The Best Hobbit Hole in the UK That You Can Stay In

Staying in Britain's Only Authentic Hobbit Hole at West Stow Pods

Before you start reading this post, I’d recommend heading to Spotify or YouTube and putting on ‘Concerning Hobbits’.

It’s how I went into Hobbiton earlier this year and also how I first approached West Stow Pods’ hobbit hole. It’s a good mood setter.

Done? Okay, cool. Now welcome to Britain’s own piece of Middle-Earth.

Pod Hollow at West Stow Pods

Staying in Britain's Only Authentic Hobbit Hole at West Stow Pods

Nestled in the side of a grassy knoll in a private Suffolk woodland, this hobbit hole brings the magic of Middle-Earth to life.

From the heavy rounded door to the iconic ‘No admittance except on party business’ sign, there ‘z no doubt that this hobbit hole is Tolkien-inspired through and through.

In fact, this hobbit hole is one of a kind in Europe.

While there are a few other ‘hobbit holes’ dotted around Europe, this is the only one that is factually accurate.

(The members of The Tolkien society at the Anglo Saxon Village in West Stow can vouch for this!).

Staying in Britain's Only Authentic Hobbit Hole at West Stow Pods

Pod Hollow is separated from the rest of West Stow Pods with its own path leading up to the holiday home and a gate into your private enclosed area.

There’s a really nice outside area in front of the hobbit hole, with a table and chairs, a bench and a BBQ, which would be lovely if the weather treats you kindly on your visit.

I just wanted to curl up on the bench with a copy of The Hobbit, listening to the birds sing. But I guess the sofa would suffice instead!

Apparently, it rains just as much in the East as it does in the West. So much for a holiday, eh Suffolk?

Staying in Britain's Only Authentic Hobbit Hole at West Stow Pods

While from the outside it may look like a house fit for a hobbit, this hobbit hole is like a tardis.

Okay, well it doesn’t look that small from the outside.

But you don’t realise just how spacious this holiday home truly is until you step foot into it.

The magic doesn’t stop when you walk inside, folks.

In fact, a pair of hairy Hobbit slippers greets you, ready to slip your feet into after a long day of walking.

Oh and an entire Gandalf costume for you big ol’ nerds out there. 

Living Area

Staying in Britain's Only Authentic Hobbit Hole at West Stow Pods

Stepping into this hobbit hole is like stepping straight into a storybook.

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While the inside looks great at first glance, this hobbit hole only gets better the more you look around it.

Filled to the brim with so many tiny details, you can tell that this hobbit hole was made with love and with avid Lord of the Rings fans in mind.

We spent a solid twenty minutes just looking around at the living space in awe and admiration.

It was as if Gandalf Ian McKellan himself had just entered the building!

Staying in Britain's Only Authentic Hobbit Hole at West Stow Pods

The main living area features a dining table and chairs, a sofa, two comfy chairs, a cosy feature fireplace, a radio, and a TV with a DVD player.

The only negative thing I could say about our time here was that the Wi-Fi wasn’t working.

Jan reassured us that it had only broken the day before we arrived and that it is not typically an issue.

However, aside from not being able to share my Pod Hollow stay instantly with the world, it was a blessing in disguise.

It stopped me from working and getting distracted by social media and forced me to spend the evening with my precious. Lord of the Rings joke anyone?!

Instead, we had far too much fun rummaging through West Stow Pods‘ collection of Lord of the Rings figurines, DVDs, books, and card and board games.

We even took it back to our primary school days by doing a Lord of the Rings word search and quiz.

These were definitely put in the hobbit hole with kids in mind.

But if you can’t be a massive kid in a blummin’ hobbit hole, where can you be?


Staying in Britain's Only Authentic Hobbit Hole at West Stow Pods Staying in Britain's Only Authentic Hobbit Hole at West Stow Pods

Pod Hollow is a self-catering home, featuring a fully-fitted kitchen with everything you could possibly want and more!

One thing we especially loved about this hobbit hole is that it brings together old-world charm and modern comforts. 

With heating, lighting and electrical outlets ready to charge all your devices, it really didn’t feel like glamping at all!

The kitchen features a dishwasher, integrated oven, fridge freezer, microwave, toaster and plates, glasses, mugs and cutlery.

One little touch we really appreciated was their yummy homemade Lembas bread on the counter ready to be nibbled at.

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The bedrooms

Staying in Britain's Only Authentic Hobbit Hole at West Stow PodsStaying in Britain's Only Authentic Hobbit Hole at West Stow Pods

Yes, this hobbit hole has not one but two double bedrooms!

It may be fit for a hobbit but it can also fit four adults.

Pod Hollow is thus a great place to stay as either a group of friends, two couples or a family!


Staying in Britain's Only Authentic Hobbit Hole at West Stow Pods

This hobbit hole is by far the most luxurious glamping site I have ever stayed at.

In fact, it’s so luxurious that you could hardly even call it glamping in the first place.

With a large modern shower, basin, WC and heated towel rail, you’ll never find yourself as dirty as the hobbits themselves!

For, after all, this hobbit hole is not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit hole and that means comfort.


Faraway Lucy was welcomed as a guest of West Stow Pods, however, as always, all opinions are my own.

This collaboration was arranged by Host Unusual. You can find West Stow Pods on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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    • Jessica
    • Monday, 1st October 2018

    I live just half an hour away from here in Suffolk and I’m so desperate to stay! It’s the best glamping place I’ve seen (that bathroom!) and I love the sound of the little touches like the Lembas bread

    The giveaway sounds amazing – fingers crossed!

    1. Reply

      Ooh, you’re so close! It was absolutely unreal – I was especially impressed by the bathroom, it was sooo lush. Good luck lovely 🙂 x

    • Laura
    • Monday, 1st October 2018

    Aww how adorable is this place! I had no idea something like this existed in the UK but I’m definitely keeping it in my mind now! It looks like such a fun place to stay in. x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    1. Reply

      It’s so lovely, isn’t it? I couldn’t recommend a stay there more 🙂 You’d love it! x

    • James
    • Tuesday, 2nd October 2018

    My wife and I live 15 mins away from here and stayed there for two nights with my brother and his wife. We stayed in the hobbit hole and the outside garden area and did nothing but play lots and hobbit board games! Oh we went out and explored the forest trees and had the obligatory hobbits hiding under the tree from the ringwraiths photo too! Know the owners and the Lotr advisor for its construction! Awesome place! Great review!

    1. Reply

      It sounds like you were living your absolute best life, James! It is a great place and I’m glad you think so too 🙂

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