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Yes, it’s March and yes, it may be a tad late to be telling you about my plans for this year (personally I’d like to think I’m just fashionably late) but I’m writing this post because I’ve got some veeery exciting news to share with you! I’m talking so exciting that I might just burst if I don’t get it out of me anytime soon. On that note, I hope you enjoy this very self-indulgent post and if you don’t give a shit about me and my life, that’s totally cool, but I think you’re in the wrong place mate.


So, before we jump into my news, let’s get the “boring” stuff out of the way. Until June, I am going to be based in Exeter, focusing on completing (and hopefully doing half okay at) my second year of university, whilst also juggling my job as a marketing assistant at Sancho’s. I’ve also just completed another part-time job at Choice Hotels. Balancing jobs, university, a LDR and a (resultingly pretty non-existent) social life can get a little hectic, and this is why I haven’t created much content since last summer. That combined with the fact I don’t really get an opportunity to travel whilst at university. At the end of the day, as much as I’d love to spend more time blogging I’m forking out stupid amounts of money to get a degree so that is my priority right now.


My Summer Plans


However, when I get to June I am as free as a bee until September! Yep, I have three months off to do whatever the heck I want. This is such a huge luxury I am afforded as a student; as soon as I graduate these long holidays will be a far-fetched dream. So you want to know how I’m going to be spending my last summer as a student?


I’m only going to be blummin’ living, studying,

interning and travelling in/around New Zealand!


Yes, it’s a dream come true. I’m finally living up to my brand by actually fucking off somewhere far away. In fact, I’m fucking off to the furthest destination I (or my bank account) could possibly think of. Bar, say, you know, the moon. 


If you know anything about me you’ll know that for as long as I can remember I have wanted to study abroad. I specifically applied for a degree with a study abroad year when applying to universities four years ago, and until the tragedy of November 2016, I was due to study abroad in Canada or the United States in September 2017. As you’ll know, if you’re a reader of my blog, that didn’t happen and won’t be happening anymore for a whole host of reasons. So instead of studying abroad for an entire year of my life, I’ll just be studying abroad for two months. Granted it’s ridiculously expensive (I mean, I’ll only be bloody flying to the other side of the world) but I’ve got a job, I’m young and I’ve got nothing tying me down so why the heck not. It’s always something I’ve wanted to do and I’d inevitably spend my whole life regretting it if I didn’t take this opportunity.


New Zealand Faraway Lucy Travel Blog


So, in typical audacious Lucy style, I said fuck it and submitted my application in December to study Communication and Marketing at Massey University. And then I heard back THE NEXT DAY! Lol, just kidding. The study abroad department at Massey University was closed for Christmas so I had to wait three weeks to find out whether I had been offered a place. Oh, and then they took another two months on top of that to get back to me. I pushed it to the back of my mind so I wouldn’t get my hopes up but this week I received an email officially confirming my place! Eeeek. ‘Tis happening! 


So what will I be doing during my time in New Zealand, I hear you cry?


At the beginning of June, I will be flying out to Auckland where I will be staying in a hostel for almost a week before my study abroad experience starts. I’ve given myself this time to slowly acclimatise: catch up on zzz’s and sort out the nasty jet lag, whilst also exploring Auckland and maybe go on a day trip or two.


Auckland New Zealand Faraway Lucy Travel Blog


Then, university starts. The first two weeks of my course is a national expedition which I am so excited for. On this expedition, I’ll be going on a whistle-stop tour of both islands with a bunch of other students, passing through Queenstown, Aoraki/Mount Cook, Christchurch, Picton, Wellington, Taupo and Rotorua, all whilst completing a load of coursework.


Queenstown New Zealand Faraway Lucy Travel Blog


Following the expedition, I will be living in Wellington, “the Coolest Little Capital in the World”, for an entire month whilst interning in the city. Once my internship is complete, I’ll then spend another week in New Zealand so I can spend time with my Kiwi family and/or do a bit more travelling before flying back to ol’ Blighty!


Wellington New Zealand Faraway Lucy Travel Blog


Once back in England, I have a month at home in lil ol’ Herefordshire before my final year of university starts in September. It’ll be really nice to spend some quality time at the end of my final big holiday as a student with mine and Gaz’s families. I’ll get to finally meet my little nephew (who is due just a few days after I fly to New Zealand – convenient timing or what?!) and go to Gaz’s sister’s hen do in Bath and wedding in Watford, so it’ll be an exciting month for the Beddis family. 


Blog Plans


So, blog plans… What can you expect to see from Faraway Lucy in 2018? The realistic answer: not much. Though, as always, I will try to write as much as I possibly can. Because I’m not travelling this year other than my big trip to New Zealand, I won’t have much fresh content to provide. But I’ve still got quite a few blog posts left to create from last year and maybe a few blogging related posts as well. Next month, my parents, Gaz and I are heading up to North Wales for a couple of nights which I am really excited for and I’ll be able to create some travel guides then!


I anticipate being far too busy in New Zealand to create content on the go or in hostels but once I’ve returned from New Zealand, I will have a ton of New Zealand/study abroad content to share with you! As my calendar for August is pretty empty (and will mainly consist of sleeping/planning the ol’ dissertation/beginning to apply for grad jobs), I will have plenty of time to go content crazy on the blog. I’ve also got one final Choice Hotels article to share with you before my contract expires, which will go live this month: this one is all about Herefordshire’s Most Picturesque Market Towns so look forward to that.


But more importantly: I want to know, what do you want to see from Faraway Lucy this year? Also, have you ever been to New Zealand? I want to know allllll your travel tips – what I MUST see and what’s totally overrated! Please let me know in the comments below. 


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    • Rachel
    • Saturday, 17th March 2018

    Ahhh that is so exciting Lucy! Congrats! I can’t wait to see what you get upto on the other side of the world, you’re going to have the best time! xo

    1. Reply

      Ahh thank you so much, Rachel, I am so excited! xxx

  1. Reply

    Oh my gosh this is so exciting!! So pleased for you and can’t wait to follow along – I’ll actually be in NZ at the same time, although not doing anything near as exciting haha.

    1. Reply

      Thanks so much, Rhiannon, I’m over the moon right now 🙂 Ooooh what are you doing NZ then?

  2. Reply

    Lucy, that’s so exciting and amazing! I’ve wanted to visit New Zealand for so long, so I’ll admit I’m a little jealous haha! I hope you have the best time though, and I can’t wait to read all about it when you get back!
    xo April | April Everyday

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