The Last Drop


Address: 60 New N Rd, Exeter EX4 4EP, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 681628

The Last Drop is an independent gastro bar that’s located just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of Exeter high street.

It’s a friendly spot with great drinks, tasty food and fabulous vibes, making it the perfect choice for a night on the town.

Their restaurant serves everything from aged steak to gourmet burgers, or they have light bites for those who just want a little something.

Drinks-wise, you have to try their espresso martini!

It’s easily one of the best around – there’s a reason they’re one of the best cocktail bars in Exeter, after all!

13. Revolution


Address: 79-82 Queen St, Exeter EX4 3RP, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 342695

Revolution is pretty iconic on the cocktail scene, so it should be no surprise to see it on a list of the best cocktail bars in Exeter.

If you’re looking for a bar where you can dance the night away, then this is one of the best options around.

With reliably good cocktails and incredible party vibes, this is a bar that will carry you through until the early hours of the morning.

Get your dancing shoes on and get ready to boogie.

You’re sure to love this vibrant cocktail bar!

14. Lloyd’s Lounge


Address: Catherine Square, Exeter EX1 1DY, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 431879

Lloyds Lounge has worked tirelessly over the years to create the fantastic café lounge bar that we all know and love.

This is a place to unwind and relax to the sound of cool tunes while nibbling on tasty food and delicious drinks.

It’s stylish and contemporary, with a luxurious modern feel to it that will make the perfect backdrop for your evening.

Round up your friends and get ready to enjoy a night of drinking and debauchery at one of the best cocktail bars in Exeter.

15. 93 Pizzeria & Cocktail Bar


Address: 93-94 Fore St, Exeter EX4 3HY, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 683787

93 Pizzeria and Cocktail Bar is the place to be for lovers of premium cocktails and quality pizzas in Exeter.

This lovely little spot oozes fun and modern vibes that will perfectly set the scene for your big night out.

Their rustic interiors give the place a warm and friendly feel, making sure that you feel right at home.

Dig into one of their delicious pizzas and wash it down with their unique cocktails. 

It’s the recipe for a perfect night out if you ask me!

16. No. 3 Gin Bar


Address: 3 Fore St, Topsham, Exeter EX3 0HF, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 877405

There should be no doubt that No. 3 Gin Bar is one of the best cocktail bars in Exeter, with its delicious drinks list that will tantalise everyone’s tastebuds.

This is a bar with a buzzing atmosphere and friendly vibes that everyone who visits is sure to love.

Their outdoor area is one of the nicest in town, and is perfect for enjoying a cocktail or two in the sun.

Be sure to check out their pizza, too, as it’s super tasty, especially when washed down with one of their lovely cocktails!

17. Turtle Bay


Address: Unit 14, Queen St, Exeter EX4 3HP, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 425928

Turtle Bay is pretty iconic when it comes to its cocktails.

It’s got an immense selection of tasty cocktails, many of which are rum-based, and all of which are sure to get you in the mood to party.

One of the best things about Turtle Bay is their bottomless brunch, which includes all of their cocktails and will be sure to send you on your way to tipsy town.

Here you can enjoy a delicious Caribbean meal alongside a few of their exciting and colourful cocktails, perfect for an evening on the town.

Get yourself down here for the party of your dreams.

18. The Hidden Treasure Tea Room


Address: 5A New Bridge St, Exeter EX4 3JW, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 274134

Hidden Treasure Tea Room is a deliciously indulgent vintage tearoom that can be found in Exeter’s West Quarter.

The place gives off a vintage chic vibe with its cute décor, and it’s sure to become one of your favourite cocktail bars in Exeter in no time.

If you like a relaxing atmosphere while you sip on your drinks, then this is the place for you!

Be sure to check out their incredible cream tea while you’re here – it’s what they’re most famous for, after all!

19. Taste of South Street Bar & Kitchen


Address: 3 South St, Exeter EX1 1DZ, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 545007

Taste of South Street Kitchen is a place where fresh ingredients are transformed into something really special.

They’ve got a delicious selection of small plates and meals, which are served up alongside a wide range of deliciously refreshing drinks.

If you sit out in their lovely little courtyard, you’ll get a fantastic view of Exeter Cathedral, which will be sure to make for a great Instagram backdrop!

This is an independent bar that’s not to be missed.

Get yourselves down here and prepare for the night of your life!

20. Tabac


Address: 1A, The Crescent, Queen St, Exeter EX4 3SB, United Kingdom

Tabac is a small specialist bar that provides incredible experimental spirits created by Exeter distillery, as well as wine, beer and spirits from around the world.

It’s an intimate space that’s perfect for a relaxed catch-up with friends but would also make for a great date spot.

If you’re after a quirky cocktail bar, then this is the place for you, with its cool vibe and interesting décor and drinks menu.

They’ve got a lot of unique beers and spirits available, so if that’s your kind of thing, then you need to get yourself down here now!

21. Puerto Lounge


Address: 38 Commercial Rd, Exeter EX2 4AE, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 422102

Puerto Lounge is a fantastic little spot that can be found in the heart of Exeter’s beautiful Quayside.

It’s perfect for everything from long lazy lunches to cocktail-fuelled evenings and everything in between.

As well as having a great selection of cocktails, they also have a range of small plates and bigger plates that will line your stomach in the right way.

If you want to visit one of the best cocktail bars in Exeter, then this one absolutely has to be on your list.

22. The Ivy


Address: 65-67 High St, Exeter EX4 3DT, United Kingdom

Here at The Ivy, you can expect the relaxed sophistication that the brand has become so well known for.

If you want a cocktail bar with delicious all-day dining options and some of the best drinks in town, then The Ivy will tick all your boxes.

With a cocktail list as good as this one, it’s sure to become one of your favourite cocktail bars in Exeter in no time.

Order their Bloodflowers Margarita if you want a drink that will be sure to completely blow your mind.

23. Pink Moon Restaurant, Café & Club


Address: 44 Queen St, Exeter EX4 3SR, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 905550

Come to Pink Moon Restaurant, Café & Club and enjoy a taste of the laidback Californian lifestyle.

Grab a bite to eat for lunch or party the night away with their creative cocktails.

Whatever your vibe is, they’re sure to have it covered here at Pink Moon.

They’re passionate about sustainability, health and good vibes, so you can expect all of those here at the café.

Plus, the pink décor makes the place super Instagrammable.

What more could you want?

24. Margoux


Address: 20 Bedford Street, Exeter EX1 1GJ, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 259830

Margoux is a swanky restaurant and cocktail lounge that’s set to become one of your favourite cocktail bars in Exeter.

The trendy cocktail lounge has a gorgeous outdoor terrace that offers incredible views of the city and of Exeter Cathedral.

It’s a stylish and sophisticated spot that offers tastes from around the world and uses the finest and freshest West Country produce.

They’re all about excellent service and amazing drinks, which is a recipe for a great night out if you ask me.

If you fancy a fantastic cocktail in the sun, then head up here now!

25. No.5


Address: 5 Cathedral Cl, Exeter EX1 1EZ, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 758681

No.5 is set in a beautiful Grade I listed building that can be found right in the heart of Exeter.

It’s a gorgeous independent venue with views of unrivalled views of Exeter Cathedral, and I just know you’re going to love it.

With two restaurants, a secret garden and an elegant cocktail lounge all found within, this is a place that’s suitable for all occasions.

The cocktail lounge oozes glamour and luxury and is the ultimate place to be for an indulgent evening.

Sip on a Bramble as you relax into the opulent surroundings at this amazing bar.

26. The Exonian


Address: 99-101 Fore St, Exeter EX4 3HY, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 410965

The Exonian is a vibrant pub just a stone’s throw away from the buzzing town centre.

Whether you’re after bottomless brunch or a relaxed drink with friends, this is bound to be the place for it.

It’s a cosy spot that has a warm and welcoming vibe, ensuring that you feel instantly at home here.

If you’re looking for somewhere that is sure to tick all the boxes, then you’re going to love the Exonian.

It’s one of the best cocktail bars in Exeter, without a doubt!

27. Harry’s Restaurant


Address: 86 Longbrook St, Exeter EX4 6AP, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1392 202234

Harry’s Restaurant is a popular spot that’s set right in the heart of the city.

It’s a smart spot with a wide-ranging menu that’s sure to cater to all tastes.

Harry’s has been on the scene since 1993, and it’s showing no signs of disappearing any time soon.

This is a place that’s a firm favourite with locals and tourists alike, and it’s one that you absolutely can’t miss.

Come here for the meal of a lifetime, washed down with several of their incredible Picantes, which are easily the best in town.


So, there you have it!

My round-up of the very best cocktail bars in Exeter.

From classic cocktail bars to more quirky and unique options, there’s something to suit every taste here.

This city may be small, but its cocktail bar selection is most definitely mighty!

Make note of your favourites and get yourself down to Exeter now!

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