The Ultimate Travel Blogging Resource List


Starting a blog from scratch can seem daunting at first. How the hell do I even make a website? What the FCK is SEO? WHY ARE THERE SO MANY OPTIONS?! Yeah, I get it. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. I didn’t even know that you could make money blogging… In short: I was clueless.


And that’s why I want to start sharing the little tidbits of knowledge that I have accumulated in over two years of travel blogging. These resources and tools will make blogging more enjoyable for you and help your blog grow from strength to strength. Sometimes that means investing money in quality programs, but most of these tools are free.


Whether you’ve been thinking about starting a blog or you’ve been doing it forever, I’m sure you will find something useful in this ultimate travel blogging resource list. I’ve compiled all my favourite software, WordPress plugins, graphic and photography tools, free stock photo sites, affiliate programs, Facebook groups for bloggers and much more for you today! Seriously, you’re gonna want to bookmark this post for later ’cause there’s a whole lotta information here.


So take a deep breath, grab a drink, get all comfy and let’s dive right into my ultimate travel blogging resource list.




WordPress Plugins

Email Marketing

Analytics/Website Performance

Other Useful Web Tools

Social Media



Making Money


Facebook Groups




The first thing you need to consider when starting a blog is how and where to host it. Here’s what I use… is the software you use to create your blog. It’s where you’ll write all your amazing content, create pages, and do so much more. But don’t get it confused with is the software you will use if your website is self-hosted (more on that in a second), and is its free counterpart.



If you are serious about blogging professionally, you should definitely make the small investment to start a self-hosted blog. I personally use Siteground and I don’t have one bad thing to say about it. It’s pretty damn good.



Even if you’re not ready to take the plunge into self-hosting just yet, a domain name is a must. I’m going to be rude here for a second (so please, please forgive me) but no one is going to want to work with a blog that is a or domain, even if your content is the best thing since sliced bread. If you wanna take your blog seriously, a .com or domain name is essential. Plus they’re soooo cheap, so you don’t really have any excuses! I bought my domain from Namecheap as soon as I started my blog and I pay less than £9 a year to own it. In fact, I also own in case I might want to use it in the future and so no one can steal it from me. It’s just a good thing to have, ya know…


WordPress Plugins

WordPress is pretty epic… have I mentioned that before?! To really make the most of WordPress, be sure to install these free and useful plugins.



SEO is ridiculously important and it should not be ignored. If you’re a newbie blogger and don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In short, if you have great SEO your site will appear higher in search results on Google, which will increase traffic to your site. You want your posts to be keyword rich (amongst many other things), and there are plenty of plugins to choose from to help you do that… But Yoast is king. It’s easy to use, it’s free and it gives each post/page a handy colour-coded rating of red, yellow or green, so you know how well your content is performing SEO wise.



I don’t know why I didn’t install Sumo sooner. Like seriously… What the hell was I thinking?! If you’re not using Sumo (or a similar sharing plugin) already then you need to get on it fast, ’cause you’re probably missing out on a lot of shares and a lot of traffic. Sumo is a free plugin that is responsible for those sharing buttons you can see on the left-hand side of your screen right now if you’re on a desktop, or at the bottom of your screen if you’re on mobile. People are generally lazy and won’t go out of their way to share something unless it’s mind-blowingly epic. So make it easy for them, yeah? Sumo also offers other awesome features which I do not currently use. But yeah. Install it.



My opinions of Disqus are mixed. I do think it’s the best commenting system for your blog out there, but at the same time it’s been a pain in the ass to me recently. It’s pretty much what everyone uses for comments and it makes it easier for you to comment on other people’s blogs too. For some reason it hasn’t been working properly on my new website design and has been slowing everything down, so I have uninstalled it for the meantime as we can’t currently find a resolution. Hopefully it will get its butt into action soon though!


Pretty Link

Affiliate marketing is an amazing way of earning a passive income through blogging. But people don’t want to see ugly, off-putting affiliate links, do they? The Pretty Link plugin cleans up your unattractive links changing them to [website name].com/[affiliate name]. Now that’s much nicer…


Click to Tweet/Better Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet is not only awesome for inserting little widgets like the one below to encourage your readers to tweet out your content, but it’s also good for including in your content upgrades. A content upgrade is anything you give away to your readers for free! Your freebie can be anything from an eBook (you can download mine here!) or mini challenges/courses, to checklists or workbooks. Every time you create a content upgrade, include a button within the PDF that your subscribers can click in order to share your freebie on Twitter. You can make a pre written tweet through Click to Tweet, and all your readers need to do in order to share the post is to click a button. Simple!


I personally use Click to Tweet for the ready made tweets and Better Click to Tweet (which is just a bit prettier IMHO) in my posts.


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If you want your site to run smoothly and quickly, you need a bit of Smush in your life. This plugin automatically compresses and optimises all of your media uploads so that pages will load faster and your site will rank higher in search engines.


Email Marketing

I’ve only hopped on the email marketing train recently but I can already tell how valuable it is going to be. Starting and growing an email list should be at the forefront of your mind as a blogger, no matter what your niche is…



If you want to start growing your email list and making money, then Convert Kit is vital. I’ve only been using it for a couple of months so far but I’m loving it already. It has a simple, easy-to-use interface and allows you to run multiple opt-ins on your blog at a time. And the best thing about it? It’s made specifically for bloggers by bloggers. The people behind Convert Kit really know what they’re talking about! The only big downfall is the price: up to 1000 subscribers you will be paying £23 a month, but if you want to take your blog seriously, the investment should be worth it.



However, if you’re just starting out and don’t want to invest in your blog just yet, Mailchimp is free until you get to 2000 subscribers. Once you get past that mark you will have to pay though. Mailchimp allows you to collect emails, send our newsletters and email your readers with your latest posts and more.


The ultimate travel blogging resource list to help you grow your blog, followers, increase your website traffic and make more money blogging. This blogging resource guide includes my favourite software, WordPress plugins, graphic and photography tools, free stock photo sites, affiliate programs, Facebook groups for bloggers, travel blogging conferences and so much more! Click through to read more...


Analytics/Website Performance

Just ’cause you’ve hosted your blog and you’re creating content on WordPress, it doesn’t mean your blog is always going to be slick, smooth and fast. Here’s how to analyse your website and speed things up!


Google Analytics

Tracking your website analytics is so important for many reasons. It tells you so many things about your audience: how many people are looking at your content, where they are coming from, their age, sex, you name it. Google Analytics is the best way to track your stats.



Keysearch is my favourite keyword research tool. It allows you to research which keywords you should be using in your posts to increase your chances of appearing higher in their search engine. You can search for the type of keyword you are going for and they will tell you how many people are searching for those keywords and the level of competition you would be up against for that keyword. Ideally, you’re looking for a keyword or keywords that get lots of searches but haven’t been covered much in articles, i.e. they are not too competitive.



Bloggers often overlook or even ignore website speed but it is so bloody important. If someone lands on your site and it doesn’t load or is very slow, the odds are they will probably click away. And you don’t want that, do you honey? GTmetrix quickly analyses your website’s speed, grades it in different departments and gives actionable tips on how you can improve and optimise it.



Buzzsumo is kind of similar to the Keyword Planner, but not really. You basically search for a keyword that you want to write about and it’ll show you the articles on that topic that have the most shares on social media. So if you really want to create an epic piece of content it’s basically your job to out-do the articles already written on this topic by providing longer, more valuable information. For example, I typed “blogging resources” into Buzzsumo before writing this article and I’m now outdoing all the content already written on this topic – how meta of me. That is how you become an expert and go-to-blogger in your niche. There’s also a helluva lot of other awesome features Buzzsumo offers on its paid plan such as being able to view more results and backlinks, and content analysis reports.


Other Useful Web Tools

A selection of miscellaneous tools that will be useful at some point in your blogging career!



Even as an English student I slip up on grammar and spelling every so often. I’m human, not a robot, dammit. Writing is obviously at the core of a good blog, so although you’re probably not writing formally, using correct spelling and grammar is very important. Installing Grammarly will make this a whole lot easier. Once you have installed Grammarly onto your browser of choice, it’ll start correcting your writing wherever you write on the interwebs. This means that you don’t have to install a separate plugin on WordPress as it’ll point out mistakes automatically. It can also help you when you’re writing professional emails and don’t want to slip up there either.



To outsiders, blogging looks like 95% writing content and 5% sharing photos of your food on Instagram. But oh no, there is soooooo much admin work that goes on behind the scenes. Can writing and answering emails be a full time job ’cause it’s honestly starting to feel like one… If companies are paying you to work on sponsored content and campaigns you will probably have to send invoices detailing the work you have done and how much they owe you. Slimvoice is an easy tool you can use to make professional looking invoices – and fast.



Hosting competitions is a great way to 1: give back to your audience and 2: grow your traffic/followers. Everyone loves a freebie. That’s a fact. Rafflecopter makes hosting competitions so easy and it’s free! It gives you the code to embed straight into a blog post so that people can enter your competition by completing tasks like following you on social media.



Blogging can involve sending files across to other places, be it photos or videos or what have you. Gmail (or whatever email provider you use) often cannot send large files so that’s where WeTransfer comes in. It’s so simple and easy to use, and makes life a bit easier!


Write or Die

When a huge part of your job as a blogger is social media, you will often find yourself scrolling aimlessly thinking you’re “working” but really you’re fucking about. Productivity is key when it comes to blogging, as it is so easy to get distracted. If you’re working towards a deadline on a blog piece or just really want to get a post up asap, Write or Die will help you get your head on. You essentially have to write so much within a certain amount of time otherwise there will be consequences (you can choose your preferred punishment yourself!). The worst of the punishments is the Kamikaze Mode. In this mode, if you don’t reach your word count within the time limit, you will lose everything you’ve written. That consequence should keep everyone on track.



If you fancy doing a bit of learnin’ Udemy is a great place to head to for online courses on practically anything. You can scrub up your knowledge on web design, photography and videography, or learn more about SEO and digital marketing. They also offer lots of free courses so you have no excuses… The world is your oyster, girl!


The ultimate travel blogging resource list to help you grow your blog, followers, increase your website traffic and make more money blogging. This blogging resource guide includes my favourite software, WordPress plugins, graphic and photography tools, free stock photo sites, affiliate programs, Facebook groups for bloggers, travel blogging conferences and so much more! Click through to read more...


Social Media

If you want to get your blog ‘out there’ or be a part of the awesome travel blogging community, you have to be on social media. Here are a few of the tools I use to schedule posts and do other cool things online…



Tailwind has been a complete game changer for me when it comes to Pinterest. It makes pinning around the clock and boosting your traffic easier than ever. Not only does it allow you to schedule unlimited posts in advance but you can also track your analytics, monitor your domain and join Tailwind Tribes which help you boost your pins. After using a free trial of Tailwind for just 2 days I paid £101 for a year’s subscription to their service because it was that amazing. You can use my link to sign up to get one free month of Tailwind (which I bloody wish I had!). There are other programs you can use such as Buffer and Boardbooster but after a lot of research I found that Tailwind would probably work best for me, and I have no regrets.




I’ll be the first to say that I am pretty shit when it comes to scheduling tweets. I just got back from a busy weekend in Cornwall and forgot to schedule anything so I was pretty quiet on the Twitter front. However, when I am smart enough to schedule tweets in advance HootSuite is my website of choice. This free program allows you to compose tweets and schedule them at your preferred times or auto schedule them for when Hootsuite thinks is best. What a smart-arse. allows you to create shorter links, which is awesome if you’re trying to fit a tweet into the 180 character limit (which is a right ball ache sometimes). It also allows you to track how many times people have clicked your link so you can see which content is performing best. You can download their app or do it online!



I know, I know, Instagram is supposed to be a post whatever you want whenever you want kinda platform, right? Well yes, you’re correct if you’re a normal Instagram user, but most influencers’ Instagrams are carefully curated. Those grid aesthetics don’t come easy, honey. UNUM is one of a couple of apps that allow you to plan your Instagram grid in advance so that photos complement each other and your account is more #onpoint and follow-worthy. Ugh, what has this world come to? (I love you really, Insta.)


The ultimate travel blogging resource list to help you grow your blog, followers, increase your website traffic and make more money blogging. This blogging resource guide includes my favourite software, WordPress plugins, graphic and photography tools, free stock photo sites, affiliate programs, Facebook groups for bloggers, travel blogging conferences and so much more! Click through to read more...



What?! I just want to write, why do I have to worry about design and graphics? Don’t worry, I got yo back.



I only used Canva for the first time a couple of months ago and I honestly don’t know how I ever lived without it before. Canva is my go-to tool for creating graphics of all kinds. I use it to make my pins, Pinterest board covers, Twitter sharing graphics, eBooks and media kit. And don’t worry, you don’t need any previous design skills or knowledge. Canva’s simple interface suggests popular design types and gives you ready made layouts that you just have to fill out.


Creative Market

Creative Market is my one-stop shop for everything design. You name it, Creative Market has it. From website themes and graphics to fonts and stock photography, it has it all. They do ah-may-zing bundles where you can purchase several items for a very small price. If you subscribe to their website they also send out 6 free items every Monday – and they are always really good items. Definitely worth it!



I had to shout out Theme Forest because I bought my current design from there for around £50 (although we’ve edited it beyond recognition!). Theme Forest offer amazing website designs, and are a part of the wider Envato Market which sells everything from royalty free music, photos and video to graphics and plugins.



When you think of Etsy you probably think of lots of handmade items, and whilst it’s fantastic for that you can also find lots of website design goods on there too! It’s definitely worth a browse.



I’ve been using DaFont for over 10 years now to download free fonts. Their collection is so vast and you could get lost in it for hours. It’s perfect for finding fonts for your logo, website, social media promotion, you name it.


Design Seeds/Color Hunt

Design Seeds and Color Hunt are my favourite websites to head to for all things colour! If you want to create a brand around your blog, having an on-brand colour palette is so important. You should pick no more than 4 colours to use in your blog design, social media and anywhere else you’re creating stuff. My two main colours are yellow and blue, and they complement each other really well! These two websites allow you to find complementary colours and specific shades which look B-E-A-UTIIFUL. 



ColorZilla is an awesome add-on you can install on Chrome and Firefox, which allows you to find the colour codes for any colour on your screen. For my Twitter and Pinterest sharing graphics I like to use a colour for the text which is in the photo itself, so this works really well.


The ultimate travel blogging resource list to help you grow your blog, followers, increase your website traffic and make more money blogging. This blogging resource guide includes my favourite software, WordPress plugins, graphic and photography tools, free stock photo sites, affiliate programs, Facebook groups for bloggers, travel blogging conferences and so much more! Click through to read more...



I LOVE photography and I think it is as important to my blog as my writing is. Here’s what I use.




Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Lightroom is the only software I use to edit all of my photos. You wouldn’t believe how far just a little bit of tinkering on Lightroom goes – it completely changed the game for me. I only shoot in RAW, and Lightroom is especially valuable if you’re editing RAW photos as you have a heck of a lot more flexibility.


A Color Story

I know I just said that I only use Lightroom to edit my photos, but I do edit them a bit more for Instagram to really make them pop. For this I use A Color Story. It is beautifully designed and offers so many amazing filters, effects and your general editing tools. 


Bulk Resize Photos

Earlier on I spoke about Smush and the importance of having a fast site. Another resource that will help you with both of these things is Bulk Resize Photos. I use this website to compress every single photo that goes onto this website. All of the photos on Faraway Lucy are taken using a DSLR camera in RAW format and this means the file sizes are bloody humongous. I compress all of my photos to 1920 x 1024 which is still pretty big and most cameras won’t produce file sizes that are that big anyway, so it’s only really important if your photos are huge. I also compress all of the photos I get from stock image sites too (there’s a section on this coming up very soon!) as they tend to be large.


Magic Mockups

Magic Mockups is a pretty nifty little website that allows you to put website screenshots into photos of desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, etc. It’s perfect for promoting a new website design (have you seen my yet?!), an eBook/eCourse or as a filler for blog posts like these!


The ultimate travel blogging resource list to help you grow your blog, followers, increase your website traffic and make more money blogging. This blogging resource guide includes my favourite software, WordPress plugins, graphic and photography tools, free stock photo sites, affiliate programs, Facebook groups for bloggers, travel blogging conferences and so much more! Click through to read more...




Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC, like Lightroom, is the only software I use to edit my videos. It’s really simple to use and allows you to create some really epic videos.



If you’re looking for free uncopyrighted stock music for your Youtube videos, SoundCloud is the place to head to. We all know that Youtube is extremely strict with copyrighted music and at the same time trying to find decent music for the background of your videos is hard. To find uncopyrighted music on SoundCloud, search for whatever you’re looking for, click on Tracks on the left-hand side and then change “To listen to” below to “To use commercially”. You can then download the track using a SoundCloud Downloader.


Free Stock Photos

Okay get ready for a looooot of websites guys. So as I said before, bookmark this page and come back later whenever you’re looking for some amazing, high quality, free stock photos to use in your latest blog post. I only use a select few of these websites on a regular basis, and the others are back ups if I want to spice things up a little. A few of the websites nearer the end aren’t that great but you can always find some gems if you search hard enough!












Negative Space








Life of Pix








Travel Coffee Book


ISO Republic










Death to Stock




Startup Stock Photos





Making Money


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to make passive income from your blog. Yep, you can earn $$$ whilst you sleep. Not bad, right? Of course, you need to be getting decent website traffic in order to make big bucks, but you can start earning pennies here and there even with as little as 5 readers. Here are my favourite affiliate marketing programs.


Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is probably the world’s most popular affiliate program because it’s relevant to all bloggers. There’s always something you can promote on Amazon no matter what niche you are in. For travel bloggers it’s great for promoting travel items, gifts and whatnot.


CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is my favourite affiliate program and there is a very wide range of travel companies you can work with on there, including some big names like Skyscanner and Expedia.



Awin, formerly Affiliate Window, is also a great affiliate program I am a part of. I mainly promote financial/service websites through there as opposed to travel websites, but there are a few on there you can join…


Performance Horizon

I’m only on Performance Horizon‘s affiliate program to promote Hostelworld (which I lurrrvveeee) but I’m sure it has many other companies on there you can apply to work with.


The ultimate travel blogging resource list to help you grow your blog, followers, increase your website traffic and make more money blogging. This blogging resource guide includes my favourite software, WordPress plugins, graphic and photography tools, free stock photo sites, affiliate programs, Facebook groups for bloggers, travel blogging conferences and so much more! Click through to read more...



Ugh, networking… However you feel about it, it has to be done in the blogging world. Here are my favourite places to meet fellow bloggers and brands both online and in person.


Business Cards




Business cards are a must if you are to attend any blogging conferences. They save all the hassle of writing down your blog and contact details, and they make you look super profesh. Moo is the best website out there for ordering business cards, and you can even design your business card on their website. Win, win!


Travel/Blogging Conferences


World Travel Market

World Travel Market is the world’s largest collection of international travel and tourism shows for anyone who is in any way related to the global travel industry. Practically every travel company you could ever dream of attends these events so it’s the perfect time as a travel blogger to pitch, pitch, pitch! Every year WTM hosts 6 events across 4 continents. The dates for this year are as follows: 4th-6th April in Latin America, 19th-21st April in Africa, 24th-27th April in Dubai, 17th-19th May in Malaysia and 6th-8th November in London.



ITB is the world’s leading travel trade show and is pretty similar to WTM in that it is aimed more at companies and organisations than individual bloggers. But again, it is the perfect place to pitch yourself to companies as they are all in one place. ITB has already happened this year but you can look forward to it returning to Berlin on the 7th-11th March 2018.



Unlike World Travel Market and ITB, Travel Blog Exchange is only for travel bloggers. It is the world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers, writers, influencers, content creators, whatever you want to call yourself. At these events you can attend the teaching and networking sessions, and evening parties! The dates for this year are as follows: 20th-22th March in Israel, 4th-6th May in Alabama and 3rd-5th October in Ireland.



Traverse is the UK’s largest annual travel blogging conference and most British travel bloggers attend. It is the only big travel blogging conference I have attended before and I am attending again this year because I had such a great time last year! Traverse is perfect for newbies and professionals alike and offers a large array of classes, events, tours and parties. You learn a lot and have a freakin’ great time whilst you’re at it. This year Traverse is taking place between the 24th and 30th April with the main conference days on the Saturday and Sunday. You can use the code ‘GVG20’ for 20% off the ticket price! Pretty neat, huh?


Women in Travel Summit

Sorry fellas… The next two events are for the gals only. Women in Travel Summit is the premier event for women travel influencers and industry members around the world. The conference aims to not only provide female travel bloggers with the tools, connections, and resources they need to become better business owners but also to continue growing an international community of women who travel. The event is taking place in a few weeks between the 21st and 23rd April.



BlogHer is very similar to the Women in Travel Summit but it is open to female bloggers in any niche, not just travel bloggers. At this event you will meet content creators, social media stars, entrepreneurs, top brands and even fans. It is for anyone who just loves this online community. BlogHer offers two full days of teaching sessions between the 22nd and 24th June in Orlando, Florida.


Twitter Chats


Twitter chats are a fantastic way to network with travel brands and fellow bloggers. Plus if you’re obsessed with travel as much as I am, they’re a lot of fun! There are lots of other general blogging chats like #BlogHour and #BlogosphereChat but I’d be here forever if I named them all 😉



  • Who runs it? @icelollyholiday
  • When? The first Wednesday of each month at 8 pm GMT
  • About? A different aspect of travelling each month


  • Who runs it? @PassionPassport and different co-hosts each week
  • When? Thursday at 7 pm GMT
  • About? A different aspect of travelling each week

#TTOT (Travel Talk on Twitter)

  • Who runs it? @TravelDudes 
  • When? Tuesday at 9:30 am GMT
  • About? A different aspect of travelling each week


  • Who runs it? @kate_frankie
  • When? Sunday at 6 pm GMT
  • About? Part-time travel


  • Who runs it? @dealchecker
  • When? Thursday at 10 am GMT
  • About? A different aspect of travelling each week


  • Who runs it?  @AntiTourist
  • When? Monday at 8 pm GMT
  • About? Travel photography


  • Who runs it? @30_summers
  • When? Tuesday at 5 pm GMT
  • About? A different aspect of travelling each week


  • Who runs it? @WWTravelChat
  • When? Thursday at 6 pm GMT
  • About? A different aspect of travelling each week


  • Who runs it? @CheapOair and a different co-host each week
  • When? Thursday at 6 pm GMT
  • About? A different aspect of travelling each week


  • Who runs it? @Expedia and a different co-host each week
  • When? Wednesday at 6 pm GMT
  • About? A different aspect of travelling each week

The ultimate travel blogging resource list to help you grow your blog, followers, increase your website traffic and make more money blogging. This blogging resource guide includes my favourite software, WordPress plugins, graphic and photography tools, free stock photo sites, affiliate programs, Facebook groups for bloggers, travel blogging conferences and so much more! Click through to read more...


Facebook Groups

Facebook blogging groups are a fantastic way to 1: connect with other bloggers, 2: ask for advice, and 3: grow your following. Here are all the Facebook groups I am a part of!


Travel Blogging Facebook Groups


Female Travel Bloggers

No guys allowed, sorry! Female Travel Bloggers is my favourite Facebook community of travel bloggers. They have lots of fantastic participation threads, amazing Pinterest group boards that you can join and #BlogPostSaturday where you can promote one of your travel blogs on their wall.


Ultimate Travel Group (UTG)

Created by the amazing I Am AileenUltimate Travel Group (UTG) is full of lots of really useful daily threads. On Monday you can get to know one another, on Tuesday you can boost post engagement, on Wednesday you can share where you’re travelling and what you’re doing, on Thursday you can increase your social media following, on Friday there’s a self-promo thread, on Saturday they share the best travel opportunities for bloggers, and on Sunday they share the best travel giveaways and competitions out there. 


Travel Bloggers Guide to Pinterest

Looking to boost your website traffic and repins? Look no further than Travel Bloggers Guide to Pinterest, my favourite Pinterest Facebook group. Every single day they create a new thread where you can share one pin, and you have to repin everything else in the thread. This not only majorly boosts your traffic and Pinterest following but also saves you time looking for good content to share. And as you probably know, if you want to please Pinterest’s algorithm you need to be sharing at least 40 pins a day. Win, win!


Pinterest for Travel Bloggers

Pinterest for Travel Bloggers is extremely similar to the previous group and is just as good. The only difference is that in this group there are Heavy and Light threads, where the number of pins in the threads are capped at 50 and 25 respectively. This is great if you have a full-time job and not much time to commit to these threads, but you still want to boost your pins!



Mappin Monday

Every Monday in Mappin Monday there are two weekly threads for repins: one for blogger content and one for images only. Around 100 to 120 people participate in the blogger content thread, so it’s quite good for those who want to get more repins but don’t have time for the daily threads in the last two groups. They also have an amazing group board which you can join if you’re a member!


Travel Instagram Engagement Group (The #Travelgram Posse)

Travel Instagram Engagement Group (The #Travelgram Posse) is THE Facebook group for Instagram engagement. It’s basically the same thing as the Pinterest groups but for Instagram. All you have to do is tag a certain account in the Instagram photo you want to be liked, and then you all go through and like each other’s content. They are also now doing a comment engagement thread too. Instagram pods (groups you can join where you all comment on each other’s photos) are a great way to increase your engagement and please Instagram’s crazy confusing algorithm. However, I’ve personally never felt like I have the time to dedicate myself to a comment pod 24/7… The #Travelgram Posse’s comment threads are perfect ’cause you only need to participate in them when you fancy a bit of extra lovin’.


Travel Bloggers Social Media Sharing Group

Travel Bloggers Social Media Sharing Group has soooo many threads that you can participate in. They do weekly threads for collaborations, questions and sponsored help. Alongside this, they also do daily threads. On Mondays, there is a retweet thread, on Tuesdays, there is an Instagram comments thread, on Wednesdays, there is a Facebook comments thread, on Thursdays, there is a StumbleUpon thread, on Fridays, there is a repin thread and on Saturdays, there is a general sharing thread. However, in this group, you are only expected to reciprocate on the 10 links directly above yours, instead of all the comments, so this is quite good if you don’t have much time on your hands.


Travel Bloggers Mega Share

Travel Bloggers Mega Share is basically the same concept as the above group with similar daily threads and a 10 link participation cap. On Mondays there is an Instagram like thread, on Tuesdays there is a tweet thread, on Wednesdays there is a StumbleUpon thread, on Thursdays there is a Pinterest thread, on Fridays there is a Youtube and Google+ thread, on Saturdays there is a blog comments thread and on Sundays there is a Facebook thread. Phew, that’s a lot.


Travel Blogger SEO Support Group

All bloggers want a little bit of that sweet, sweet SEO juice. Travel Blogger SEO Support Group will help you with that. The group was made to help you find other bloggers to exchange links with to increase each other’s google ranking and DA. I haven’t actually participated in anything since joining the group but I probably will do in the future.


We Travel We Blog

We Travel We Blog is another Facebook group with lots of threads to participate in. They have Free For All Fridays and Friday Weekly RT Threads. I find this group less valuable than others but it’s still really good.


Weekend Wanderlust – Travel Community

Surprise, surprise! It’s another thread based Facebook group. We really are spoilt for choice, aren’t we? Weekend Wanderlust – Travel Community has Monday threads for your travel plans, Tuesday threads for increasing your social media following, Wednesday threads for sharing travel photos and Friday threads to answer the travel question of the week. This group is less closely focused on travel bloggers and more for just anyone who loves to travel!


General Blogging Facebook Groups


Online Business BFFs

Created by one of my biggest blogging/business owner girl crushes Melyssa GriffinOnline Business BFFs is the ultimate community for online entrepreneurs. The daily threads are as follows: Monday is for feedback/advice, Tuesday is for collaborations, Wednesday is for finding an “accountability buddy”, Thursday is for building your email list and Friday is for goal setting. If you ever need any advice regarding your blog or you’re looking for inspiration from girl (or guy) bosses who are killin’ it, this is the place to be.


#Femtrepreneur with Mariah Coz

#Femtrepreneur with Mariah Coz is quite similar to Online Business BFFs, except that it’s focused on online entrepreneurs specifically trying to create an income and an impact creating and selling online courses. Her threads are focused on your goals, what you’ve achieved and personal growth, as opposed to growing your audience.


The Blogging Squad

The Blogging Squad is awesome! They have several threads a day covering everything from growing your social media followings and email subscribers to increasing your blog comments.


Boost Your Blog

Boost Your Blog is another group that helps bloggers engage and promote one another’s work through shared interest and opportunity. They only have threads weekly so most of the value of this group comes from chatting to other bloggers in the discussion area.


Pinterest Group Boards

Joining the Pinterest Group Boards Facebook group is a great way to find relevant Pinterest group boards to join. Pinterest group boards are unbelievably important; if you want to increase your website traffic, you have to be a part of some, but they’re often quite hard to find/join. This group makes it easier.


Official UK Bloggers

Official UK Bloggers is a group for all UK bloggers, no matter your size or what niche you are in. They do Blog Post Share threads and there are always opportunities from PRs/companies coming through which you can apply for.


UK Blogger Opportunities

UK Blogger Opportunities is basically a replicate of Official UK Bloggers – it is a group for bloggers and PRs alike to find opportunities and collaborate.


Female Traveller (Non-blogging) Facebook Groups:


Girls LOVE Travel

Girls LOVE Travel is THE biggest community of female travellers in the world. As I write this post there are currently a whopping 259,541 members in the group. Whilst there’s nothing blogging related in this group, it’s an amazing place to meet and chat with fellow girls who travel.


Girls vs Globe

Girls vs Globe is a Facebook group run by the amazing Sabina from Girl vs Globe. It is similar to Girls LOVE Travel in that it’s not blogging related, but there are some occasional blogging threads including collaboration threads and post share threads.



Travelettes is another female traveller Facebook community which currently has almost 25,000 members!



So what is your go-to travel blogging resource? Let me know in the comments below and we can help each other out. I’m always looking for more tools to make this whole blogging malarkey easier (no matter how many I’m already using!).


Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that when you purchase an item using these links, I will receive a small commission from the sale (at absolutely no extra cost to you).



The ultimate travel blogging resource list to help you grow your blog, followers, increase your website traffic and make more money blogging. This blogging resource guide includes my favourite software, WordPress plugins, graphic and photography tools, free stock photo sites, affiliate porgrams, Facebook groups for bloggers, travel blogging conferences and so much more! Click through to read more...


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    • Josie
    • Tuesday, 21st March 2017

    Great post Lucy. You have covered everything in one place. This will be a great resource.

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      Thank you so much, Josie! That was exactly my plan, I’m glad you found it useful 🙂

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      • Tuesday, 22nd May 2018

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    • Sarah
    • Wednesday, 22nd March 2017

    This is amazing!! Seriously so helpful to any kind of blogger. Thanks for all your hard work, it’s perfect.

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      Ahh so glad you think so and I’m more than happy to help 🙂 Thank you, Sarah!!

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    There are so many great tips here. Thank you very much for sharing!

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      No worries at all, Sara 🙂 I’m so happy that you found it useful!

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    Awesome article! So much info! Pinning for later 🙂


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      Thanks, Justine! I’m so glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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    Lucy – this is awesome and must’ve taken you so much time to put together! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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      Hahahah believe me it did, but everyone seems to be loving it so it’s definitely worth it 🙂 Thank you!

    • Holly
    • Thursday, 23rd March 2017

    Wow Lucy this is one of the best if not, the best blogging posts I’ve ever seen! Thank you and I have no doubt this will help countless people.

    Holly x

    1. Reply

      Ah what a compliment! Thank you so much Holly, it means a lot 🙂 No worries at all, it’s so great to share my knowledge and help other bloggers out.

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    Ahh so much information but so useful!!! Can’t wait to install some of these plugins!

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      Thanks Tarah, so glad you found it so useful!! 🙂

    • Rhiannon
    • Tuesday, 28th March 2017


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    Woww, so much useful and valuable information! I really can’t wait to install some of these plugins! You have covered everything in this blog. Thanks a lot. Keep blogging..

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      Ah I’m so glad you found the post useful 🙂 No worries at all, and don’t worry I will!

    • Emma Leteace
    • Friday, 5th May 2017

    Absolutely amazing post! I have just spent the evening following each of these and hope to see some results soon.

    Thank you so much for this, really helpful 🙂

    1. Reply

      Thank you so much, Emma 🙂 That’s awesome, I really hope the hard work pays off! No worries at all 🙂

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    This is really helpful! I’ve been blogging for fun for a couple years, but recently decided to try and earn money from my blogging. So I’ll definitely be using lots of these tips to help step up my blogging game 🙂

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      I’m so glad you found this post helpful, Christie! Awesome, I hope you start to achieve all your blogging goals and more 🙂

  7. Reply

    Wow Lucy, great job on this incredibly comprehensive list! I’ll definitely be checking out some of these tools. In case you’re interested, I put together a post with a bunch of travel Twitter chats in which has a few more than those you mentioned 🙂

    1. Reply

      Thank you so much, Victoria 🙂 Awesome, I’ll definitely check it out in the next week!

    • Jocelyn
    • Saturday, 10th June 2017

    These are great! I’ve JUST started my blog and I am working hard to get myself out there. These Facebook groups you suggested are going to be great for me. Thanks a ton 🙂

    1. Reply

      So glad you found this post useful, Jocelyn 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying blogging!!

    • Kristen
    • Sunday, 2nd July 2017

    This is the most incredible list! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    • Saturday, 9th September 2017

    Thank you so much for sharing such a useful information.

    • Michelle
    • Tuesday, 19th September 2017

    What a great resource list! Thank you very much. I am sure I will be visiting g this over and over again

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    Enjoyed reading the article above , really explains everything in detail,the article is very interesting and effective.Thank you and good luck for the upcoming articles.
    you might be crazy but your post is awesome.

    • sravani madduri
    • Saturday, 28th October 2017

    Nice article. Good to hear from you.

    • Alexandra Schmidt
    • Saturday, 4th November 2017

    Can’t even imagine how much time this took, and quite frankly I’m surprised you gave away all this info for free 🙂 I’ve been blogging for over a year now but actually hadn’t stumbled across a lot of these links and resources until now. Thanks for the tips! -Alex

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    Enjoyed reading the article above , really explains everything in detail,the article is very interesting and effective.Thank you and good luck for the upcoming articles.
    you might be crazy but your post is awesome.

    • Michaely smith
    • Monday, 26th February 2018

    This is really helpful! I’ve been blogging for fun for a couple years, but recently decided to try and earn money from my blogging. So I’ll definitely be using lots of these tips to help step up my blogging game

    • Sue
    • Sunday, 15th April 2018

    Extremely helpful. Thank you so much for explaining and sharing so much for us newer bloggers. I have had a blog for a couple of years but only now am focusing on it.

    • Orla Smith
    • Tuesday, 24th April 2018

    Wow! This is so comprehensive and just what I needed to read. Fair play to you, you really put a huge amount of resources in there. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    • Shastri Darsono
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    Wowww… This is just what I need. Thank you sooo much Lucy for your time and effort for sharing much information on this article.. 🙂

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    • Shanna
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    This is amazing! I’m a brand new blogger and all of these resources are so well thought out and explained! Thank you for making this list- it is great!!!!!

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    I loved these resources! I am now only starting my blog, and I feel so overwhelmed sometimes… these list helped me a lot 🙂

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    I loved these resources! I am now only starting my blog, and I feel so overwhelmed sometimes… this list helped me a lot 🙂

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    Incredible post Lucy. You have canvassed everything in one spot. This will be an incredible asset.

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    This list of resources is truly amazing! Thanks so much for taking the time to share. I already searched a bunch of the Facebook groups.

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