42 Best Quirky London Hotels You Need to Stay At [2023]


Heading to England’s capital and want to stay in the best of the best quirky London hotels?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Luckily, London is home to its fair share of cool and quirky hotels.

From beautiful boutique hotels and historic gems to hotels with everything from bowling alleys to retro cinemas, here are 42 quirky London hotels you need to stay at!

Quirky Central London Hotels

1. Artist Residence


Price per night: From £245 for 2 people

Address: 52 Cambridge St, Pimlico, London SW1V 4QQ

Phone number: 020 3019 8610

One of my personal favourite quirky London hotels, Artist Residence brings a unique vibrancy to the capital.

Each of the 10 bedrooms is different, bursting with original works of contemporary art and quirky furnishings.

Choose between the smaller rooms, a luxurious suite or the cosy loft with a bathtub.

Downstairs you’ll find the Clubhouse, an all-day neighbourhood hangout and aficionado’s dream of pop art, neon and shabby-chic.

Deep in the basement, the cocktail cellar is a speak-easy style den, buzzing with guests and locals alike.

2. The Megaro


Price per night: From £152 for 2 people

Address: 1 Belgrove St, London WC1H 8AB

Phone number: 020 7843 2222

The Megaro is an independent, spirited hotel, which is all about rebelling against the norm!

Its interior pays tribute to London and British pop culture with iconic, multi-coloured prints that just scream ‘Britain’.

Inside the hotel, you’ll also discover the world’s largest mini-bar, an amazing Italian eatery and a gritty piano bar.

The latter is a great spot to immerse yourself in sultry low lighting, jazz and great company.

Sit back and relax while the mixologists craft house specialities and classic cocktails that you’ll love!

3. The Zetter Townhouse


Price per night: From £234 for 2 people

Address: 49-50 St John’s Square, Farringdon, London EC1V 4JJ

Phone number: 020 7324 4567

Independently owned, The Zetter Townhouse is a 13-bedroom Georgian townhouse hotel with an award-winning cocktail lounge.

The hotel was designed by Russell Sage who made this eclectic property feel less like a hotel and more like the private residence of an eccentric (and fabulous!) Great Aunt.

There’s an array of different rooms to choose from but if you really want to treat yourself, go for the spectacular rooftop apartment which boasts a roof terrace and alfresco bath.

4. The Mandrake Hotel


Price per night: From £315 for 2 people

Address: 20-21 Newman St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1PG

Phone number: 020 3146 7770

An award-winning, luxury, boutique hotel, The Mandrake is one of my all-time favourite quirky London hotels!

Step through the gates and you’ll enter a different state of mind, feeling a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Every aspect of The Mandrake has been curated to offer an immersive and unforgettable experience.

One of my favourite things about the hotel is the three-story-high surrounding walls of jasmine and passionflower, that form the living heart of the hotel.

Also, keep an eye out for the art collection that includes works from the likes of Salvador Dali and Francesco Clemente!

5. The Rookery


Price per night: From £179 for 2 people

Address: 12 Peter’s Ln, Cowcross St, Farringdon, London EC1M 6DS

Phone number: 020 7336 0931

I mean, I think that the bath above speaks for itself. It’s safe to say that The Rookery is one of the most unusual hotels in London.

This delightful boutique hotel was made from the only remaining early houses in Peter’s Lane, meaning the hotel exudes period charm both inside and out!

Think polished wood panelling, stone flagged floors, open fires and genuine antique furniture.

These pieces give the place a warm, homely atmosphere that makes The Rookery feel more like a private club than a hotel.

6. ibis Styles Gloucester Road


Price per night: From £89 for 2 people

Address: 110 Cromwell Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 4ES

Phone number: 020 7373 1004

One of the cheaper funky hotels in London, ibis Styles is great for those on a budget.

This design economy hotel is open to creative minds of all ages.

Recently refurbished in a charming, contemporary design with quirky touches throughout, you’ll love discovering all its nooks and crannies.

The rooms are subtly inspired by the London Underground so keep an eye out for the surprising, playful touches that make this hotel special.

Top tip: for an even more unique experience, book a stay in one of their garden rooms which feature a private terrace.

7. The Standard


Price per night: From £159 for 2 people

Address: 10 Argyle St, London WC1H 8EG

Phone number: 020 3981 8888

The Standard is far from standard. One of my favourite cool hotels in London, The Standard has 266 rooms ranging from their snug Cosy Core rooms to terraced suites with outdoor bathtubs overlooking the dramatic St Pancras Station.

However, one of the best parts of The Standard is its various food and drink options.

Next door is The Library Lounge, which pays homage to the building’s original use.

There’s also two bars and a 10th-floor Michelin-starred restaurant with 360-degree views of London.

8. Rough Luxe


Price per night: From £151 for 2 people

Address: 1 Birkenhead St, London WC1H 8BA

One of the more controversial and unusual hotels in London, Rough Luxe provides exactly what it says on the tin: rough luxury.

The decor is stripped back and purposefully made to look rough.

Some may love it, some may hate it – I guess it’s up to you to decide!

Inside the Grade II-listed property, you’ll find a nightclub and coffee shop, so this is definitely not a hotel to bring your kids to.

Top tip: book an executive suite for a huge freestanding vintage copper bath!

9. The Exhibitionist Hotel


Price per night: From £139 for 2 people

Address: 8-10 Queensberry Pl, South Kensington, London SW7 2EA

Phone number: 020 7915 0000

One of the most funky hotels in London, art is at the core of The Exhibition Hotel‘s identity.

There’s always an art exhibition on show in this beautifully restored, 18th-century hotel which combines original design and contemporary finishes including bespoke furnishings.

From the striking Che Guevara portrait in the lobby and the artificial grass lift to the individually designed corridors and bedrooms, there’s so much to discover within the 37 bedrooms of this boutique hotel.

10. The Ampersand Hotel


Price per night: From £241 for 2 people

Address: 10 Harrington Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 3ER

Phone number: 020 7589 5895

Set in a large Victorian building, the cosmopolitan Ampersand is oh-so-charming.

With quirky and colourful chic decor in every room, the hotel is a feast for the eyes.

Every room has a different theme, each inspired by local landmarks, such as the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum.

The downstairs bar area has more of a sophisticated urban feel with its exposed white brick arches, making it look more like one of the many cool hotels in London.

11. ME London


Price per night: From £268 for 2 people

Address: Strand, London WC2R 1HA

Phone number: 020 3499 8651

Perfect for those who love their quirky London hotels a little classier, ME London is one of the leading hotels in the capital.

Designed by the world-famous architects Foster + Partners, the hotel is contemporary and cutting edge in style.

One of my favourite things about ME London is its Radio Rooftop with panoramic views of the city’s skyline from Tower Bridge to the Houses of Parliament.

It’s one of the best London Instagram spots, that’s for sure.

If you really want to dream about how the other half live, take a look at the stunning Penthouse Suite where nightly rates start at £2,500.

12. Wizard Chambers at the Georgian House Hotel


Price per night: From £182 for 2 people

Address: 35 – 39 St George’s Dr, Pimlico, London SW1V 4DG

Phone number: 020 7834 1438

I think it goes without saying that Potterheads would absolutely LOVE to stay in this Wizard Chamber at one of the most unusual hotels in London!

Make your way down to the lower ground floor of the 19th-century Georgian House Hotel, through a portrait-lined passageway bathed in candlelight, to experience the magic of Hogwarts in real life.

Sleeping in one of their mysterious and gothic rooms will instantly transport you to the magical world of Harry Potter.

Each room features faux castle details such as stained glass windows, stone walls, archways, trunks, and four-poster beds hung with velvet curtains.

Look out for the cauldrons in the fireplaces too!

13. Great Scotland Yard


Price per night: From £220 for 2 people

Address: 3-5, Great Scotland Yard, Westminster, London SW1A 2HN

Phone number: 020 7925 4700

Located just a stone’s throw from Covent Garden, Great Scotland Yard is one of London’s most historic and cherished buildings.

Holding more hidden stories than any other kind in London, there’s so much to discover in this one-of-a-kind hotel!

No two rooms are the same, each boasting a quirky twist on a quintessentially British classic design.

You can even stay in a suite inspired by Sherlock Holmes.

There are also four different eateries and bars in the hotel, serving you everything from specialised signature cocktails to a classic afternoon tea.

14. Hard Rock Hotel


Price per night: From £125 for 2 people

Address: c, o, Great Cumberland Pl, Marylebone, London W1H 7DL

Phone number: 020 7523 5053

Hard Rock certainly needs no introduction and its hotels are just as fun as their restaurants!

If you want to stay amid the buzz of the big city, this is one of the cool hotels in London where you need to rest your head.

By staying at Hard Rock, you’ll be resting with the rich and famous.

The hotel has attracted former residents such as Motown icons and rock ‘n roll royalty.

And with Sound of Your Stay, every morning at Hard Rock begins with a custom soundtrack that you can enjoy from the comfort of your Rock Spa luxury bath.

Whether it’s a Fender guitar delivered to your door or a record player with records to listen to, all you need to do is say the word!

15. Pavilion Hotel


Price per night: From £80 for 2 people

Address: 34-36 Sussex Gardens, Tyburnia, London W2 1UL

Phone number: 020 7262 0905

Filled with extravagant and flamboyant decor, Pavilion Hotel is certainly one of the more funky hotels in London.

Each room is individually furnished and decorated, meaning there’s a room to suit most tastes.

We’re talking everything from a monochrome Marilyn Monroe designed room to brightly-designed rooms that feature lavish rugs, heavy gold-framed oil paintings and glamorous lamps.

The Victorian building maintains its original character; you even lock your room with a good old fashioned key.

16. The Pilgrm


Price per night: From £79 for 2 people

Address: 25 London St, Tyburnia, London W2 1HH

Phone number: 020 7667 6000

The Pilgrm is without a doubt one of my favourite quirky London hotels.

Beautifully designed, the entire hotel looks like it was taken straight out of an Instagram photo.

The Victorian-era building was brought back to life as a ‘reinterpretation’ of the traditional hotel, with each room different to the last.

Branded as ‘a home for the modern traveller’, every room is filled with bespoke made staples, leafy green plants and a recommended pile of magazines and books.

The perfect accompaniments to your stay in London, if you ask me!

One of my favourite things about this hotel is its vast art collection.

The Pilgrm champions the unusual, the unknown and the never seen before, so each art piece is picked with these requirements in mind.

17. Blakes Hotel


Price per night: From £305 for 2 people

Address: 33 Roland Gardens, Kensington, London SW7 3PF

Phone number: 020 7370 6701

Step through the doors of Blakes to discover a sensual place of unconventional luxury.

This extravagant hotel has been all about fine living since its opening in 1788, remaining timeless ever since.

Playing the balance of theatrical, hedonistic excess and warm hospitality well, Blakes has become one of the most hip hotels in London.

Admittedly, the photo above is an example of one of their more excessive rooms.

But if you have a mooch around their website, you’ll discover some more minimalistic rooms too.

I’m personally dying to stay in the romantic, library-inspired signature suite!

Be sure to head downstairs to experience Blakes’ restaurant which evokes a travelling spirit.

The chic brasserie draws inspiration from everything from Asian Fusion to Italian cuisine.

18. My Bloomsbury


Price per night: From £75 for 2 people

Address: 11-13 Bayley St, Bedford Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3HD

Phone number: 020 3004 6000

Moving onto one of the more minimalistic quirky London hotels, My Bloomsbury is for those who love boutiques on a budget.

Each room combines Heal furniture with a contemporary, urban design that accentuates the character of the hotel.

My Bloomsbury is also great for longer stays as weekly rates start from just £399.

Who says you have to compromise style when sticking to a budget?!

But if you really want to treat yourself, book a stay at My Place.

Their striking loft-style penthouse suite that features a large marble bathroom with walk-in shower and an immersive deep bath!

Quirky East London Hotels

19. Andaz Liverpool Street


Price per night: From £207 for 2 people

Address: 40 Liverpool St, London EC2M 7QN

Phone number: 020 7961 1234

Take one look at the lounge above and I’m sure you’ll go weak at the knees.

The beautifully designed Andaz is the perfect hub for the modern traveller.

The hotel is home to five restaurants and bars, as well as the stylish Andaz Lounge, to complement their spacious rooms and suites.

Each room features a complimentary mini-bar stocked with snacks and non-alcoholic beverages so this is one hotel where you’ll actually want to tuck into the mini-bar!

You can also book in-room spa treatments to add an extra little bit of luxury to your stay.

I mean you’re staying in London, after all, aren’t you?

20. 40 Winks


Price per night: From £185 for 2 people

Address: 109 Mile End Rd, Bethnal Green, London E1 4UJ

Phone number: 020 7790 0259

40 Winks was described by German Vogue as ‘the most beautiful small hotel in the world’ and I’d be inclined to agree.

It’s certainly one of the most beautiful and hip hotels in London! 40 Winks may be small (it only has two guest rooms) but boy does it pack a punch.

The coolest thing about it is its oh-so-glamorous history.

For more than a decade, 40 Winks was one of London’s most popular fashion and celebrity locations, playing host to hundreds of major advertising campaigns and high profile editorial shoots.

Even HM Queen Elizabeth II has paid a visit!

As one of the best quirky London hotels, it offers an antidote to the bland uniformity of most hotel chains.

It’s seriously enchanting.

21. Courthouse Hotel


Price per night: From £175 for 2 people

Address: 19 – 21 Great Marlborough St, Soho, London W1F 7HL

Phone number: 020 7297 5555

Courthouse Hotel has practically everything that you could possibly want from one of these quirky London hotels.

We’re talking 116 spacious bedrooms and suites, a trendy cocktail bar, award-winning restaurants, gorgeous spa, fitness centre, private cinema and a divine roof terrace.

All of that packed into a Grade II listed Baroque styled building!

One of the highlights of Courthouse Hotel is the Silk Restaurant, one of the most quirky places to eat in London.

Set in the architectural focal point of the building, the courtroom itself, the restaurant is home to the original judge’s bench, dock and witness stand from the Great Marlborough Street Magistrates Court.

These all played witness to the trials of Oscar Wilde, Mick Jagger and John Lennon.

22. citizenM Shoreditch


Price per night: From £68 for 2 people

Address: 6 Holywell Ln, Hackney, London EC2A 3ET

Phone number: 020 3519 4840

citizenM has made quite the name for itself as one of the most hip hotels in London.

And for good reason!

With technology at the heart of the hotel, you can pilot your room.

If you want to be lazy, you don’t need to get out of bed for anything (not even to turn on the lights!).

You can adjust the lights and blinds, browse TV channels and all the free movies, and control the temperature all from the comfort of your XL king-size bed.

Along with the blackout blinds, this guarantees you the best night’s sleep.

And the best part is that the hotel is really affordable too – even for London!

23. Qbic Hotel


Price per night: From £50 per night

Address: 42 Adler St, Whitechapel, London E1 1EE

Phone number: 020 3021 3300

Quite like citizenM, Qbic Hotel is known for being one of the coolest of the cool hotels in London.

The creators of the hotel designed it to be a mellow oasis to return to after a mad day of adventuring around East London.

With free tea and coffee, insanely comfy beds, and a breakfast of champions to wake up to in the morning, this space feels far from the hustle and bustle of London.

However, as someone who always tries to travel sustainably, one of my favourite things about the hotel is how green it is.

All furniture is pre-loved and re-loved, they have eco-efficient showers, all their toiletries are organic, they use green electricity and they offer guests bikes to use free of charge.

And that’s only mentioning just a few of their green initiatives!

24. Batty Langley’s


Price per night: From £188 per night

Address: 12 Folgate St, Spitalfields, London E1 6BX

Phone number: 020 7377 4390

Batty Langley’s is one of the most unusual hotels in London.

But you’ve probably already grasped that from its name alone.

Each room is decked head to toe with decadent antique furniture and heavy silk curtains, while still also offering modern amenities such as an Apple TV with media hub.

However, their quirky bathrooms are one of the main attractions.

All have restored period fittings, and many come complete with cast-iron roll-top baths or antique marble baths.

You can either enjoy breakfast from the comfort of your own bed or in one of the beautiful public rooms downstairs such as from the Tapestry Room’s sunny, private courtyard.

In the evenings, head to the honesty bar where you can pour yourself a drink!

25. Sunborn Yacht Hotel


Price per night: From £90 for 2 people

Address: Royal Victoria Dock, Western Gateway, Royal Docks, London E16 1AL

Phone number: 0203 714 8111

Looking to stay somewhere really different?

You’ll find just that at Sunborn Yacht Hotel.

This floating super-yacht hotel is just as, if not more luxurious, than others you’ll find on this list.

The unique getaway combines the privacy and exclusivity of an ocean-going yacht with the quality and comfort of a top-class hotel.

Some of the rooms even benefit from a view overlooking The Royal Docks!

To add a little romance to your getaway, pay a bit extra for the Ultimate Romantic Package or book in some therapeutic experiences at the onboard Symphony Spa.

26. Good Hotel


Price per night: From £59 for 2 people

Address: Royal Victoria Dock, Western Gateway, Royal Docks, London E16 1FA

Phone number: 020 3637 7401

One of the most hip hotels in London, Good Hotel does good for the world and it’ll do good for you too.

With 100% of their profits going towards helping the people and communities that need it, they’re a real social business.

They provide long-term unemployed people with the opportunity to build a career in hospitality and they re-use, up-cycle and source furniture and food locally and sustainably.

Even their floating hotel building has been re-purposed – when they bought it, it was derelict!

Not only that but the hotel is beautifully designed too so you don’t have to compromise on style while doing good for the environment.

27. Mondrian Shoreditch


Address: 45 Curtain Rd, Hackney, London EC2A 3PT

Phone number: 0800 606 6090

Currently being refurbished from its predecessor, The Curtain Hotel, I don’t actually know what Mondrian Shoreditch will look like.

But if it’s anything like Mondrian’s other hotels, it’s going to be something very special.

Let’s just hope they keep The Curtain Hotel’s gorgeous rooftop pool, ey?

28. Leman Locke


Price per night: From £64 for 2 people

Address: 15 Leman St, Whitechapel, London E1 8EN

Phone number: 020 3327 7140

If you’re a fan of millennial pink, Leman Locke will be right up your street.

The chain has aparthotels all over the UK, from Edinburgh to Manchester, but these apartments were where it all began.

Your home away from home, Leman Locke has all the style of a boutique hotel, with the flexibility and space of a serviced apartment.

If you want to feel like a London local, staying here is one of the best ways to do that.

By staying here, you’ll be invited to mingle with locals at yoga, food events and exhibitions.

It’s all about experiencing rather than observing at Leman Locke!

29. New Road Hotel


Price per night: From £63.20 for 2 people

Address: 103-107, New Rd, Whitechapel, London E1 1HJ

Phone number: 020 3019 8710

Housed in a former textile factory in Whitechapel, New Road Hotel is inspired by New York City.

It’s a great place to not only sleep but eat and play too!

With several social zones, you can enjoy live music, play pool in the games zone, relax in the library or do whatever you want to do.

Don’t leave the hotel without dining at the Marco Pierre White Chophouse, founded by the first and youngest British chef to achieve three-Michelin stars.

Anticipate English classics and hearty portions with a little French flair!

As for the rooms, expect original exposed brickwork and large windows in abundance.

For a truly bespoke experience book a stay in their loft room, complete with its own private rooftop hot tub.

Pretty dreamy, if you ask me!

30. The Hoxton Shoreditch


Price per night: From £99 for 2 people

Address: 81 Great Eastern St, Hackney, London EC2A 3HU

Phone number: 020 7550 1000

The Hoxton is easily one of the most hip hotels in London.

It’s been one of the best places to sleep in Shoreditch since 2006, and this place never goes out of style.

Each room boasts parquet floors, large mirrors, and industrial-inspired finishes, while still remaining oh-so-homely.

You’ll also find Roberts Radios and neighbourhood guides in each room to make your stay even more enjoyable.

And their modern monochrome bathrooms are also a feast for the eyes.

31. Absolute Pleasure Yacht


Price per night: From £1,995 a night

Address: N Dock footbridge, London E14 4QJ

Phone number: 0191 232 8343

Another of the most unusual hotels in London, Absolute Pleasure Yacht is a houseboat that is available to hire for a big group of people.

The luxury boat sleeps ten people across five spacious bedrooms with their own living rooms, dining areas, fridges, TVs and bathrooms.

There’s a 24-hour front desk on the boat, so it feels more like a luxury hotel than private accommodation.

Barbeques are also on-site so you can enjoy long summer evenings in the sun on the river.

32. nHow Hotel


Price per night: From £94.50 for 2 people

Address: 2 Macclesfield Rd, London EC1V 8DG

Phone number: 020 3907 8100

nHow is an inspirational lifestyle hotel that marries London’s oldest traditions with new technology.

Styled by renowned architect, James Soane, punk graffiti art is splattered across the bedroom walls, with historic royal figures at every turn.

And with a ridiculously comfortable bed, you’re bound to get a royal night’s sleep here.

At the hotel, you’ll also enjoy 24-hour room service, a fully stocked minibar, robot butler, modern gym and an a la carte breakfast.

33. Mama Shelter


Price per night: From £75 for 2 people

Address: 437 Hackney Rd, London E2 8PP

Phone number: 020 7613 6500

Mama Shelter‘s one of my all-time-favourites.

This colourful, hip hotel in London has chains all across the world and I would just love to stay at all of them!

Mama Shelter boasts luxury bedding, a garden bar, Japanese-style karaoke, relaxed and generous dining, and fun-loving staff.

Each room is playful and designed for a good time, with free movies (even X-rated ones!) and organic toiletries to bathe yourself in.

The restaurant also boasts a lively and vibrant menu to reflect Mama’s memorable East London neighbourhood.

34. Nobu Hotel Shoreditch


Price per night: From £272 for 2 people

Address: 10-50 Willow St, Hackney, London EC2A 4BH

Phone number: 020 7683 1200

I mean, I think that bathtub speaks for itself.

Nobu delivers the perfect blend of industrial chic and Japanese simplicity, all wrapped up in this ridiculously luxurious hotel.

The building houses a unique, open-air courtyard adjacent to Nobu restaurant and a luxury spa offering signature Nobu treatments.

Be sure to head to the Nami Bar too for delicious Japanese street food!

And if you’re really made of money, book a stay in their £1,945 a night penthouse suite that boasts sweeping views of the city.

35. Motel One Tower Hill


Price per night: From £99 for 2 people

Address: 24-26 Minories, Tower, London EC3N 1BQ

Phone number: 020 7481 6420

Accommodation fit for a monarch, you’ll feel highly patriotic as soon as you step foot into Motel One (if you’re British that is!).

If you’re not British, enjoy learning about the history of the coronation ceremony on the collage at reception.

The interior is classic and regal and each of the cosy box-spring beds ensures a sovereign sleep.

Once you’ve crawled out of your bed (I promise you won’t want to leave), enjoy your healthy, organic breakfast served in front of a historic backdrop!

36. Town Hall Hotel


Price per night: From £185 for 2 people

Address: Patriot Square, London E2 9NF

Phone number: 020 7871 0460

Edwardian meets Art Deco in the wonderfully unique Town Hall Hotel.

As you can probably guess from its name, the hotel is based in a historic town hall, complete with original architectural features.

The highlight of the hotel is the Council Chamber, a stunning Art Deco space that still retains its original green leather seats and fold-down tables.

Luckily, the same can be said for the many rooms and suites within the hotel.

Each room has been individually designed to maximise its grand period features, while often adding a modern twist.

The hotel also plays host to lots of fun events, including their popular ‘Sunday Roast and Classic Films’ event that ends every week on a high!

Quirky West London Hotels

37. Ham Yard Hotel


Price per night: From £415 for 2 people

Address: 1 Ham Yard, Soho, London W1D 7DT

Phone number: 020 3642 2000

If you want to stay in a hotel you practically never have to leave, Ham Yard Hotel is the one for you.

I mean, ideally, you want to explore the beautiful city of London for all it has to offer, but when your hotel is THIS good, you don’t even need to.

Ham Yard really has an urban village feel.

At the centre of the hotel, you’ll discover a gorgeous tree-filled garden with a bronze sculpture centrepiece by Tony Cragg.

Surrounding the garden there are 91 individually designed bedrooms and suites, 24 apartments, 13 independent stores, a restaurant and bar with outdoor dining, a drawing room and library, rooftop terrace, spa and gym, theatre, and bowling alley.

Yep, all of that packed into one hotel!

And to make it even better, the modern interiors are also beautifully designed by the award-winning Kit Kemp.

38. Hazlitt’s


Price per night: From £209 for 2 people

Address: 6 Frith St, Soho, London W1D 3JA

Phone number: 020 7434 1771

Described by Harper’s Bazaar New York as “one of London’s best-kept secrets”, Hazlitt’s is all about old-fashioned hospitality.

Set in the heart of the West End, this historic hotel was first built in 1718.

The space features priceless antiques and historical features throughout, such as chandeliers, Victorian baths and carved wooden beds.

As one of the world’s biggest bookworms, I’m especially a fan of the library lounge that I could see myself spending hours in.

Settle back with a drink from the honesty bar for an evening relaxing in one of the best quirky London hotels.

39. Haymarket Hotel


Price per night: From £486 for 2 people

Address: 1 Suffolk Pl, West End, London SW1Y 4HX

Phone number: 020 7470 4000

Country-house charm meets urban sophistication at Haymarket Hotel.

Designed over four floors with two to five double bedrooms, The Townhouse is particularly special.

This stunning space comes complete with fresh flowers in-suite, a RIKRAK gift, use of iPad, MacBook or laptop, a Bluetooth Bose Unit, and a record player with a selection of vinyl records.

The hotel also benefits from a bar and restaurant, swimming pool, gym and spa, as well as a handful of individually designed guest areas.

They are all pretty dreamy, to say the least!

40. The Henrietta Hotel


Price per night:

Address: 14, 15 Henrietta St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8QH

Phone number: 020 3794 5314

One of my favourite funky hotels in London, The Henrietta Hotel is a real looker.

This unique hideaway is set in the heart of London, just a short walk from some of the capital’s best sights.

Inspired by Covent Garden’s rich history with a nod to Italian design, their 18 bedrooms are a cosy escape bathed in pink and blue pastel hues.

Each is uniquely designed by French interior designer, Dorothee Meilichzon, who put her own personal touch on each room.

For something really special, stay in the Grand London Eye Hotel Suite which boasts a private balcony overlooking (yep, you guessed it) the London Eye.

Quirky South London Hotels

41. Church Street Hotel


Price per night: From £66 for 2 people

Address: 29-33 Camberwell Church St, Camberwell, London SE5 8TR

Phone number: 020 7703 5984

Taking you from the streets of England to the streets of Mexico, the vibrant Church Street Hotel brings a slice of Latin-American cool to the capital city.

This hotel is fun through and through, from the unashamedly kitsch designs to the bar stocked full of an impressive range of rums.

Inspired by the warmth and sensuality of the Americas, each room is totally unique.

But expect lots of painted Mexican tiles, handmade ironwork beds, colonial-style furniture, and artefacts, all set within a gorgeous 150-year-old building!

42. Stow-Away


Price per night: From £89 for 2 people

Address: 137 Lower Marsh, South Bank, London SE1 7AE

Phone number: 020 7792 2222

Last but by no means least we have Stow-Away, an industrial-looking eco-friendly apartment that is a treat for the eyes and for the planet!

The serviced studio apartment comes complete with everything you could need during your stay, from a fully-equipped mini kitchen to complimentary luxury toiletries.

You’re guaranteed a good night’s sleep here with the super king-size bed and blackout blind.

But most importantly, Stow-Away is all about sustainability.

They do so much good for this gorgeous planet of ours that I honestly cannot list it all but you can read more about all their amazing work here.

One fun fact I do love, however, is that their building is made from repurposed shipping containers, making it the ultimate recycled building!

So what do you think of these quirky London hotels?

Which do you want to stay at most?

I’ve got Artist Residence, The Mandrake and Nobu Hotel at the top of my bucket list but let’s be honest, all of these cool hotels in London are pretty dreamy! 

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