Rooftop Bars Florence: 21 Best Bars with Amazing Views [2022]


Florence is an enchanting and irresistible city that will capture your heart from the moment you arrive.

Known for its culture, Renaissance art, and architecture, this city truly has it all.

However, Florence is also well-known for its delicious food and bustling nightlife!

If you want a rundown of the very best rooftop bars in Florence, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve pulled together a list of the very best of the bunch, so read on to discover where you need to head for your next drink with a view.

1. Three Sixty at The Grand Hotel Minerva


Address: di Santa Maria Novella, 16, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 055 27230

Three Sixty at The Grand Hotel Minerva is a fantastic rooftop bar that can be found right in the heart of Florence.

As well as a bar, the hotel has a rooftop swimming pool which has views across Florence’s historic centre.

The views are unbeatable, with the gorgeous Cathedral being the centre point to which your eyes are drawn.

The pool area is strictly for hotel guests, but the other part of the terrace is open to everyone from 7 pm.

You’ll also find the Sky Lounge here, which is an elevated terrace above the pool which can be reserved for private events.

This is the perfect spot to catch the sunset with an aperitivo!

2. Panoramic Bar at Hotel Degli Orafi


Address: Lungarno degli Archibusieri, 4, 50121 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 055 26622

Panoramic Bar at Hotel Degli Orafi is a small slice of heaven in beautiful Florence.

The bar offers incredible views over Florence, as well as a menu that connects the typical flavours of the region with the smells of wines produced by their family vineyard, Ormanni.

The gorgeous bar is set atop a prestigious building and is open for all to enjoy.

It’s a combination of a stylish indoor lounge with large windows and an outdoor garden, allowing you to get the very best views of the city. 

Enjoy an AperiView, a gourmet aperitif that combines the tastes of Florence with your favourite classic drinks.

This is not one to miss!

3. Angel Roofbar & Dining at Hotel Calimala


Address: Via Calimala, 2, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 339 411 3863

Angel Roofbar & Dining at Hotel Calimala offers breathtaking views of Florence from an elegant rooftop space.

With a restaurant, two indoor and outdoor bars, a plunge pool and an incredible floral garden patio, there’s something for every occasion here at Angel.

Come and enjoy their fantastic southern-Mediterranean menu, offering signature sharing platters paired with expertly curated cocktails.

You won’t be able to resist an Instagram shot or two with a backdrop like this, trust me!

The restaurant brings a modern gourmet twist to traditional Italian food, and the results are spectacular.

Enjoy dinner and drinks late into the night while you gaze out at the city below the night sky.

4. Empireo Rooftop at Plaza Hotel Lucchesi


Address: Lungarno della Zecca Vecchia, 38, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 055 26236

Empireo Rooftop at Plaza Hotel Lucchesi charms guests with its stunning views and great vibes.

Sip on a drink in the swimming pool while you admire the views of the Duomo.

Head up here at sunset to enjoy a sundowner with unforgettable views and indulge in the Empireo experience.

The pool is exclusively for guests, but from 7:30 pm onwards, the terrace opens up to the general public, so long as they’ve reserved!

There’s no better place for enjoying an Aperol Spritz with your friends on a summer’s evening.

Book in and prepare to experience one of the best rooftop bars in Florence!

5. La Terrazza Bar at The Hotel Continentale


Address: Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli, 2r, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 055 2726 5987

La Terrazza Bar at The Hotel Continentale is a fashionable rooftop destination that you’re sure to fall in love with.

This is a place to see and be seen, a stylish spot atop the medieval Consorti tower of the gorgeous Hotel Continentale.

It overlooks the Arno River and channels the glamour that Italy is so well-known for, making it a perfect spot for sundowners in summer.

The bar is modern and stylish, and there are few cooler bars in Florence, especially ones with a rooftop terrace!

Here you can relax to jazzy background music while you sip on some of their delicious cocktails.

The luxurious setting brings with it expensive prices, but I can assure you that it’s worth every penny!

6. Antica Torre Tornabuoni


Address: Via de Tornabuoni, 1, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 055 265 8161

Antica Torre Tornabuoni is a carefully restored tower house that has been around since the mid-12th century.

Located on one of Florence’s most exclusive streets, this historic spot is like something out of a fairytale.

Just steps away from the stunning Santa Trinita Bridge, the fantastic rooftop terrace is perfectly placed for those wanting to see over the heart of Florence.

Only hotel guests can enjoy the unique views offered by the terraces, so it’s well worth booking to stay here!

The Panoramic Bar here offers views that will be difficult to forget.

Admire the sunset and the sounds of the silvery Arno River from up high here at Antica Torre Tornabuoni.

7. B-Roof at Grand Hotel Baglioni


Address: Piazza dell’Unita Italiana, 6, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 055 23580

B-Roof at Grand Hotel Baglioni can be found on the fifth floor, offering panoramic views of the beautiful Florence.

There are outdoor terraces that sit at various heights, allowing for different perspectives of the city depending on where you sit.

From this gorgeous rooftop, you can see all of Florence’s most famous monuments, making it a view you’ll never forget.

Enjoy traditional Tuscan cuisine with an innovative twist, with stand-out dishes such as the braised local lamb and artichoke being sure to tantalise your tastebuds.

Their lunch menu is also one of the best in town.

And besides, who doesn’t want to enjoy lunch with a view?

8. Terrazza Rossini at Hotel Kraft


Address: Hotel Kraft, Via Solferino, 2, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 055 284273

Terrazza Rossini at Hotel Kraft offers spectacular views of the city centre and the Brunelleschi Dome of Florence’s gorgeous Cathedral.

You’ll fall in love with this bar as soon as you enter.

After all, it is one of the best rooftop bars in Florence!

With striking vistas and incredible food, there are plenty of reasons for you to make this your new favourite place.

Begin with swordfish carpaccio and follow it up with their fantastic seafood risotto for the meal of dreams.

If you’re looking for somewhere to dine in style, then it doesn’t get much better than this.

Book in now to avoid disappointment!

9. Narciso Restaurant & Rooftop Pool Bar


Address: Piazza Vittorio Venete, 4/A, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 342 999 7732

Narciso Restaurant & Rooftop Pool Bar is the perfect place for enjoying warm summer days in Florence.

This spot is a real oasis amid the hustle and bustle of the city, with a pool from which you can admire the view.

Here you can enjoy creative cocktails and a delicious menu which is a great choice for those summer afternoons.

The views are even more incredible by night, so if you’ve been looking for somewhere for dinner, look no further!

The food is amazing and the views are even better, so you’re guaranteed a good time here.

Their rooftop pool and bar is only open during the summer season, so be sure not to miss it!

10. Roof Machiavelli Palace


Address: Via Nazionale, 10, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Roof Machiavelli Palace can be found on the sixth floor of the Hotel Machiavelli Palace in the heart of the historic centre.

The beautiful rooftop offers panoramic views of the Florence skyline which you won’t soon forget.

Admire the city’s architecture from up high while you relax in this welcoming environment.

Delicious cocktails populate the menu, and live music is a regular occurrence during the spring and summer seasons.

The hotel is set in a 14th-century convent, giving you the feeling that you’re a part of history.

There are few better rooftop bars in Florence than this one, that’s for sure!

11. Hotel Croce di Malta


Address: Via della Scala, 7, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 055 261870

At Hotel Croce di Malta you’ll find a simple but cosy rooftop bar with fantastic views of central Florence.

This centrally located rooftop bar offers a bit of respite from the bustling city and is perfect for an afternoon drink.

The welcoming garden feels incredibly homely, veering away from the typical modern rooftop bar.

The relaxed ambience is just what you’ll need after a busy day of exploring, and it’s a great spot for watching the sunset over Florence.

Don’t miss the chance to appreciate Florence from up high here at Hotel Croce di Malta.

It truly is one of the best rooftop bars in Florence!

12. Divina Terrazza at Grand Hotel Cavour


Address: Grand Hotel Cavour, Via del Proconsolo, 3, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 055 266271

Divina Terrazza at Grand Hotel Cavour is a gorgeous terrace that’s open to everyone, guests or not.

You’ll find it on the sixth floor of the incredible Grand Hotel Cavour, where you can relax in this stylish spot.

Enjoy a refreshing spritz on the fantastic rooftop terrace as you gaze out at the unbeatable views.

The vistas from the terrace offer the perfect backdrop for some gorgeous Instagram shots, that’s for sure!

Over the winter period, the terrace is covered and heated, making this a fab choice no matter the time of year.

Be sure to book, as this one is very popular!

13. Loggia Roof Bar at The Hotel Palazzo Guadagni


Address: Piazza Santo Spirito, 9, 50125 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 055 265 8376

Loggia Roof Bar at The Hotel Palazzo Guadagni is a splendid terrace with fantastic views of Florence.

The rooftop terrace is the jewel in the hotel’s crown, offering idyllic views and a romantic atmosphere.

Overlooking Santo Spirito square, the rooftop is one of the best in town by far.

Here you can enjoy the timeless beauty of the city of Florence with an aperitivo in hand.

Sounds pretty dreamy, doesn’t it?

Perfect for dates or catch-ups with friends, this rooftop terrace will fast become a firm favourite of yours.

14. View on Art Rooftop Cocktail Bar


Address: Via dei Medici, 6, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 333 292 3675

View on Art Rooftop Cocktail Bar is a lovely lounge bar with a rooftop terrace that overlooks the Cathedral’s famous dome.

Located in the Hotel Medici, this is a favourite spot for chilled drinks with friends in Florence.

With incredible views from the sixth floor, it’s not hard to see how this has become such a popular place.

The food is delicious, too, which only adds to this gorgeous spot’s charm and appeal!

Think beef tacos with caprino cheese, sandwiches with octopus tripe and other exciting dishes which are sure to delight you.

This is not one to miss!

15. Se-Sto on Arno at The Westin Excelsior


Address: The Westin Excelsior, Piazza Ognissanti, 3, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 055 27151

Se-Sto on Arno at The Westin Excelsior is an iconic venue with some of the best views you’ll find in Florence.

This stylish restaurant is an absolute show-stopper of a place, with its unique setting meaning it has unbeatable views over the city and the river.

Bringing a new perspective to the Florentine dining scene, they mix classic techniques with contemporary execution to create elegant dishes which you’re sure to love.

It will be love at first bite when you try their food!

Their Mantuan pumpkin ravioli is said to be the dish of dreams, so I’d have to recommend that, but it all looks great.

Prepare to enter into a new taste dimension at Se-Sto.

16. Tosca & Nino at La Rinascente


Address: Piazza della Repubblica, 4, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 055 394 3468

Tosca & Nino at La Rinascente offers a true Tuscan experience on the rooftop of the luxurious department store La Rinascente.

Here you’ll experience a taste of Tuscany through quality food and fashionable drinks, and it’s not one to miss.

Gaze over dreamy views of the Duomo and the Florentine hills as you sip on a spritz or two.

Prepare to queue for a while to get in here on a sunny day, as it’s a firm favourite with locals and tourists alike!

For one of the best sunset experiences in town, this is an excellent choice.

Make sure to give Tosca & Nino a go – you won’t regret it! 

17. Golden View Open Bar


Address: Via de’ Bardi, 58/r, 50125 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 055 214502

Golden View Open Bar has windows that overlook the Arno River, offering stunning views.

The way the light reflects off the river brings gorgeous golden light into the room, bathing it in sunlight.

Gaze out on the Ponte Vecchio and the flowing river beneath it, and relax in the friendly atmosphere.

The restaurant’s philosophy has sustainability at its heart, and you’ll want to come back again and again when you try the food.

Try the tagliatelle with wild beef sauce and artichokes, and thank me later.

It’s said to be mind-blowing!

18. Picteau Bistrot & Cocktail Bar


Address: Hotel Lungarno, Borgo S. Jacopo, 14, 50125 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 055 2726 4997

Picteau Bistrot & Cocktail Bar can be found at the Hotel Lungarno, and its menu offers Italian food as you’ve never seen before.

The menu has been crafted by the Michelin-starred Claudio Mengoni, so you can expect brilliance here.

The terrace offers a unique front-row view of the Ponte Vecchio and the Arno River, which you’re sure to fall in love with.

If you can’t snag a table outside, then fear not.

The inside is decorated with works by Picasso and Jean Cocteau, which is where the restaurant’s name hails from.

Wherever you sit, this is a restaurant which will stay with you forever.

Reservations are essential, so book in and don’t miss out!

19. Oblate Cafeteria


Address: Via dell’ Oriuolo, 26, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

Oblate Cafeteria lies on top of a 14th-century convent which has been transformed into a public library.

The café is bursting with local culture and history, and you’d be a fool to miss out on this one.

The café’s glass walls lookout on the Duomo, and the terrace itself offers panoramic views of the Florentine skyline.

Their events calendar is always packed with fun things ranging from book talks to live music, so there’s always something to do here.

They’ve even got a buffet which you can dig into alongside your aperitivo while you admire the views.

Sounds like a pretty great spot to me!

20. Hotel La Scaletta Florence


Address: Via de’ Guicciardini, 13, 50125 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 055 283028

Hotel La Scaletta Florence is a little slice of heaven hidden in between the rooftops of Florence.

This is a place to enjoy delicious dishes and tasty tipples in one of the most beautiful spots in Florence.

For an unforgettable evening among the famous Florentine monuments, choose Hotel La Scaletta’s fantastic rooftop restaurant.

Catch the sunset and relax on their gorgeous traditionally Tuscan terrace, the perfect place for whiling away an afternoon.

Indulge in a glass of Chianti and a dinner that will delight your tastebuds with its flavours.

There are few better rooftop bars in Florence than this one!

21. Signorvino Firenze


Address: Dei Bardi 46/R 48/R, 50125 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone number: +39 055 286258

Head to Signorvino Firenze to discover your new favourite terrace in town!

The great wine is what you’ll come for, but the incredible scenery will be what you stay for.

The terrace offers incredible views of Florence, so if you’re looking for somewhere to have dinner with a view, then look no further.

A winery by nature, their food menu is equally as incredible, so don’t miss out on trying a dish or two while you’re here.

Be sure to give their lasagna a try, as it’s said to be one of the best in town!

The prices here are also reasonable considering the view you get, which is always a plus.

Book in now!


Now that you’re a seasoned pro in the rooftop bars of Florence, all you have to do is narrow it down to your top bucket list.

There are certainly more than enough rooftop bars in Florence to keep you busy for a while, so we don’t have to worry about that!

Check out as many as you can to truly get a taste of Florence and its phenomenal views.

You’ll never want to leave the city after trying a few of these!

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