About The Team

Until 2020, I was a one-man-band. Built from the ground up all on my ones, Faraway Lucy is my brand and my baby. But with dreams as big as mine, you can’t always do things solo! And that’s why I got some talented writers and keen travellers on board to help me continue creating content that inspires you to see more of the world, both at home and abroad. They share tips and itineraries from their own travels, as well as local gems they love. So here’s a chance for you to find out a little bit more about the team behind Faraway Lucy…

Lucy Ronan

Founder and Editor

In case we haven’t met before: hey, my name’s Lucy, I’m 26 and I’m from the UK. I’m the founder, editor, and creative behind the Faraway Lucy brand. I’m a digital nomad so I’m always on the road, making a new country my home. Most days, I run this website, and by evening and at the weekends I try to cram in as much adventure as possible! My happy place is in the mountains – when I’m not blogging, you’ll usually find me hiking with a camera in hand. I’m also a big bookworm and a huge adrenaline junkie.

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Lola Sherwin

Head writer

Lola graduated in Hispanic Studies in 2020, before studying for a Master’s in International Journalism. She’s now an account executive working in travel PR in London. She’s always had a passion for writing and so works as a freelance journalist, editor, and copywriter on the side. She writes about everything from travel to food to books and is always looking for new things to write about! While London is her bread and butter, she also writes worldwide for Faraway Lucy.

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Lola Sherwin Faraway Lucy

Catherine Taylor


After graduating in English, Journalism and Creative Writing, then spending the best part of a year travelling Australia and New Zealand, Catherine has planted her feet firmly back in Scotland (for now). By day, she works in marketing, and on the side, she writes freelance articles and copy for small businesses, including being Faraway Lucy’s leading authority on all things Scotland. Clearly, she just can’t get enough of words!

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Catherine Taylor Faraway Lucy
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