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Bottomless Brunch Nottingham: 11 Best Brunches You Need to Try

Who doesn’t love bottomless brunch, right? It has everything you could want. Unlimited drinks, yummy food, and the opportunity for some cute Instagram pics. Bottomless brunch has got so popular in recent years that there are now so many great ones around these days. But this means it can be really hard to…


17 Amazing Places to Eat in Falmouth That You Need to Try

I was lucky enough to get to live and work in Falmouth for three years while I was doing my degree, giving me the chance to really explore and get to know the town. Falmouth is a beautiful Cornish town full of independently run shops, eateries, and bars that are all welcoming and unique. There are so many places to…


The Best Restaurants in Paphos Cyprus That You Will Love

Tucked away in the east of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is the real world answer to the island from Mamma Mia. Local legend states the island is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love. Adored by the locals and tourists alike, the tiny island is a beautiful holiday destination. To be enjoyed with its incredible weather…


17 Quirky Places to Eat in London That You Need to Try

England’s capital is in no shortage of places to eat! But so much choice can make deciding where you want to go quite difficult. If you want to take a step away from your classic Nando’s meal and try something a little quirkier, then we’re here to help. Keep reading to help you narrow down the best quirky places to eat in London, and make…

On The Waterfront Exeter Restaurants

A Local’s Guide to Exeter Restaurants

Like most people, I love my food. And whilst I am no foodie by any stretch of the imagination, I do love hunting out all the delicious, quirky, independent eateries a city spits out. As for Exeter, well it is in no shortage of amazing places to eat! As you may well know, I am a final year student at the University of Exeter so this list of Exeter restaurants has been over three years in the making…

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