My Top 10 Personal Goals for 2018

My Top 10 Personal Goals for 2018

Whenever I discuss goals on my blog it always seems to be career/blogging/travel goals as opposed to the little ways I can improve myself as a person. The big career/etc type of goals are generally quantitative so it is easy to determine whether I have achieved them or not. I don’t tend to set personal goals because (without sounding too up my own arse), I think I’m pretty alright in…


21 Before 21: How I Got On

Hello world, I’m officially twenny wannn! Okay, so I turned 21 almost a month ago (big up you November babies), but apparently, I am not only “twenny wannn” but also a serial procrastinator. Or a busy bee. You decide. I am now home from university for the holidays and I am finally finding time to chillax and think about this ol’ blog again. For today’s blog post I will be looking back and…


On Losing a Sister: Two Months On

Today, the 17th January, marks two months since my sister died. This blog is for travel. It’s a happy, positive place. And yet it’s a personal place. It’s my place. I do not want to write several posts on my situation, but instead I would like to dedicate just one post to her. I think […]


Faraway Lucy’s 2016 in Travel

This year I managed to travel to four new countries, as well as several places within the UK. Alongside the places listed below I also took short trips to Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds and London. Since I won’t be at university for the next year (you can read up on what my plans are here) I […]


21 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 21

Following the passing of my sister last month I have had a complete “life is short” mentality overcome me. Maybe it’s just my way of coping with grief and not letting myself fall into misery, but I feel even more determined to make the most out of life. Since I’m currently interrupting my studies at […]


November/December Favourites

November 2016 will always be remembered as the worst month of my entire life (unless some higher being wants to punish me anymore, but I can’t imagine any pain as worse as this). My gorgeous sister Caitlin sadly passed away on the 17th November. I will probably eventually dedicate a separate post to this, but right […]

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