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Prague Photo Diary • Day One

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I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to a share a series of posts with you guys before! Travelling is my number one favourite thing to do, just thinking about it makes me really giddy. Recently my lovely partner and I took off on a six night adventure to both Prague and Berlin, staying three nights at each. Both are very different and yet I still couldn’t pick a favourite. While Prague was a magical, colourful, fairy-tale land, Berlin was a buzzing, eccentric and modern hub.
So, here is my first post, showing you all of the best bits from Czech Republic’s stunning capital. Stay tuned for a Day Two post and accommodation post as well as Berlin posts very soon! I decided to split them up into segments because I don’t think anyone really wants to read that much writing…
Our first morning, (before we decided to crack the public transport system), took us on a walk along the river Vltava, the longest river in the city. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and everything was pretty much perfect. Wonderful weather for February, am I right?! It was so nice to visit at this time of year as everything seemed more peaceful and not so tourist ridden.

This walk took us to the beautiful and famous Charles Bridge but rather than crossing it just yet we took a detour to Old Town Square and all the surrounding quirky, little side streets… Here colourful buildings were in abundance. If you are a lover of Gothic architecture, you will fall head over heels in love with this place. A couple of the main tourist attractions in the square were the Týn Church and the gorgeous Astronomical Clock.

By this time we were feeling pretty peckish so what better place to eat and truly absorb the traditional Czech cuisine than Hard Rock Cafe!? I kid, I kid. If you stick around on my blog to read more travel posts in the future you will learn that Gaz and I are not very exotic in our food choices… We know… we’re ashamed too. In our defense, this Hard Rock Cafe is the largest in Europe and so was pretty impressive to say the least. It was our first time visiting Hard Rock and as massive rock fans, we just could not resist. Unsurprisingly, the burgers were to die for. As were the chips.

Next, like the book worms we are, we popped on over to the Municipal Library to check out the sculpture The Infinity of Knowledge which was quite the sight – a never-ending spiral of books! Heaven for a literature student.

A less frequently visited monument amongst tourists (as it is quite out of the way) was next on our list of places to visit: the National Monument on Vitkov Hill. After a pretty long yet enjoyable walk we reached the top of the hill with outstanding views of the city, that were so sublime and vast. This was without a doubt the highlight of my day… and I think my photos can explain why.

We found the most awesome look-out point by the memorial. An old hut covered in graffiti with indescribable views!

As the evening drew in, the loveliest sunset shone down on the Vltava river. On our way back to the hotel we planned our route specifically to pass the famous piece of architecture nicknamed Dancing House. We also chose to pass the Faust House, as again, our massively nerdy side took over. We’re both going to be studying Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus for our A Level English Literature exam in the summer in fact. Though it has to be noted that the pink building hardly seems to be associated with black magic and the Devil… although the mysterious happenings that have allegedly taken place there speak otherwise (I’ve had fun doing my research). After returning to our hotel to spruce up a little bit, we headed out for a night of drinks and good food! Day one = complete.

So, have you ever visited Prague? What was your favourite thing about the city? Let me know in the comments below! I really want to go on a trip to Cesky Krumlov as well now.


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