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Over the past week, I am sure all of your social media feeds and email inboxes have been inundated with big plans, big ideas and a whole host of aims and targets from people who get too much of a thrill from the dawn of a new year. Well, I am afraid I am no exception. Today you will have to put up with some more dreamin’ cause I for one am a huge fan of that whole new year mentality. Not only have I been setting personal and career goals for the year but I’ve always been dreaming about where the new year will take me travel-wise. 


Filled with both realistic travel goals and far-flung dreams for good measure, hopefully, you can take inspiration from this list. This may just mean exploring more of your local area or maybe it means getting out of your comfort zone by travelling solo or jumping out of a plane! Well, perhaps that last one isn’t for everyone…


1. To travel for work


Man standing on mountain in the Dolomites in Trentino Italy travel goals


Travelling and being dead productive at the same time? Count me in. Now that’s one way to justify the cost of the flights! This year I want to travel for work. Or more specifically for this blog. Luckily I know that I will be ticking this one off my travel goals list in June when I head to Italy for Traverse 2019. Here I’ll be attending talks, workshops and masterclasses, and networking with potential clients, whilst taking in all the sights and sounds of Italy. It’s the best of both worlds. I can’t wait!


2. To travel to switch off


Pool view over fields and trees sunbathing villa Tuscany Italy travel goals


On the opposite end of the scale, I also want to travel at least once this year to just switch off. As much as I love this blog (I mean I really bloody love it), it means that most of the time I travel, I am working at the same time. I have to be constantly present on social media, jotting down notes ready to compose a blog post back home, and oftentimes it means I am collaborating with travel companies whilst away too. Travelling to switch off means not going on my phone and trying to detach from work. As for a place to visit during my time off, I think a stay in this gorgeous villa in Italy would do quite nicely!


3. To go camping and glamping


Glamping pod dome ecopod four poster bed rustic Scandinavian interior Loveland Farm Glamping travel goals


Leading off from the last point, one of the best places I find myself properly switching off is when camping or glamping. I don’t think there is anything more rejuvenating than getting off the grid, embracing the fresh air and getting close to nature. Over the years I have stayed in a whole host of mind-blowingly incredible glamping sites from eco-domes and safari tents to rustic wagons and hobbit holes. This year, one of my travel goals is to see even more camping and glamping in my life. It is when I feel my happiest, after all.


4. To travel solo


Girl in mountains woman scenery path walk hike New Zealand Aoraki Mount Cook Lucy Ronan Faraway Lucy travel goals


If possible, this year I want to travel solo more! I spent a week travelling solo in New Zealand this summer which was my first real experience of solo travel. As one of the most introverted and independent people you could ever meet, I am surprised I hadn’t done it before. I felt so at home and comfortable with travelling by myself. Doing things at my own pace and spending time with just myself, a book and a camera was really refreshing. Admittedly, the first place I travelled solo was an incredibly safe Western country; perhaps my first experience of solo travel wouldn’t have been so smooth sailing had I been somewhere a little more dangerous!


5. To see more of the UK


Historic city skyline river houses sky fields York Yorkshire England UK travel goals


Exploring more of the UK is always a goal of mine and every year I seem to fulfil it. Nonetheless, it still deserves its place on this list of travel goals. This year I want to head up North more as I have seen most of the South already. Manchester, Leeds, Yorkshire, the Peak District and the Lake District have been practically untouched by me. I also want to make the most of still living in the South West, exploring more of Devon and beyond, before I graduate from university in July. 


6. To visit a new continent


New York City skyscraper skyline buildings urban modern travel goals


To be honest, I’m not expecting to achieve this one at all, nor am I too bothered about it! Since I spent two months in the furthest possible destination away from the UK last year, I am quite content with sticking to Europe this year. But since this travel goals post is all about dreaming, I figured I should stick this one on my list! I have travelled to three continents so far: Europe, Asia and Australasia. And as far as Asia goes, I’ve only seen a little slice of Thailand. So in a dream world, I’d love to travel to North America, South America or Africa this year – somewhere totally unfamiliar and new! Though I can’t say I expect to be visiting Antartica anytime soon. 


7. To visit one new place each month


Beach sea cliff sand seaside rock formation Durdle Door Dorset England UK travel goals


Whether it’s a new city or country, or a new restaurant or museum, I want to visit one new place each month. For this goal, I took inspiration from Need Another Holiday‘s #Take12Trips Challenge which is all about making the most of the everyday. As a student, I naturally tend to travel more in the summer months whilst I’m not at university, then spend the rest of the time in my room rather than exploring the local area. So this year is all about writing my dissertation from a beach because why the fuck not?!


8. To keep up my adventurous streak


Crane bungee jump jumping sky adrenaline adventure sports England UK travel goals


Last year was full of thrills, from skydiving in Lake Taupo and jumping off the tallest building in New Zealand to ziplining down Europe’s longest zip line and bouncing in an underground cave in Wales. Whilst I’m not sure there is much that will top jumping out of a plane, one of my travel goals this year is to keep the adrenaline at a high. I’m very eager to bungee jump and paraglide this year so let’s just see where 2019 takes me, eh?


9. To help my parents see more of the world


Man and woman husband and wife hiking mountain clouds Madeira Portugal Pico do Ariero travel goals


I love giving presents, especially when they are travel related. And I especially love giving them to my parents, who deserve the absolute world. For Christmas, I bought them a little trip to Salzburg, one of their dream destinations, so I’ve started this goal off on a good foot. I’d also love to travel with them sometime this year, even if it is only just a little weekend away. Get some all-important quality time in! Last year, the four of us (my boyfriend included) visited North Wales and the year before we visited Madeira.


10. To travel more sustainably


Women holding globe in hands girl earth outdoors green grass travel goals


I have a blog post coming up soon all about how to be a responsible, sustainable, eco-friendly, general earth do-gooder when travelling. So I’ll save all my top tips and ideas for that post. But travelling can be extremely harmful to the environment (especially where planes are concerned) so I’m going to be making a conscious effort in 2019 to be as sustainably-minded as possible when travelling. Here’s to not killing our planet, y’all!



So, how about you? I’d love to know what your 2019 travel goals are, so enter the competition yourself or let me know in the comments below! Let’s all inspire each other.


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    • Frédéric Paulussen
    • Saturday, 12th January 2019

    Hey there

    Great goals. I hope you achieve them this year! I think the last one, about more sustainability, should be a global one for everyone that likes to travel. I should definitely focus on that one more too!

    I look forward to reading the adventures you have as a result of these goals!


    • Angela Hantzalis
    • Friday, 25th January 2019

    Hi Lucy Some amazing ideas for your year ahead. I wish you luck in achieving them all, especially helping your parents travel more this year. Wishing you luck with the competition.

    • Kara
    • Sunday, 27th January 2019

    We are adventurous too and North Wales and Zip World Velocity are on our list…….we did Titan and Bounce Below a couple of years ago now and LOVED it – not sure a bungee is for me though. Good Luck

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