Vegan Breakfast Lisbon: 11 Best Vegan Brunches in Lisbon [2024]


Plant-based eaters have an easy job finding a tasty, nutritious vegan breakfast in Lisbon.

Whether you’re looking for extravagant loaded pancakes or a nourishing smoothie bowl, there are countless vegan brunches in Lisbon for you to try.

I spent over a month here and while I was there, I tested out loads of brunches and was pleasantly surprised by just how vegan-friendly Lisbon is.

And that’s exactly why I’ve rounded up a list of my favourites!

From casual breakfast buffets to Instagrammable brunches, here are the 11 best places to go for a vegan breakfast in Lisbon.

1. Fauna & Flora


Address: Multiple locations

Open from: 9 am 

An icon on the Lisbon brunch scene, Fauna & Flora deserves all its hype and then some!

On their wide-ranging menu, you’ll find everything from smoothie bowls and toasts to pancakes and burgers – most of which are vegan.

If you’re looking for something light and refreshing, I’d recommend one of their granola and smoothie bowls.

They’re super tasty!

Alternatively, I also love the Forest toast and the Portovegan.

The former gets you either sourdough or sweet potato toast, topped with pink hummus, sautéed spinach, dried tomato, smoked tofu, walnuts, micro leaves, and seeds.

The Portovegan, on the other hand, is a grilled Portobello mushroom with roasted layers of tomato, zucchini, purple onion, aubergine, avocado slices, micro leaves, and seeds.


They also have some fantastic vegan pancakes, a delicious salad bowl, some mini burgers, and a unique Vegan Nest.

And if you fancy treating yourself, I highly recommend their brunch cocktails!

Fauna & Flora are dotted around a few locations in the city so they’re a great option no matter where you’re based.

2. Manjerica


Address: Rua João das Regras, Praça da Figueira 5-A, 1100-293 Lisboa

Open from: 9 am Sunday to Friday

I know you’re going to love Manjerica just as much as I do.

This gorgeous and relaxed all-veggie-vegan eatery has a super long menu filled with so much plant-based goodness.

We’re talking pancakes, toasts, risotto, burgers, wraps, and more!

I’ve visited here a few times and my favourite menu items would have to be the guacamole wrap with roasted tofu sticks, and the scrambled tofu with mushrooms and stick toast.

(If you couldn’t tell, they do tofu really well here.)

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little sweeter, the pumpkin and oats pancake never fails to impress!

Manjerica is one of the most affordable places to go for a vegan breakfast in Lisbon because breakfast items start from as little as €5.50.

For this, you could get avocado on toast or homemade peanut butter on toast with banana and chocolate drops.

It’s safe to say you’ll want to return here time and time again, just to sample their entire menu.

3. Moko Veggie Café


Address: Rua do Forno do Tijolo 54A, 1170-134 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 21 602 4572

Open from: 9 am

Moko Veggie Café is a lovely little coffee shop with a colourful and vibrant menu that’s a great option for a vegan breakfast in Lisbon.

Their speciality is pastries and cakes which are baked fresh daily and fill the cafe with that sweet bakery smell.

It probably goes without saying that if you order anything here, let it be something baked.

Their vegan chocolate croissants will have you drooling about them for days.

Or if you have more of a savoury tooth, you’ll love the smoked seitan empanada.

However, if you’re looking for something more substantial don’t worry because they have plenty more to offer, including tasty toast and toasties.

The ‘bacon’ and ‘cheese’ toastie will satisfy any meat cravings, while the mushroom and sautéed spinach toast will set you up for a good day ahead.

Pair your food with a strong cup of coffee or one of their fresh smoothies and you’ll quickly understand why Moko is a go-to brunch spot for vegans in Lisbon.

4. Tiffin Café


Address: R. do Conde 32, 1200-637 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 926 744 051

Open from: 7:30 am

Tiffin Café is a lovely vegetarian restaurant serving breakfast from 7:30 am to noon Monday to Friday.

Although they’re not fully plant-based, they have a few fantastic vegan brunch options.

They can also make practically all their breakfast items vegan on request which is always great to see!

My favourite is the Tiffin Baked Beans which comprises beans, homemade tomato sauce, poached eggs, and sourdough from Gleba Bakery.

(But maybe that’s just the Brit in me!)

Alternatively, if you’re a big avocado person, you’ll love the Avocado Tartine on sourdough.

They also have a great €12 brunch deal which gets you a couple of breakfast items and a couple of drinks.

Think homemade granola, vegan banana bread, freshly-pressed juice, and a hot drink.

For one of the best vegan brunches in Lisbon, you can’t go wrong with Tiffin Café.

5. Boutik


Address: R. de São Bento 106D, 1200-820 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 213 960 773

Open from: 9 am

For relaxed ocean vibes, head to Boutik Lisboa, a café, surf shack, and lifestyle hub situated in São Bento.

They serve a variety of healthy homemade breakfast dishes here, including toast and my all-time favourite acai bowls in Lisbon.

Naturally, if I had to recommend anything here, it would be a smoothie bowl.

The granola in their acai bowl is some of the tastiest I’ve ever had, and the portion sizes were amazing too!

However, if you’re not a smoothie bowl kinda vegan don’t worry because the rest of their food is equally tasty.

Another favourite dish of mine is the hummus baby toast.

It costs just €4 and comes with homemade hummus, freshly squeezed lemon, and Espelette chilli pepper.

I also love the avocado loco toast which is topped with smashed avocado, arugula, tomatoes, lemon, and pepper.

Try it and thank me later!

6. daTerra


Address: R. da Rosa 51, 1200-382 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 21 346 0086

Open from: 9:30 am midweek, 10 am at the weekend

daTerra is a 100% vegan buffet-style joint with a daily changing menu and locations in Bairro Alto and Parque das Nações.

While many vegan restaurants in Lisbon are centred on fine dining, daTerra is a casual and affordable alternative for those looking to fuel up ahead of exploring the city.

They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so no matter what time hunger hits, they’re ready to feed you!

For their breakfast buffet, you’ll pay a fixed price, before letting loose on their all-you-can-eat vegan spread.

We’re talking pancakes, scrambled tofu, baked beans, croissants, fruit, sandwiches, granola, and the list goes on!

They also offer a cheaper take-out option for those who’d prefer to enjoy their breakfast al fresco.

However, if you’re not in the mood for a buffet, you can still order individual dishes, such as smoothie bowls, loaded toast, and pancakes.

This spot is well-loved and after just one visit, you’ll understand why!

7. Comobå


Address: Rua da Boavista 90, 1200-085 Lisboa

Open from: 8 am

Comobå is one of the best cafes to work in Lisbon so if you’re looking to brunch and work then listen up!

This speciality coffee shop is known for its brilliant Fair Trade and organic coffee.

If you’re a big coffee lover, they have some unique and tasty plant-based housemade milk alternatives, including almond, coconut, and rice.

They’re well worth trying out.

Although their menu isn’t 100% plant-based, their vegan breakfast items are pretty impressive!

If you’ve got a savoury tooth, the tempeh roti breakfast burrito is completely delicious.

Or alternatively, if you fancy something a little more lunch-y, try their vegan galette.

It comprises phyllo pastry, spinach, sweet potato, confit mushrooms and onion, vegan cheese sauce, crispy onion, and leek, and is just as tasty as it sounds.

However, my favourite breakfast dish here would have to be their chai pancakes.

They come with apple, chai vegan butter, whipped vegan cream, and maple syrup, and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If all these sound great to you then you can join Comobå from 8 am every day with breakfast served from 9 am.

An ideal spot for any early breakfast-goers!

8. Orteá Vegan Collective


Address: Rua Dom Luís I 19, 1200-109 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 936 217 616

Open from: Noon midweek and 11 am at the weekend

Orteá Vegan Collective promises to take you on a creative culinary journey that will feed both your body and soul.

This beautiful plant-based restaurant was founded in 2018 by Catarina Gonçalves who firmly believes that a plant-based diet is the most sustainable and healthy way to feed our bodies.

And that’s exactly why she’s created her inspiring vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free menu!

While most people know Orteá as being a dinner spot, their menu is available from noon midweek and from 11 am at the weekend.

So if you’re looking for a slightly later vegan breakfast in Lisbon, then you’re in luck!

Just like their main menu, their brunch menu changes with the seasons so you can expect new seasonal dishes with each visit.

However, their menu will always feature sweet bowls, pancakes, bread, and bruschetta, all of which are perfect for breakfast.

For a truly decadent breakfast, look no further than their Snickers pancakes (caramel, peanut mousse, and chocolate), or their Wonderlu pancakes (lemon curd and blueberry-stuffed pancake with whipped cream).

Or if you prefer your breakfasts on the savoury side, why not try out their Luz y sombra brioche bread sandwich?

It comes with oyster mushrooms, mustard, arugula, cashew sour cream, pico de gallo, and cream cheese.


9. Zenith Brunch & Cocktails


Address: R. do Telhal 4A, 1150-346 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 21 152 7583

Open from: 8 am

Next up, we have the aptly-named Zenith Brunch & Cocktails.

This popular all-day brunch spot has locations in Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, and Barcelona,

If there’s one thing that Zenith does well it’s brunch (and cocktails!) so if you fancy a vegan breakfast in Lisbon with a drink, they’ve got your back.

Although they’re not a vegan restaurant, around half of their (very extensive) menu is vegan.

From acai bowls, banana bread, and pancakes to shakshuka, tacos, and toast, they have countless sweet and savoury dishes to try.

Some of my favourites are the vegan salad bowl, the chilli jackfruit nachos, and the vegan tapioca.

The latter comes with avocado, sun-dried tomato, oregano, wild mushrooms, red pepper, tomato mix, harissa, vegan cheese, and mixed leaves.

It’s super filling and super tasty.

Zenith is open from 8 am daily giving you loads of time to try out their brekkie!

10. Manifest


Address: Rua da Sociedade Farmacêutica 31, 1150-103 Lisboa

Open from: 8 am

Manifest is one of the most popular all-day brunch spots in the city.

And luckily for us vegans, they have a few great plant-based options.

The standout vegan dish on their menu is the Big Vegan Brunch which will fuel you for a big day of exploring.

It’s made up of a tofu scramble, soy sausages, bread, salad, tomatoes, guacamole, baked potatoes, and tofu sauce.

A great balanced breakfast plate packed full of protein!

Other vegan options include a tasty acai bowl and some rich Nutella chocolate pancakes,

The lovely team at Manifest are also happy to swap out dairy items to make their veggie dishes vegan too.

Just what we like to see!

11. My Mother’s Daughters


Address: Largo de São Sebastião da Pedreira 49, 1050-010 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 21 580 9853

Open from: Noon midweek and 10 am at the weekend

My Mother’s Daughters is a fashionable vegan brunch spot that’s built up quite a reputation for itself.

This self-described ‘nature-based cafe’ focuses on vegan, organic, and seasonal produce, so you can rest assured that everything here is super fresh.

Sadly, they only open from noon during the week so if you’re looking for an early breakfast spot, this isn’t it!

However, if you’re happy to wait until midday to get your brunch fix, these guys are sure to impress.

Their plant-based menu is ever-changing with the seasons so you can expect something different with each visit.

However, they’re best known for their vegan pancakes so I’d recommend ordering some of them!

Alternatively, they also serve a mean tofu scramble, as well as some salad bowls if you’re after something more lunch-y.


So that concludes the 11 best places to go for a vegan breakfast in Lisbon.

There are plenty more places where you’ll find vegan brunches in Lisbon but these are the best of the best!

Hopefully, this list has helped you narrow down which breakfasts you most want to try.

Lisbon is super vegan-friendly so you’re in for a treat whichever you choose.

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