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Packing a Suitcase Like a Pro: My Top 10 Packing Tips

Packing a Suitcase Like a Pro: My Top 10 Packing Tips

It’s safe to say I’ve spent a fair portion of my life living from a suitcase, whether that’s going back and forth to and from university, visiting Gaz every month (#LDRproblems), studying abroad, or on weekend trips away. Over this time, I’ve had enough experience to master the art of packing a suitcase. This hopefully makes me the tiniest bit…

The Ultimate New Zealand Bucket List Queenstown New Zealand Faraway Lucy Travel Blog

The Ultimate New Zealand Bucket List: 50 Things to Do

If you haven’t already read my latest post, well, SURPRISE, I’m going to be living in New Zealand for two months this summer! I haven’t stopped thinking about everything I want to see and do in this wonderful little country so I’ve put together a little mahoosive bucket list. This is my own bucket list but for SEO purposes, we’re gonna go with…


Interrailing on a Budget: How to Save Money Travelling Europe

Let’s face the cold hard facts: Europe is expensive. For many people, interrailing is a far flung dream but it can be done on the cheap if you’re willing to sacrifice some luxuries. It may not be as affordable or exotic as South East Asia but travelling around Europe is certainly possible on a student…

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