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Graduation graduating university graduates throwing their hats in the air in front of a white building How to Get Into Marketing with an English Degree

How to Get Into Marketing with an English Degree [2022]

So you have managed to bag yourself an English degree? Good job you! But now what? What on earth could I possibly do with an English degree? Well, by landing on this blog, it seems that you already possess the drive to build a successful marketing career. Coming here shows your initiative and that’s a great first step. Now let’s…


On Losing a Sister: Two Months On

Today, the 17th of January, marks two months since my sister died. This blog is for travel. It’s a happy, positive place. And yet it’s a personal place. It’s my place. I do not want to write several posts on my situation, but instead, I would like to dedicate just one post to her. I […]

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