Thursday, 19th January 2017

Following Game of Thrones to Belfast & Beyond

Northern Ireland United Kingdom

Anyone who knows even one thing about me will know I am obsessed with Game of Thrones. Last weekend Gaz and I visited Belfast and our main reason for visiting the city was to go on a Game of Thrones tour. Yes, we are that nerdy. And yes, we fell victim to the tourist trap. But with the gorgeous scenery of Northern Ireland, who could blame us?! We were only in the city for 48 hours so we chose to embark on the Northern tour instead of the Southern tour.


The tour takes you along the Causeway Coast, where you get to visit the Giant’s Causeway and the Carrick-a-Rede Bridge (which are not featured in Game of Thrones). Of course, this was alongside the filming locations, so it killed two birds with one stone! The Southern Tour takes you to Winterfell, King Robb’s Camp, and Tollymore Forest (the very place where the direwolf pups were discovered, and where the White Walker ambush took place). Plus, you even get to meet the dogs Odin and Thor who played the Starks’ Direwolf pups!


Game of Thrones Tour


Our group met outside the Visit Belfast Welcome Centre at 9am. We were greeted by our lovely bus driver Jim and friendly tour guide Gail. Gail was extremely knowledgeable in all things Game of Thrones and has been an extra in the show since the first episode of Season 1, without even knowing what Game of Thrones was at the time. This meant she had plenty of little anecdotes to tell, to keep us all entertained. We learnt that she was in the Battle of the Blackwater in the basement with Cersei and Sansa and that one of her friends (who was also an extra) was asked out for dinner by Charles Dance a.k.a Tywin Lannister.


Similarly, Stones and Thrones is the company that actually transports the cast and crew onto the set. This means they have the insider knowledge other tour companies can only dream of. Jim knew plenty of spoilers and secrets for S7 including the cameo appearance of a certain ginger-haired singer and the return of a very special character (that even the cast didn’t know about until he/she turned up on set). However, Jim couldn’t tell us anything because anyone who is affiliated with Game of Thrones is sworn to secrecy. You are not even allowed to take your mobile phone out of your pocket onset; if you did you would be automatically escorted away for good. 


Filming Locations


Before our first stop in Carnlough, we saw many Game of Thrones sights during our drive. We passed THE Wall (but the minibus couldn’t slow down enough for me to capture a decent photo), Ballygally Castle which is the haunted hotel the cast stayed at throughout 2011, and Ballycastle, a new S7 filming location where *SPOILER ALERT* Jon and Daenerys finally meet. Yes, Emilia Clarke had to leave her sunny life in Spain and Morocco for cold and rainy Northern Ireland. Gail also recommended an app “Game of Thrones Filming Locations Northern Ireland” which shows you everywhere in Northern Ireland that was used in the filming of the show. You wouldn’t have guessed that any of the Dothraki scenes were filmed in Northern Ireland, huh?




Game of Thrones Tour Northern Ireland


The first stop on the tour was Carnlough! You may recognise this small harbour from the episode (S6 E7 The Broken Man to be precise) where *SPOILER ALERT* Arya got stabbed by the Waif and jumped off a bridge into the water. She then emerges up these steps. This scene took place in Braavos and was filmed both in Girona (Spain) and Carnlough, at two similar looking set of steps. Maisie Williams must have been feckin’ freezing in those waters, especially as she had to repeat the same scene over and over again, as is the way with filming. There is a Spar right by the harbour so be sure to stock up on snacks for the journey as you do not have much time to eat during the tour.


Cushendun Caves


Game of Thrones Tour Northern Ireland


Cushendun Caves act as the backdrop for the iconic scene where Melisandre gives birth to a shadow baby. Again I feel sorry for Carice van Houten, who plays Melisandre, as she was completely naked in this scene, and that was one cold cave, even with all our layers on.


Carrick-a-Rede Bridge


Game of Thrones Tour Northern Ireland Game of Thrones Tour Northern Ireland Game of Thrones Tour Northern Ireland


The next stop was the famous Carrick-a-Rede bridge, which was probably my favourite part of the tour. Whilst this bridge did not feature in Game of Thrones you can’t come all this way and not see it. It was absolutely packed full with tourists and this was a cold, wet and windy day in January. I can’t even imagine the chaos that must ensue on a beautiful summer’s day.


The bridge had been closed the few days prior to our visit due to terrible weather conditions. Luckily it opened again on Saturday but there was still high winds and rain, making the experience even more terrifying. The beautiful scenery looked so moody and atmospheric, but I wouldn’t have wanted the weather to be any worse than it was. The walk across was wobbly enough. One thing to mention is that entry to the bridge is not included in your ticket price, and costs £5.


Giant’s Causeway


Game of Thrones Tour Northern Ireland Game of Thrones Tour Northern Ireland


The Giant’s Causeway needs no introduction. It is without a doubt the most famous site in Northern Ireland and is the country’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is incredibly beautiful and there was even a bit of snow left from the day before! After clambering over all the layers of basalt columns, we walked back up the steep hill towards The Nook, a historic listed building, for some well-deserved pub grub and a rest in front of an open fire. (There is a lot of walking on this tour so be warned/wear comfortable footwear). Once we were back in the minibus, Gail told us the Irish myth of Finn MacCool and how the Giant’s Causeway came to be.


The Dark Hedges


Game of Thrones Tour Northern Ireland


The final stop on our tour was the Dark Hedges, which first appeared in Game of Thrones in S2 E1, On the King’s Road. They provide the backdrop for when Arya Stark flees King’s Landing, disguised as a boy to avoid capture, accompanied by Yoren, Gendry and Hot Pie. It was so exciting to finally see the Dark Hedges in person! They look really freakin’ cool, regardless of whether you’ve seen Game of Thrones or not.




As always, not everything can go to plan so there were certainly some downsides to the tour. We didn’t get to visit Dunluce Castle a.k.a the House of Greyjoy or Ballintoy Harbour a.k.a the Iron Islands. I was really gutted about this. It frustrated me that both of these places were on the official itinerary and yet we didn’t get to see them. However it wasn’t the tour guide’s fault. It was the fault of other people on the tour who were late back to the minibus on several occasions, which left us with no time to visit the other destinations. So if you go on this tour, please be a decent person and get back to the bus on time. That’s all I’m saying…


For this reason, it felt more like a tour of the Antrim Coast than a Game of Thrones tour. This does, however, mean that you could still really enjoy the tour even if you’re not a fan of Game of Thrones. There also isn’t a lot of time to eat as time is pretty limited at every stop. Our driver let us to eat and drink on the bus though so this wasn’t really a problem. 



So are you a Game of Thrones fan? Have you ever visited any of their filming locations? Let me know in the comments below! Game of Thrones filming locations in Dubrovnik and Iceland are right at the top of my bucket list. That’s totally not because Game of Thrones has been filmed in these locations as well… Nope, not at all…


Stones and Thrones hosted me for a review, but as always all opinions are my own. You can use the link below to book this tour for £30.




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    • Kel
    • Friday, 20th January 2017

    Wow, this looks like an amazing tour – definitely one I’d like to do myself!
    Id be furious if I missed some of the planned stop offs becasue people were late back though!

    1. Reply

      It is, I couldn’t recommend it enough Kel 🙂
      Yeah I was really bummed out about it!

  1. Reply

    That’s so exciting, I’m desperate to visit Dubrovnik! This tour was amazing, I’d definitely recommend it 🙂 Thanks so much!

    • A Woman Afoot
    • Saturday, 28th January 2017

    It would be such a great trip even without all the geekiness! Now I have to decided if to pin it to my travel board or the geeky fandom board 😉

    1. Reply

      Exactly – the geekiness is just an added bonus! 🙂 Hahaha what a tough decision… perhaps both?

    • Alina Linca
    • Saturday, 28th January 2017

    Not a GoT fan myself (never watched an episode, my friends told me – this show is not for you, too cruel!), but when I visited Northern Ireland last year, someone told us that the big parking lot down the road from Carrick-a-Rede is also a filming location of one of the fight scenes. So not the bridge itself, but the lower parking lot apparently is the spot to go to 🙂

    1. Reply

      Hahaha I think you should give it a go, but maybe I’m just cruel like that! Yeah it is 🙂 We unfortunately didn’t have time to see it though as we were so rushed and had to prioritise the bridge!

  2. Reply

    Great post, I want to go to Northern Ireland and now I’ve got an itinerary! Thank you!

    1. Reply

      Thanks so much, Helen 🙂 Northern Ireland is so beautiful, enjoy!

    • Sara MacIntosh
    • Saturday, 28th January 2017

    I’m going to the Giants Causeway in April and I am so hyped! Thank you for the lovely tour suggestion as well 🙂

    1. Reply

      Awesome, you’ll love the Giant’s Causeway 🙂 No worries at all!

    • Taís
    • Saturday, 28th January 2017

    Norther Ireland is amazing!! I Haven`t take any of the GOT tours, but I have been to some of the locations of the city, last time was in november when I went to Tollymore Forest, where the Starks found the direwolves, the place is just amazing! I loved your post, and I hope I can go soon enough to explore more of the series locations.

    1. Reply

      I know right?! Glad you feel the same way 🙂 Ah awesome, I haven’t visited Tollymore Forest. That is a stop on the Southern Locations tour and on that tour you actually get to meet the direwolves who were in the show. I definitely need to return to Northern Ireland just to meet them hahaha 🙂 Thanks so much.

  3. Reply

    Must. Do. This. Thank you for the GOT + travel inspo!!

    1. Reply

      I’d definitely recommend it! No worries at all 🙂

    • Sheila
    • Saturday, 28th January 2017

    Amazing! I did a Game of Thrones tour I still need to write about in Iceland and it was great, but now I’m 1000x more convinced I need to go to Ireland. Loved it.

    1. Reply

      Iceland is the number one country at the top of my bucket list, I’m making it my aim to visit this year 🙂 I’d definitely recommend Ireland!

    • Crazy travelista
    • Saturday, 28th January 2017

    Omg i so want to do this tour! I’ve been to Belfast and we saw the studio from the outside, but it wasnt a GOT tour. We didnt have time unfortunately. I would seriously go back to Northern Ireland just to do some of the tours! P.S. I’m surprised they tell you spoiler alerts about the show (although it might seem obvious what will happen..I still like to be completely surprised haha 🙂 That’s when you know you’re GOT obsessed!!! hehe

    1. Reply

      I’d definitely recommend you return to Belfast for the tour, the locations are beautiful 🙂 I didn’t actually see Titanic Studios in the city!

      They didn’t actually really tell us any (bar Jon and Dany meeting – but all fans know that it was gonna happen sometime soon haha). They hinted at a few things but couldn’t confirm anything!!

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    • Kathi Kamleitner
    • Friday, 3rd February 2017

    WOW this looks amazing! I love Game of Thrones, but I feel like even without the connections these places look absolutely brilliant! Definitely adding Northern Ireland on my bucket list for this year! I love so close – in Glasgow – and flights are so cheap; and yet I’ve never been…

    1. Reply

      It was amazing, Kathi! Oh definitely, they are incredible locations regardless of GoT (which is probably why they chose them as filming locations!). Oh wow Glasgow is super close, you just HAVE to hop over for a visit 🙂

        • Kathi Kamleitner
        • Saturday, 4th February 2017

        I’ll put it on this year’s bucket list for spontaneous weekend trips. Can you recommend any accommodation?

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    • Gail
    • Monday, 15th May 2017

    Loved your blog Lucy – you listened really well!! I’m delighted to read such a lovely review.
    Hugs from Gail X

    1. Reply

      Thanks so much, Gail! You were a fantastic tour guide, it really made the day 🙂

  7. Reply

    Northern Ireland is indeed a very fascinating place and I would love to visit it as soon as I can. The place is so amazing and plain beautiful. Another good thing about it is that it is a GOT location which makes me want to visit it even more. It’s so unfortunate that you weren’t able to visit some of the GOT locations I would feel bad as well if it happened to me.

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