Vegan Pizza London: 39 Best Vegan Pizza Spots in London [2024]


If you’ve been searching far and wide for the best vegan pizza in London, then you’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to pizza restaurants, it’s fair to say that London has no shortage.

The fantastic news is that a good chunk of those pizza restaurants also has amazing vegan pizza on offer.

In this list, I’ve brought together all of the best vegan pizza in London, so all you have to do is get reading and book yourself in for dinner!

1. Purezza Camden


Address: 45-47 Parkway, London NW1 7PN

Phone number: 020 3884 0078

Purezza are legends on the vegan pizza scene, and Purezza Camden is here to shake up the London market.

As the UK’s first fully vegan pizzeria, Purezza brings a taste of just how good vegan pizza can be to the capital.

They make their own vegan mozzarella, too, which is pretty impressive considering how good it is!

Check out the One with the Nduja paired with their delicious dough balls and thank me later.

2. Humble London


Address: 342 King’s Rd, London SW3 5UR

Phone number: 020 7351 5505

Humble London is passionate about the fact that creating delicious food, caring for animal welfare and following sustainable practices should go hand in hand.

Everything at Humble is made fresh on-site daily, and the love that goes into each meal is certainly evident.

Their famous cauliflower base pizza is not just vegan, but it’s also gluten-free, so it caters to everyone!

They also do a delightful focaccia base pizza – check out the Roma Focaccia, it’s the stuff of dreams!

3. Plant Hub


Address: 217 Mare St, London E8 3QE

Phone number: 020 8510 0948

Plant Hub is a plant-based and gluten-free organic Italian restaurant that can be found in the hip Hackney area.

As well as serving some of the best vegan Italian food in town, they also have a great selection of natural wines on offer.

For the vegan pizza experience of a lifetime, check out their Carnevale pizza.

Be warned, though, it’s spicy!

Follow that up with a baked cheesecake and wash it down with plenty of wine and you’ll soon see why Plant Hub is such a firm favourite!

4. VeganE


Address: 102 Lillie Rd, London SW6 7SR

Phone number: 020 3624 2592

For homemade, fresh plant-based food, look no further than VeganE.

This is a restaurant that cares about making delicious vegan food that is affordable, and I’m sure that you’ll love it.

All of their pizzas are also available with a gluten-free base, so this really is a restaurant for everyone.

The Hot Special is a personal favourite, and the level of spice can be tailored to cater to your tastes!

If you’re not in a pizza mood, then give the Chickenish Burger a go – it’s a winner!

5. Lost Boys Pizza


Address: 245 Eversholt St, London NW1 1BA

Phone number: 020 7388 2101

Lost Boys Pizza is the world’s only vampire-themed pizzeria, and it’s an absolute must-visit for fans of 80s nostalgia.

If you wanted somewhere with quirky pizza toppings, then it doesn’t get much better than this one.

Their pizzas have charcoal bases to match the vampy theme but don’t worry, the dough is still surprisingly light!

Start off with their Buffalo Cauliflower ‘Tings then pick your favourite pizza from their incredible vegan menu.

I think it would have to be Death or The Star for me!

6. NUDO Pizza


Address: 70 High Rd, London N2 9PN

Phone number: 020 8194 4415

NUDO Pizza is here to offer a healthier alternative to your standard greasy pizza.

Their ancient grain flour dough will leave you feeling lighter, but will still allow you to indulge your pizza cravings.

Premium gourmet toppings ensure that your pizza is of the highest quality, too, so you can enjoy every last crumb.

Vegan cheese can be added to any of their non-vegan pizzas, which is pretty great news for anyone reading this!

For me, though, it would have to be the THIS isn’t Chicken pizza – who doesn’t love the THIS range, after all?

7. Pizza Pilgrims


Address: Various locations

When it comes to pizza, Pizza Pilgrims really know what they’re doing.

The good news is, they have some great vegan options available for the plant-based people among us, too.

All their dough is made fresh daily and is paired with the best ingredients that Italy has to offer to make delicious slow proved Neapolitan pizzas.

They even have a cute little map on their menus to show you where they source their incredible ingredients from.

Check out the Ve-Du-Ya – it’s a real winner!

8. Flat Earth Pizzas


Address: 286-290 Cambridge Heath Rd, London E2 9DA

Phone number: 020 7998 6556

Flat Earth Pizzas are kings of vegan pizza in London.

These sustainable pizza pioneers are here to make veggie-focused food a more mainstream concept.

They’re all about meat-free pizzas with a focus on sustainability.

The team wants to challenge the pizza status quo, and show the masses that pizza can be whatever you want it to be.

All of them are absolutely phenomenal, but I think the vegan Sloppy Joe pizza would take the crown for me.

9. Franco Manca


Address: Various locations

Franco Manca has been shaking up the UK sourdough pizza scene since 2008.

The pizzas are made fresh on-site every day, always using properly sourced, seasonal ingredients.

There are plenty of vegan options on offer here, as well as a bunch of gluten-free choices.

They champion slow-rising sourdough pizzas and use small suppliers to ensure sustainability and quality in every pizza.

They have vegan specials daily, so be sure to ask what’s on offer next time you visit.

And don’t miss their Scotch bonnet chilli dip – it’ll blow your socks off!

10. Crust Bros Pizza


Address: Various locations

At Crust Bros Pizza, they are proud to serve some of the best Neapolitan pizza in the whole of London.

They even won the National Pizza Awards, which suggests that they might know a thing or two about pizza.

With every pizza they sell, they plant a tree, too, so if you needed another reason to go and eat yummy pizza, then there you have it.

Create your own vegan pizza with your favourite toppings, or tuck into one of their three ready-made ones.

Whatever you choose, I promise you’ll love it!

11. Happy Face Pizza


Address: Various locations

If you’re after seriously tasty, classic Neapolitan pizza with timeless toppings, then Happy Face Pizza is for you.

Their pizza is made to put a smile on your face, and they also happen to do some of the best vegan pizza in London.

The vegan pepperoni pizza is one of the best in town, especially when washed down with a cocktail or two.

Finish up your meal with their vegan chocolate gelato and you’re really onto a winner with this meal.

12. Homeslice


Address: Various locations

For pizza that focuses on quality and uses locally sourced ingredients where possible, it doesn’t get much better than Homeslice.

With delicious 20″ pizzas available, this is the perfect place to go if you want to tear and share with friends.

You can also get their pizza by the slice if you’re just a bit peckish – they really have covered all bases here at Homeslice.

Give their vegan nduja, tenderstem broccoli, chilli and garlic oil pizza a go – it’s one of the best vegan pizzas in London!

13. The Pizza Room


Address: Various locations

The pizzas at The Pizza Room are authentic, 72-hour fermented, stone-baked pizzas that you’re sure to love.

Their distinctly cosy vibe is perfect for intimate catch-ups with friends or a chilled-out gathering at the weekend.

With a whopping seven vegan pizzas on offer, this really is one of the best vegan pizza spots in London.

For me, it would have to be the Red Hot Chilli Peppers or the Vegan Spice.

What would you pick?

14. Caloroso Pizza


Address: Various locations

Caloroso Pizza is here to bring you Italian pizza with a unique twist.

With plenty of vegan and gluten-free options available, this is a pizzeria that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Their pizzas are freshly cooked using handmade dough each day, and that freshness gives them an unbeatable flavour.

Their vegan chorizo pizza is the stuff of dreams, so be sure to check that one out if you head to Caloroso.

This is vegan pizza heaven!

15. Four Hundred Rabbits


Address: Various locations

Head to the friendly burrows of Four Hundred Rabbits for tasty sourdough pizza, craft beer and homemade gelato.

They have ever-changing seasonal specials, and you can really expect the unexpected at this amazing pizza place.

The “hutches” are cute and friendly, and they make for the perfect spot for a casual evening with friends.

Give the Dirty Vegan a go for a real treat, or if you’re feeling healthy, check out the Clean Vegan for a tasty tangy pizza.

16. ICCO


Address: Various locations

Branded as ‘The People’s Pizzeria’, ICCO is a melting pot of characters that have come together due to a mutual love of pizza.

For over 20 years, their incredible selection of fairly priced pizzas has been bringing joy to the people of London.

It’s a pizzeria that is built on family values, and they serve pizza that is for everyone, including vegans!

For some of the best vegan pizza in London, look no further than ICCO.

These guys really know what they’re doing!

17. Basilico


Address: Various locations

If it’s award-winning wood-fired pizza made from the very best Italian ingredients that you want, then Basilico is the pizzeria for you.

Their authentic Italian thin-crust pizzas have been on the scene for over 20 years, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

The Vegan Green One has a delightful vegan basil pesto base, while the Vegan Sicilian is an absolute game-changer.

With five vegan pizzas on offer, you’re sure to find something to tickle your fancy here at Basilico.

18. Santa Maria Pizzeria


Address: Various locations

Whether you’re a penniless student or a VIP celebrity, Santa Maria Pizzeria is here to serve you regardless.

Their pizzas are some of the best in the whole of London, and their vegan pizzas are no exception.

Start off with their onion and black olive garlic focaccia, then tuck into the Vegan San Filippo or the delicious San Diego.

They’ve got five tasty vegan options for you to choose from, so you can be confident that everyone will find their perfect pizza fit here.

19. Made in Italy 3.0


Address: 59 Northcote Rd, London SW11 1NP

Phone number: 020 7978 7711

Made in Italy 3.0 is part of the Made in Italy Group, which is well-known for making some of the best Neapolitan-style pizza in town.

This is a unique place where you can tuck into an unforgettable pizza with a sip of delicious organic wine.

It’s a family-run business with core family values at its heart, and you will feel welcome from the moment you step inside.

The Vegan Paradise is exactly that – paradise in the form of pizza, so I personally would be choosing that every time.

20. Yard Sale Pizza


Address: Various locations

Yard Sale Pizza was born out of a shared passion for good, simple pizza.

Their award-winning neighbourhood pizza is some of the best in town by a mile.

With nine locations across the capital, this is a pizzeria that is really starting to make a name for itself.

They won London’s most-loved restaurant in Time Out’s 2016 Love London awards, as well as winning London’s favourite pizza in Time Out’s Clash of the Slices 2022, so it’s fair to say they’re pretty great.

Just look at that Texas VBQ.

How could you resist?

21. Circle & Slice


Address: 11 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1DU

Phone number: 020 7247 9597

Circle & Slice has been making waves on the pizza scene since it opened its doors back in 2014.

Since then, it has firmly established itself as one of London’s favourite independent pizza spots.

They pride themselves on their homemade sourdough pizza and Italian desserts, all crafted with fresh, authentic ingredients.

You can opt for their vegan pizza, or make your own with up to five toppings.

The choice is yours!

22. Voodoo Ray’s


Address: Various locations

Voodoo Ray’s is London’s original New York-style pizza place, with massive 22″ pizza pies served whole or by the slice.

If you’re looking for a pizzeria that will leave you very full and with a huge smile on your face, this is the one for you.

As far as vegan pizza in London goes, this is by far one of the best spots in town.

The El Niño vegan pizza is an absolute mind-blower, while the Queen Vegan is a great choice for those who prefer a little more veg.

Get both and share – you know you want to!

23. Farina Pizzeria Napoletana


Address: 19-21 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3JQ

Phone number: 020 7792 9463

Farina Pizzeria Napoletana makes incredible, authentic Neapolitan pizza, always made entirely from scratch.

This pizzeria is the brainchild of two long-time friends from Naples and Salermo, who have worked to make their dream come true.

If you love good pizza, then it doesn’t get much better than Farina Pizzeria Napoletana, I can tell you that much.

Give the Che Cavolo! a go, and thank me later.

These pizzas are mind-blowing!

24. Organica Pizza


Address: 4B Gillespie Rd, Finsbury Park, London N5 1LN

Phone number: 020 7226 6007

Ask the guys at Organica Pizza what their favourite pizza is, and they would probably tell you it’s their own.

If that was indeed their answer, it wouldn’t be hard to see why – these pizzas are absolutely fantastic.

Their pizzas are made with locally sourced and organic produce, and the quality of each pizza truly makes the flavours pop.

The Vegan Meatless Feast is a personal favourite, but I’ve heard great things about the Pumpkin pizza, too!

25. Zia Lucia


Address: Various locations

Zia Lucia was voted Best Local Restaurant by Time Out at both its Islington and Hammersmith locations, as well as receiving a bunch of other awards over the years.

This is the place to go for authentic pizza, and the great news is that they also do some of the best vegan pizza in London.

They have four different types of dough on offer, something that is completely unique on the London pizza scene.

Combine that with a flair for real Italian community style, and you’ll soon see why this is such a popular spot.

Give the Red Vegana a go – it’s delicious!

26. Village Pizza Vegan


Address: 15 Tabard St, London SE1 4LA

Phone number: 020 7403 0014

At Village Pizza Vegan, you’ll find some of the best vegan pizzas in London, as well as a delicious selection of vegan food.

Nibble on their vegan nuggets then tuck into a yummy Village Veggie Hot pizza for the takeaway meal of dreams.

This is a real vegan paradise, with plenty of tasty treats available on their extensive and carefully thought out menu.

They stand for speciality, individuality and great service, and they are committed to delivering a restaurant experience in your own home.



Address: 182 Bellenden Rd, London SE15 4BW

Phone number: 020 7064 5288

Made of Dough is a relaxed pizza joint with some of the very best vegan pizza in London on offer.

They’ve been slinging pizzas out to happy customers since 2014, and they are only getting more popular.

Over the years they’ve won a bunch of awards for their pizza, and once you try it will instantly become clear why.

With a full vegan menu on offer alongside their standard menu, you can be sure that you’ll be well catered for here.

28. Vergine Maria


Address: 15 St Mary’s Rd, London W5 5RA

Vergine Maria is the sister brand of Santa Maria Pizzerie, with an exclusively vegan menu on offer.

They are dedicated to creating amazing vegan pizzas for the ever-growing market of vegan diners out there.

The vegan mozzarella is said to be just as good as standard mozzarella, so this one is a real treat for the tastebuds.

If you’re looking for a pizzeria that cares about its customers and serves incredible pizzas, this is the one for you.

29. QuirkyDough


Address: 38 The Broadway, London W5 2NP

Phone number: 020 8161 0519

QuirkyDough is a veggie/vegan restaurant that serves up some of the very best vegan pizza in London.

It’s based in BeerKat, which can be found opposite Ealing Broadway station, and has a cool vibe that is perfect for an evening with friends.

Their vegan deep-pan Chicago-style pizzas are cooked in cast iron skillets and are some of the best I’ve ever had.

Give the Yes Boss pizza a go, and thank me later.

Be sure not to miss this one, it’s a real superstar.

30. Cinquecento


Address: 1 Cale St, London SW3 3QT

Phone number: 020 7351 9331

Cinquecento specialises in Neapolitan pizzas served in a cosy, charming neighbourhood spot.

Cinquecento got its name from the temperature of the Neapolitan oven used to produce the perfect Neapolitan pizza, and perfect it is.

They do some of the best vegan pizza in London, so this is one that you have to check out if you’re in town.

The vegan calzone would be top choice for me, I love a calzone!

What would you choose?

31. Pi


Address: 4, 6a, Battersea Rise, London SW11 1ED

Phone number: 020 7978 5542

At Pi, their famous 20″ pizzas are the star of the show.

The restaurant is beautiful; in fact, it has even been featured in the national press as one of the most beautiful places to eat in London.

But it’s their pizzas that really steal the limelight.

These are some of the most delicious pizzas in town, paired perfectly with tasty small plates and washed down with craft beers and organic wines.

Nibble on the vegan sharing platter while you wait, then dig into the incredible wild mushroom pizza – it’s a treat.

32. Bunga Bunga


Address: Various locations

Bunga Bunga is famous for its amazing parties, with metre-long pizzas, late-night karaoke and live entertainment.

It’s fun, it’s quirky, and it’s got some of the very best vegan pizza in London, as well as the best vibes.

With locations in Covent Garden and Battersea, they’re making a real name for themselves on the pizza scene.

You can switch vegan cheese onto any pizza, so the options are endless, really – my choice would be the David’s Lost His Sausage, though!

33. Vapiano 


Address: Various locations

Vapiano is an Italian restaurant that makes fresh, handmade pasta and pizza to order every day.

It’s a laidback restaurant with a convivial atmosphere and absolutely mind-blowingly good food.

If you love Italian food and you want a spot to catch up with friends, this is perfect for you.

Swap any pizza for vegan cheese and you’ve got yourself a delicious vegan pizza.

You can even swap the cheese in the calzones!

34. The Green Room


Address: 101 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PP

Phone number: 020 3034 0991

The Green Room is a beautiful bar and restaurant with a large garden, right in the heart of Waterloo.

Their all-day menu is packed full of tasty treats, with their pizzas being some of the best of the bunch.

If you’re looking for a great outdoor dining spot with amazing vegan pizza, then The Green Room will be right up your street.

The No.6 pizza and its tasty red pepper and almond base sounds like a dream come true for a summer’s day!

35. Pizza Triangle


Address: 39 High St, Chipping Barnet, Barnet EN5 5UW

Phone number: 020 8440 0800

Pizza Triangle specialises in delicious Italian pizza that has been freshly baked with love and care.

With a range of toppings and sauces and a delicious crispy yet soft dough, these are some of the best vegan pizzas in London.

The Pizza Capricciosa is the pizza of my dreams, but there are another three options if that’s not your thing.

Pair your pizza with a focaccia and some roasted potato wedges, and you’ve got the meal of champions.

36. Pizza Express


Address: Various locations

Pizza Express are iconic on the pizza scene across the country.

If you haven’t heard of them, then you must have been living under a rock.

What you may not know, though, is that they actually have an amazing vegan menu on offer these days too.

With several locations across the capital, it’s never hard to find one of these restaurants, which is always a plus.

With a whopping 12 vegan pizzas and one calzone on offer, it’s fair to say that Pizza Express really do cater to everyone!

37. Prezzo


Address: Various locations

Prezzo is another of the nationwide Italian favourites.

This popular chain offers casual dining and delicious Italian food that everyone will be sure to love.

There’s no shortage of vegan options here, whether it’s pizza or pasta you want, so it’s certainly a safe option.

The Vegan ‘Chicken’ & Roasted Peppers pizza is a fan favourite, but the Vegan Tre Gusti is also pretty delicious.

If you don’t fancy pizza, give a pasta dish a go!

38. Bella Italia


Address: Various locations

A pizza list wouldn’t be complete without the usual suspects such as Bella Italia.

While the chains may not be the most exciting options on the list, they are reliable and you can guarantee a tasty meal.

There’s something for everyone at Bella Italia, whether you’re vegan or a meat-eater, and that’s part of the reason that it’s so well-loved.

All their pizzas can be requested as vegan options, so you certainly won’t be short of options here.

Wash your pizza down with a glass of prosecco for the true Italian experience.

39. ASK Italian


Address: Various locations

And finally, to round off the list, we have the famous pizza chain ASK Italian.

With a laidback vibe and yummy food, the ASK Italian restaurants are perfect for gathering the gang together.

The best part about it is that it’s vegan-friendly, so it’s perfect for the whole family, regardless of dietary requirements.

Start with Italian olives and rosemary and olive oil bread, then tuck into the Vegan No’duja Vegana for a real treat.

As far as Italian casual dining goes, ASK Italian does it pretty well if you ask me.


So, there you have it, the round-up of the very best vegan pizza in London.

From classic Neapolitan pizzas to tasty twists on your favourite classics, there is something for everyone on this list.

Book into your favourites and get ready for the vegan meal of your dreams.

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