#icelollyinIbiza: My Time on the White Isle

Ibiza Spain

Recently I was invited on a press trip to the beautiful Spanish island of Ibiza by Joining me on this three day trip was Rachel from Rachel Nicole, Jen from She Gets Around, Sophie from Sophie Cliff, and the lovely Emma from, aka Paper Planes & Caramel Waffles

I know what you’re thinking – Ibiza is the least me place ever. At first, I’d wholeheartedly agree, but I honestly fell head over heels in love with this island, and this totally came to me as a shock. The weather is fantastic, the island is a hippy paradise, everyone’s up for a good time and in short, it’s just a really bloody happy place. Oh, and did I mention the breathtaking sunsets? Whilst I won’t be rushing back really soon, I get the hype, guys, I really do. So without further ado, here’s what we got up to on the White Isle…

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Palladium Hotel Palmyra

Ibiza SpainIMG_6529_edit IMG_6535_edit

The hotel we stayed at was Palladium Hotel Palmyra on San Antonio Bay Beach, perfectly situated right by the shore and amongst the hustle and bustle of Ibiza. By some miracle, we were upgraded from our hotel rooms to the stunning poolside bungalows (that ironically had mezzanine floors, but I mean, who’s getting technical). I love a good mezzanine floor, especially after my experience at the coolest place on planet earth, a.k.a. Berlin’s Michelberger Hotel.

The real luxury of this hotel was the fact it was exclusively for adults and all-inclusive. I’ve never gone all-inclusive before and I can proudly say I’m a convert. Unlimited food and on-demand Cava and Sangria? Sign me up. I never go all-inclusive as it definitely limits you in terms of what you can do and when.

For example, if you want to explore the island you’d have to be back by a certain time in order to make lunch and dinner, and you also don’t get the opportunity to sample the local cuisine and try out different restaurants. However it is perfect if you just want to relax by the pool/on the beach – super stress-free, plus the buffets offer fantastic variety and were super delicious.

Water Sports


Parasailing was stunning. I’ve always had this idea of it being an exhilarating water sport but in practice, it’s really freakin’ relaxing, I could have fallen asleep up there. It offered the most gorgeous views over Ibiza from a totally unique perspective. Oh and of course the sea looked bright and beautiful… so blue da ba dee da ba daa…

Paddleboarding and snorkelling were also on the agenda, but unfortunately, paddle boarding and contact lenses did not cooperate well (I swear contacts are both the best invention in the world, but simultaneously the bane of my life).

Sunset Watching

Ibiza Spain SunsetIbiza Spain

Ibiza boasts some of the best sunsets on the planet. There’s no denying that. One of the best places to watch the sunset is, of course, the San Antonio Sunset Strip. Down by Cafe Mambo crowds gather around to watch the famous sunset. On Saturday evening we literally just arrived as the sun hit the horizon, sprinting from our dinner which was a 10-minute walk away. Our food baby induced stitches were definitely worth it.

Enchanting music plays in the background as you scramble through crowds and over rock pools to get the best view of the sunset. The whole experience is super emotional and cathartic. Everyone watches in awe and in silence. As the sun hits the horizon the crowd starts applauding and the DJ at Cafe Mambo starts on the decks. As silly as it sounds it was probably my favourite part of the trip.


Zoo Project Ibiza

What happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza, right? Whilst I’m the last person you’d expect to see clubbing in Ibiza, it was definitely a unique experience that I won’t forget. On the first night, we went to Zoo Project which I absolutely loved. The whole thing is set within an old abandoned zoo and is full of music and performances, swimming pools, market stalls, secret gardens and lots of food places/bars. It was more like a festival than a club night! Plus it finished at 12am, which meant we could still get quite a bit of sleep. Who needs to party until 6 am anyway?

On the Sunday afternoon we went VIP to Craig David’s Pool Party at Ibiza Rocks. Definitely not my thing but the other girls had a blast. For this reason (and to save 50 quid), I decided not to go to the optional David Guetta night at Ushuaia and instead watched the sunset by myself #independentgirl. Partying in the sun is a lot of fun and everyone in Ibiza is just there to have a great time (who knows if it was the drugs or the sun causing this). But get me back to sweaty moshpits in underground indie clubs any day of the week…

The #icelollyinIbiza bloggers campaign was run in conjunction with UK womens clothing store, Pretty Little Thing. We each received £50 worth of PLT clothing. I ordered two beautiful playsuits one of which is pictured above – I am so in love with them and they both fit perfectly!


So have you ever been to Ibiza before? What are your thoughts on the island? If you’ve never visited before don’t you worry because are offering the chance for YOU to win a holiday there yourself, plus £200 worth of clothes from Pretty Little Thing so that you can holiday in style! Just click this link to enter.

A big thank you again to for sending me to both Thailand and Ibiza – I had such a blast in both places!


Here is everything we got up to in Ibiza, from parasailing to partying. Click through to read more...

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