Granola Girl Aesthetic Gift Guide: 45 Gifts You Need to Buy [2022]


Hey, fellow granola girl!

How are you doing?

So you may have recently discovered the phenomenon that is the ‘granola girl’ – maybe you’re one yourself or maybe one of your friends is.

Either way, if you’re keen to embrace the granola girl aesthetic (or treat that granola girl in your life) then I’m here to help.

This gorgeous selection of granola girl gifts will rinse your bank account dry in no time – but it’s worth it for the aesthetic, right?

From clothing to homeware to adventure goods, scroll through to discover the 45 best granola girl aesthetic gifts!

1. Oxford Pennants 


I’m kicking off this post with one of my absolute favourite granola girl gifts: Oxford Pennants.

One of the best things about this gift idea is that there are countless options to choose from.

This means you can find the perfect one to suit yourself or the granola girl in your life.

My personal favourites are Going to the Mountains is Going Home, It’s Cool To Be Kind, Not All Who Wander Are Lost, and There is No Substitute for Hard Work.

Whether you hang them up in a room or take them out on the road, they’re sure to add a little colour and inspiration to your life.

Or if you fancy something a little different, they sell some cool Camp Flags and Banners too – but just be warned, they are a lot pricier.

(This Comfort is a Slow Death banner has me written all over it!)

2. The Shop Tee from Court’s General Store


I’m going to start this recommendation by saying that I’m so jealous that I don’t live in the US and can’t get my grubby paws on this.

I’ve been in love with The Shop Tee since I first laid my eyes on it and I’m just waiting for the day that Court’s General Store begins shipping internationally.

Until then, this tee is sitting at the top of my granola girl aesthetic wish list and I’ll just have to live vicariously through you.

Screen printed in Colorado, this gorgeous green ringer tee features a mountainscape, and it will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe, I’m sure of it.

Plus, Court’s is an independent business and I’m sure you don’t need an excuse to shop indie, do you?

3. Good & Well Supply Co Car Fragrances


Who doesn’t want their car to smell like a granola girl’s heaven?

I know I do!

All of Good & Well’s Car Fragrances are based on US locations that I’m sure you may know and love.

We’re talking the likes of Yellowstone, Big Bend, Yosemite, Rocky Mountain, Grand Teton and way more.

I love the sound of their Joshua Tree air freshener: a lovely mix of white sage, cedarwood and eucalyptus.

And to make things even better, all their products are 100% vegan, eco-friendly, recyclable, ethically sourced, and all that good stuff!

Whether the scents are reminiscent of past adventures or maybe they will inspire trips to come, you’ll quickly transform your car into the ultimate adventure vehicle.

However, if you don’t have a car, they can also be used in other small spaces like bathrooms, closets and drawers.

4. Parks Project Playing Cards


How many times have you found yourself out on the road, with a bunch of strangers, pulling out a deck of cards?

Okay, it may not be that many times but I can guarantee that if you’re a keen traveller and you’re into hostel living, it’s probably happened at some point or another.

Well, with Parks Project Playing Cards you’re sure to be the envy of everyone else because they’re probably the most beautiful playing cards I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

Made with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved paper (because granola girls are allll about sustainability!), each card features minimalistic designs of national parks across the US.

5. Hike Passport


I think this is such a neat little gift idea and something I’ve never seen before.

Many of us remember our hikes by looking back through old photos and videos but have you ever kept a log of your hikes?

The answer to that is probably no – and that’s where this gorgeous Hike Passport comes in.

The pocket-sized book contains 20 entry logs to record meaningful details of each hike you venture out on.

You can detail things like the weather, who you hiked with, the duration, how you felt, and your favourite moment from the hike.

As a keen hiker and writer, this is easily one of my favourite granola girl gifts!

6. Chacos 


What’s a granola girl without her trusty pair of Chacos?

I don’t need to say much about these other than the fact that they’re an absolute granola girl aesthetic staple.

When a granola girl isn’t wearing her favourite pair of hiking boots, she’s probably got a pair of Chacos on.

The Z/Sandals style tends to be the most popular, and I’m not surprised.

With a custom adjustable strap system, performance ChacoGrip™ rubber outsole, and a top layer of ultra-soft PU for instant-cushion underfoot, they’re some of the comfiest and most supportive shoes you’ll find.

After a long day hiking, your feet will thank you once you slip into a pair of these.

7. Smokey Bear Jigsaw Puzzle


Like many people, I became a big puzzle fiend over lockdown so I’ve seen my fair share of cool puzzles.

But personally, I think Smokey Bear Jigsaw Puzzle trumps them all.

This 1000 piece puzzle is easy enough for beginners, while still being a good challenge for seasoned puzzle pros.

The puzzle is a painting by Rudolph “Rudy” Wendelin, the Forest Service employee best known as the artist behind Smokey Bear.

This won’t be a puzzle that you’ll want to pass on to a friend, however.

The design is so beautiful that you’ll want to treasure it forever and keep it as a piece of decor in your home!

By purchasing this puzzle, you’ll also help prevent wildfires as 10% of each purchase is given back to the US Forest Service for wildfire prevention education.

8. Smartwool Hiking Socks


These are my favourite hiking socks so, of course, they had to feature in this granola girl aesthetic gift guide!

Smartwool Hiking Socks range from light socks for short walks to full cushion support for those treks where you really need it.

I tend to always wear their medium socks (a – excuse the pun – happy medium) which do me well for hikes both long and short.

Their socks are generally made from responsibly-sourced, ZQ-certified Merino wool which keeps things soft, while the cushioning keeps your feet nice and protected.

Top tip: buy a pair of their recycled polyester socks for extra sustainability points!

9. Batch1UK T-shirts 


Okay, so not all of Batch1UK’s T-shirts are in the granola girl aesthetic but if you sift through them, you’ll find some real gems.

Some of my favourite granola girl aesthetic tees from this store are Hill Seeker, Happy Camper, Don’t Waste My Thyme, and The Great Indoors (for those days when you’re not feeling all that granola). 

These handmade tees are all lovingly designed, printed and packed here in the UK using water-based, eco-friendly inks.

Support a small business today by purchasing one of these fun tees!

10. We Took to the Woods Candles


Similar to the car fragrances I mentioned above, We Took to the Woods Candles will instantly transport you out of your home and back into your favourite travel memory.

There are all sorts of different scents to choose from, from Alpine Cottage to Whiskey River to Meet Me in the Meadow.

Have a read through the descriptions of the scents and find the one that most suits you or the granola girl in your life!

While their scents may vary, all the candles come in either an earthy bark container or a glass container with a gold tree.

Additionally, the hand-poured candles have a 40+ hour burn time so you’re sure to get your money’s worth out of this one!

11. Overalls


Overalls will always go down a treat with the granola girl in your life, I can assure you.

They suit the granola girl down to a T because they’re oh-so-comfortable, versatile and easy to slip on.

Throw a pair of overalls on and you’ll have a ready-made fashionable outfit, ready to hit the road in!

As far as where to get overalls is concerned, Carhartt and Lucy & Yak are a good shout but thrifting them is even better!

You’ll always get bonus sustainability points for second-hand goods, of course.

12. Carabiner Steel Mug


This Carabiner Steel Mug is one of the most practical granola girl gifts – but luckily, it looks the part too!

The 300ml mug is the perfect lightweight mug to attach to your pack while you hike to your chosen summit or campsite.

Once you reach the summit, you can enjoy a nice hot mug of hot chocolate or two – a worthy reward for what you’ve just put your body through!

Printed and dispatched from their print shop in Hertfordshire, England, a purchase here will also mean that you’re supporting an independent business.

(And supporting local, too, if like me you’re a Brit!)

I love the Explore More design of this mug but there are others on offer too if this one doesn’t take your fancy.

Best Keep Warm, Take a Hike, and Adventure Begins are other firm favourites of mine.

13. National Parks Checklist Map 


If you’re a US citizen and it’s one of your goals to tick off all the national parks in your beautiful country, then this National Parks Checklist Map is one of the best granola girl gifts for you.

The map will not only encourage you to see more of the national parks but it will also look great on your wall and remind you of all the adventures you’ve already been on.

(While you’re off exploring, I’ll just continue daydreaming about ticking off all the parks while sitting at home in England…)

The map is 11 by 17 inches and most importantly, is printed on 100% recycled 100 lb. speckletone paper using eco-friendly black ink.

Sustainable and gorgeous? I like it!

14. Juniper Ridge Campfire Incense


People tend to either love or hate incense, but most granola girls tend to fall into the love category.

If you or a loved one are also a fan of incense, then Juniper Ridge Campfire Incense will be one of the best granola girl gifts for you.

There’s incense for all seasons, from the winter scent of Christmas Fir Campfire to the summery scent of Desert Piñon.

Whichever you choose, you’ll be bringing nature home as they make their incense directly from the plant’s sap.

That means there’s no hidden ingredients, charcoals, or perfumes – just Mother Nature doing her sweet, sweet thing!

Perfect for those periods of downtime when you can’t get out and explore, you’ll never feel too far away from your favourite place: the outdoors.

15. Wanderlust: Hiking on Legendary Trails


Wanderlust: Hiking on Legendary Trails is my all-time favourite travel coffee table book and one of my favourite granola girl gifts on this list.

Taking you on a journey through coastal tracks, desert sands, thin ice and forest pathways, this guide will make you want to grab your hiking boots and head into the great unknown!

Not only do I own a copy of this book but I own the Europe edition too.

And let’s be honest, I’m well on my way to collecting them all.

Also available to purchase are Wanderlust USA, Wanderlust Alps, and Wanderlust Himalaya.

16. My Hydro™ Hydro Flask


Granola girls are guaranteed to love reusable bottles, and customising them makes them even more special.

The My Hydro™ Hydro Flask is a gift that they’ll not only treasure but also get great use out of.

Not only can you personalise them with an engraving, but you also get to customise every little part of them.

From strap to cap to colour to bottle to boot, you’ll pick every part of your perfect bottle, so make sure you know your gift recipient well before designing their dream bottle!

Finish it off by adding extras like straws and lids if wanted.

17. Bradley Mountain Room Spray


Transport yourself to the mountains with one swift spray of Bradley Mountain Room Spray.

There are ten unique scents to pick from, ranging from Fraser Fir & Redroom to Wild Fig & Citrus to Driftwood & Tobacco.

Made in-house in the USA, each room spray is infused with natural essential oils.

And they never test on animals which is always important to hear.

Order a couple to try them out, then if you find scents you love, you can buy matching candles and soap in the same scent.

If you want to treat the granola girl in your life, why not do the same for her so she can try out all the scents of the outdoors at once?

18. Blundstones


Blundstones are pretty much synonymous with the granola girl aesthetic.

So if you’re unsure on whether your loved one will like any of these gifts, it’s pretty much guaranteed that she’ll love a pair of these bad boys.

Much-loved by many an outdoorsy woman, Blundstone has a fantastic reputation for always producing an iconic, high-quality boot that’s both durable and water-resistant.

They’re quite an investment but they’re such good quality that they’ll last you for years to come.

Plus, it’s better for the environment to buy fewer items but ensure they’re of better quality so they last longer.

And granola girls are alll about doing their bit for the environment!

19. A Flannel Shirt 


What’s perfect to pair with Blundstones?

A flannel shirt, of course!

It doesn’t matter what style or colour the flannel is but it’s a proven fact: granola girls love a button-down.

Perhaps it’s the ease of being able to throw them over any outfit, or perhaps it’s the style and its association with the outdoors…

Whatever the appeal, a flannel shirt is a solid staple of any granola girl aesthetic wardrobe.

Like most of these recommendations, a flannel shirt is best sourced second-hand from a thrift shop (or charity shop for the Brits here!).

But most stores sell them if you’re looking to buy a brand new piece.

20. Afoot and Lighthearted: A Mindful Walking Log 


Firstly, I’ll start by saying that Afoot and Lighthearted: A Mindful Walking Log is just beautiful.

Even before opening the book, your gift receiver will fall head over heels for the gorgeous front cover design.

But I promise you that when you open the book, it gets even better (if that’s even possible!).

The first interactive book of this kind, Afoot and Lightheaded teaches readers how to harness the power of walking to make a difference in their life.

From combatting distraction and anxiety to overcoming creative block to nourishing inspiration, you’re sure to find many benefits from reading this book.

If anything, it will encourage you to explore different places, return to old haunts, and think more critically and creatively about the places you surrounded yourself in.

21. Film Camera


I’ve been shooting film for a decade now – wow!

It’s one of my greatest passions and loves in my life, and I know that it’s a love that all my fellow granola girls will share with me whether they’ve tried it before or not.

Film produces the most stunning photos that capture a moment in time so perfectly.

(Personally, I think, better than any smartphone you might own.)

I shoot with an Olympus OM30 and Fujicolor C200 film which I couldn’t recommend them enough.

Film photography is a very expensive hobby so maybe only buy this for someone who you know would be willing to spend the money on it.

But I can guarantee that if they’re even somewhat creative, they’ll fall in love with film just as much as I have over the past decade.

22. Small Adventure Shop Cards


Okay, so this recommendation isn’t a gift but these cards are too gorgeous not to mention!

My favourite place to buy adventure/hiking/outdoorsy cards, whether it’s a birthday wish, a Christmas card, or a note to say I’m thinking of you, is Small Adventure Shop.

Founded by Keiko Brodeur back in 2009 with the intention of exploring nature through illustration, Small Adventure is all about preserving our beautiful planet.

And they have plenty of sustainability initiatives to prove this!

As far as the cards are concerned, I received this one five years ago and loved it, and I also bought my dad this card a few years back.

But if you browse their impressive collection you’re sure to find cards that you love.

23. Shrooms Two Person Hammock


Of course, a staple of the granola girl aesthetic is a hammock to while away the hours in.

But this Shrooms Two Person Hammock is a league above the rest on the granola scale.

Not only does it sleep two people but it also has the most gorgeous mushroom design in shades of green, orange and cream.

If you’re a proud veggie or vegan like me (aren’t all granola girls?), this hammock will soon be your most prized possession. 

The hammock itself is a great packable size and weighs only 2.86 lbs, and is 9′ by 6′ in size.

And if you want to buy matching shroom items (who wouldn’t?), you can also treat yourself to a packable camp chair and NOSO patch.

24. Fleece


A granola girl can never have too many fleeces and that’s a fact!

Fleeces can be worn in practically every situation ever, whether it’s just relaxing at home or out camping on a big adventure.

They’re cosy and versatile – what’s not to love!?

Buy her a colourful, retro fleece (ideally from a thrift shop!) and I promise you’ll have her heart.

25. Forestbound Canvas Custom Utility Bag


As aforementioned, custom gifts are so thoughtful and a great way to show a loved one that you went the extra mile for them.

Completely customisable, Forestbound Canvas Custom Utility Bags are no exception.

These practical and versatile bags will become your gift recipient’s go-to for any weekend adventures.

All they need to do is chuck everything into their bag and they’re ready to go.

(The bags are 20″ wide, 14″ tall, and 6″ deep so they can fit in a lot.)

Choose the canvas colour, ink colour, text engraving, and whether or not you need a shoulder strap, and you’re good to go!

26. Woven Friendship Bracelets


Woven Friendship Bracelets are a granola girl aesthetic staple.

You’d be hard-pressed finding a granola girl with bare arms, that’s for sure.

Friendship bracelets are best when they’re handmade (even better when they’re made at summer camp!) or bought from a stall somewhere you visited together.

However, if neither of these options is possible, you can browse Google to find friendship bracelets that just scream ‘granola girl aesthetic’.

Spoiler alert: I can guarantee that most of them will.

27. Paine’s Log Cabin Incense Burner


I’ve never seen an incense burner quite like Paine’s Log Cabin before so it’s certainly one of the more unique granola girl gifts in this article!

Beautifully designed in the shape of a log cabin, this incense burner will immediately transport you to the middle of nowhere surrounded by the glorious scent of the forest.

Which, I think we can all agree, is the best scent ever, right?

However, my favourite thing about this burner is the mesmerising aromatic smoke that billows out of the chimney of the little cabin. 

Talk about realistic!

I think you can now understand why this is one of my favourite granola girl gifts ever.

28. Save the Ocean Organic Cotton Tote Bag 


Tote bags are amazing for so many different reasons.

They’re a more sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags, they can pack a lot into a small space, and, well, they look really cute too.

And ‘cute’ is certainly a word I would use to describe Save the Ocean Organic Cotton Tote Bag

Not only is it beautiful and versatile, but it’s also made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

Yep, they’re all about practising what they preach at Good for Sunday!

And as if that wasn’t enough, every order ships in 100% compostable packaging and they carbon offset the shipping emissions too.

I’m allll about giving back to the earth with my purchases and as a fellow granola girl, I’m sure you’re the same.

(P.s. they also sell matching long sleeve tops and tees too!)

29. A Trusty Beanie


A trusty beanie is an important staple of any granola girl starter kit.

You basically have to own one to properly nail the granola girl aesthetic!

(Bonus points if it’s a Carharrt beanie.)

There are plenty of beanies to choose from both online and in various stores so get searching and find the one that’s most on-brand for your gift recipient (or you – I won’t judge if you want to treat yourself!).

30. Juniper Ridge Perfume


Now, you may love the scents of the outdoors in your home but I promise they’ll smell good on you too.

These gender-neutral Juniper Ridge Perfumes are perfect for both the granola girls and the granola boys in your life.

Choose the Redwood Mist Cologne and you’ll soon smell of fog-drenched forest, fresh rain, and crisp coastal air.

Or maybe sea tincture, cypress pitch, black sage flowers, and Monterey pine needle sounds more like your kind of scent?

If so, Big Sur’s the one for you!

They even sell solid perfumes which pack small and are a great option for hiking, trekking and camping trips.

They take up no space in your pack and you don’t have to worry about them breaking.

31. Gentlemen’s Hardware Enamel Mug


Mugs are always a great gift idea because you know they will always go to good use.

I mean, granola girls love their coffee, right?

If that’s the case for the granola girl in your life, why not buy them a mug that they’ll cherish forever?

This Gentlemen’s Hardware Enamel Mug is one of my favourites in the granola girl aesthetic but the brand also sells other designs, such as their The Adventure Begins mug and their Hit the Road mug.

32. Hip Pack


If you’re going on a short hike and don’t want to lug a backpack around with you, a Hip Pack will become your new best friend.

There’s plenty to choose from, from lots of different brands, but some popular ones among granola girls are Fjallraven, Carharrt, Patagonia and The North Face.

Pick your favourite size, design and colour, and get ready to treat the granola girl in your life!

33. Vintage Tree Patch Hat


If you’re hiking in hot weather, then you’ll want to protect yourself from the sun as much as possible.

Of course, you’ll slather on the SPF, throw on a pair of sunglasses, and, oh yeah, wear this gorgeous Vintage Tree Patch Hat.

Purchases of this product support the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps, which builds rural and urban economies and strengthens America’s infrastructure through conservation.

However, if you prefer a different style of cap or want to support a different cause, you can do so by selecting a different hat from their large collection.

I also love the Defend Our Parklands Hat and the National Geographic Hat.

34. Good & Well Supply Co Vinyl Stickers


Stickers might not be the most practical present but they sure are fun to receive.

Plus, what granola girl is seen without several stickers plastered on the back of her laptop?

If your laptop or favourite mug is in short supply of sticker decoration, then look no further than Good & Well Supply Co Vinyl Stickers.

My favourites would have to be Visit Your National Parks, Leave Nothing But Footprints, and Defend Our Parks – mainly because all the animals are mega cute.

The stickers are only $4 so purchasing them is a no-brainer.

Maybe you could treat yourself to a matching magnet set or pin-back buttons while you’re at it?

35. Birkenstocks


Birkenstocks are a staple in any granola girl starter kit, so if the granola girl in your life doesn’t own a pair yet, she will do soon!

Their two-strap sandals are most popular with granola girls so I’d recommend buying them a pair of those.

The two straps look is timeless, and these sandals have long held cult status thanks to their comfortable foam layer.

I’m sure you’ll know that this is very important after you’ve spent a few days trekking outdoors.

They’re like a little haven for your feet!

36. Wilderness First Aid Kit


A Wilderness First Aid Kit is a slightly more practical gift idea but it’s still in the granola girl aesthetic.

Plus, safety is sexy, right?

New York-based Kikkerland Design is putting the ‘fun’ in functional with this first aid kit that not only looks great but has all the essentials you could need in an emergency.

It includes a variety of bandages, antiseptic wipes, sting relief, sunscreen, safety pins, antibiotic ointment and a pocket guide to first aid.

It’s also lightweight and conveniently sized so you can chuck it in your pack and forget it’s there until you need to use it.

(But hopefully, you won’t!)

37. Off the Grid: Houses for Escape


Another thing that granola girls just can’t get enough of is cute, cosy cabins in the middle of nowhere.

And I am one of them!

One of my favourite travel coffee table books, Off the Grid: Houses for Escape showcases the world’s most innovative off-grid homes.

The beautiful photography inside will inspire you to book a stay in a cabin.

Or maybe even aspire you to build one in the future!

The book also talks about the cutting-edge architecture and technology that makes it possible for us to escape to some of the most extraordinary natural environments on the planet.

It’s pretty cool.

38. Inkbox Temporary Tattoos


Tattoos always add to the granola girl aesthetic but if you’re not ready for that kind of commitment, you can try out some Inkbox Temporary Tattoos instead.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking… no, these aren’t the temporary tattoos you messed about with when you were a kid.

Inkbox’s semi-permanent tattoos are specifically designed for you to try before you buy, with their ‘tattoos’ lasting an impressive two weeks on your skin.

They look real and are totally waterproof.

They’ll come off if you scrub but if you shower, sweat and go about your day as usual, they won’t come off.

You can browse and shop designs from independent artists from all over the globe and pick the design/s that most speak ‘granola girl aesthetic’ to you.

Some recommendations from me are Cardinal, Kodiak, Rockies, Born to Roam, Happy Camper, and Open Road.

39. Fujifilm Instax Mini


Like my love for film cameras, I’m a huge sucker for polaroid cameras too.

There’s something so lovely and nostalgic about being able to hold a tangible photo in your hand.

And the best bit is that these print instantly as well, so you don’t need to wait for them to develop!

Pick up a Fujifilm Instax Mini for the granola girl in your life and they’ll soon be able to collect credit-card-sized photos of all their outdoorsy adventures.

The film can be quite expensive – but memories captured tangibly are surely priceless, no?

Plus, they come in all sorts of cute colours including blue, pink, grey and white.

40. Birdie Personal Alarm


This is by far the most serious recommendation on this list but I’m sure any granola girl in your life could do with a Birdie Personal Alarm to keep them safe on the trails.

If you’re a keen solo hiker (go you – solo hiking is the BEST!), you’ll understand that while hiking trails tend to be safer than cities, we’re sadly not safe anywhere as women.

So put your loved one’s mind at ease with this extra layer of protection.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, all you need to do is activate Birdie’s loud 130db alarm and flashing strobe light to interrupt the situation and bring eyes on you.

Naturally, this only works when there are other people around but hopefully, that will be the case if it comes to ever needing to use this.

Birdie also donate 5% of all purchases to their passionate partners who work for the safety and empowerment of women.

A cause well-worth supporting!

41. Keep Public Lands in Public Hands Tote Bag 


Yep, I’ve included not one but two tote bags on this list because I just can’t get enough of them!

Keep Public Lands in Public Hands Tote Bag is one of my favourite tote bags and I’m sure it’s not hard to see why.

This 18″ x 14″ x 3″ heavy 15oz natural cotton tote bag is larger and stronger than most so it will serve you well out on the road.

Plus, with every purchase, you’re supporting public lands through donations to the National Park Foundation and Washington National Park Fund.

Never a bad thing, right?

42. Embroidery Hoop Art


Embroidery hoop art has become increasingly popular over the last few years and it’s not hard to see why.

There are plenty of different designs to choose from, from various sellers on Etsy.

So whether you fancy making an ecofeminist statement or simply showing off your love for the mountains, there’s bound to be a design you fall in love with.

And as embroidery hoop art almost always comes from indie sellers, you can rest assured that your money is going to good use supporting small businesses rather than large corporations.

43. Small Pennant


If you don’t fancy buying a large pennant but do still want one, this Small Pennant (approximately 17 x 16cm) is your best bet.

Perfect to hang in your home, van, car or tent, it’s one of the best granola girl gifts, not only because of its outdoorsy design but also because of its eco-credentials.

Made with natural canvas, wooden dowel, vegan suede and trim, and packaged in recyclable materials, GoldenMtn does their utmost for Mother Earth.

Their Made for the Mountains Pennant is my favourite design of theirs but I also love their Let’s Go Hiking and Explore More pennants too.

Whichever one you choose, you’ll be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that you’re supporting a fantastic independent business here in the UK.

44. East End Press Forest Garland


Bring the outdoors inside with this East End Press Forest Garland.

Great all year round but especially so at Christmas, this paper garland would make a great stocking filler for the granola girl in your life.

Printed on both sides of thick, handmade cotton paper by talented artisans in Jaipur, the garland is three metres long.

Please note that every garland is hand-printed so may vary slightly from the photograph.

But this just adds to the charm and how unique the piece is!

45. Mountain Tapestry


Last but absolutely no means least, we have these beautiful Mountain Tapestries.

Whether you hang them up on a wall, throw them over your bed, use them as a yoga mat, or take them out on the road, they’re sure to liven up any space of yours.

They’re bound to get all the compliments, that’s for sure.

Made from environmentally-friendly polyester fibre, the tapestry not only shows off nature but it does its bit for nature too.

Top tip: for the ultimate granola girl aesthetic, be sure to throw some fairy lights over the tapestry!


So there you have it: a round-up of the 45 best granola girl gifts.

With all these items, you or your loved one will be nailing the granola girl aesthetic in no time!

I’m sure you’re rushing to buy lots of these gifts already…

I know I’ve certainly had to restrain myself while writing this article.

(Well, I may have given in a couple of times – oops!)

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