The Ultimate Guide to Eating and Drinking Your Way Around Munich


Munich is a great place to visit for many reasons: the culture; the parks; the stunning architecture; the festivals; the surrounding beauty of Bavaria, the list is endless but what about the delicious delicacy the city is most famous for? Beer! 

From Munich’s many brewhouses to its beer gardens (which boast the best atmosphere in the summer months), beer is at the heart of Bavarian culture. And what best soaks up beer? Hearty, carby, delicious, traditional Bavarian food.

Whilst on a culinary tour of Munich, I recommend looking past the restaurants and instead head to one of the city’s many local food markets.

Just off Marienplatz, Viktualienmarkt is the most famous.

Here you’ll find quite literally all the Bavarian food you could wish for, making it the perfect place to refuel after sightseeing.

So, from schnitzel and strudel to bratwurst and beer, here’s a list of traditional Bavarian foods you must try when visiting the city…


Bratwurst (a type of German pork sausage that is usually fried or grilled) comes in a plethora of forms.

On its own, it is often served with a bun and sometimes topped with mustard. 

Bratwurst is also often paired with sauerkraut, a food that translates to “sour cabbage” and tastes far better than it sounds!

Weisswurst, otherwise known as Weißwurstfrühstück, is Munich’s iconic breakfast staple.

Weisswurst consists of white veal sausages with pork fat and spices, paired with a freshly baked, doughy pretzel studded with salt.

Another famous bratwurst dish is currywurst, otherwise known as Germany’s answer to McDonald’s or Britain’s fish and chip shops.

Currywurst is a street-food meal consisting of steamed, then fried pork sausage, seasoned with curry ketchup (a spiced ketchup sauce, topped with curry powder). 

Love it or hate it, it cannot be missed on your trip to Munich, or anywhere else in Germany for that matter!

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The Ultimate Guide to Eating and Drinking Your Way Around Munich, Bavaria, Germany. This guide to traditional Bavarian cuisine covers where and what to eat during your foodie escape to Munich! Heads up: there's a whole lot of beer and bratwurst involved. Click through to read more...

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