21 Best Vegan Restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg (Berlin) [2024]


If Berlin is the most vegan-friendly city in Europe, then Prenzlauer Berg is the most vegan-friendly area of the city.

You’ll find all kinds of food here, but it’s the Asian vegan scene that really shines.

Prenzlauer Berg used to be a poor hipster area but it has gained popularity in recent years, leading to a rise in gentrification.

Now the area is brimming with beautiful restaurants and bars and it feels like there’s a new vegan eatery popping up every week!

From Pan-Asian cuisine to Neopolitan pizza to Middle Eastern plates, you won’t go hungry here as the area has something to suit every taste.

So if you’re ready to discover your new favourite plant-based spot, then read on for the 21 best places to eat vegan in Prenzlauer Berg!

1. Wen Cheng


Address: Schönhauser Allee 65, 10437 Berlin

Wen Cheng is a Chinese noodle restaurant that serves the best noodles I’ve eaten outside of Asia.

(Actually, scratch that, their noodles are way better than most in Asia too – a big statement, I know!)

Although Wen Cheng isn’t 100% plant-based, it is very vegan-friendly.

I’ve eaten here countless times and have brought many friends and everyone always loves it.

Unsurprisingly, for a noodle restaurant, it’s the noodles that are the star of the show.

You can order them either with eggplant and vegan soya minced meat or tofu and shittake.

Then, you get to choose either biang biang noodles or wencheng noodles – both of which are homemade!

If you’re really hungry, there’s also a Sichuan bao bun, or if you want a healthier option, you can order the cucumber salad.

Unfortunately, you can’t reserve a table and the restaurant is very popular, so you usually have to wait in line for 30 minutes.

Wen Cheng is always worth the wait though!

2. Kanaan


Address: Schliemannstraße 15, 10437 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30 45956801

Kanaan is a vegan-vegetarian Israeli-Palestinian restaurant with a wide-ranging menu.

We’re talking fresh salads, hummus dishes with various toppings, falafel made from a unique family recipe, veggie burgers, veggie shawarma, and homemade baked goods.

There are a few tables outside which are always a delight to eat from in summer, though you have the option to eat inside too.

I’d recommend booking in advance because, like Wen Cheng, they fill up fast!

3. Butterfly Lovers


Address: Veteranenstraße 10, 10119 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30 91488336

Butterfly Lovers opened relatively recently, and is already receiving rave reviews from the vegan community in Berlin!

Their Chinese food is delicious and the menu is much larger than Wen Cheng’s but it tastes just as good.

It’s located on a quiet, sweet street, with lovely indoor and outside seating so you’re sorted no matter the weather.

Butterfly Lovers is 100% vegan but offers a wide variety of dishes, with the Mapo tofu and Yuxiang fried eggplant being two of my favourites.

The restaurant is pricier than most on this list, but it’s worth every cent!

4. Froindflichst


Address: Immanuelkirchstraße 31, 10405 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30 40056289

Being vegan in Prenzlauer Berg is easy thanks to spots like Froindflichst.

This cosy plant-based eatery serves amazing salad bowls, burgers, and four unique vegan pizzas, as well as breakfast dishes and cocktails.

What more could you ask for?!

Well, they also have a strong environmental ethos and have many eco incentives, including printing their menus on grass paper.

And as for the food… the ingredients are all fresh, the portions are big, and it’s all delicious!

Breakfast mac and cheese changed the game for me, so I’d recommend visiting before 1 pm at the weekend to experience this revelation for yourself.

5. Vegang


Address: Oderberger Str. 51, 10435 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30 68908811

Vegang combines the best of vegan ingredients and Asian fusion inspiration into an inspiring culinary experience.

Alongside Vietnamese classics, Vegang will challenge your taste buds with delightful tapas-style Vietnamese street food options.

Tofu and seitan replace the traditional staples of duck and beef.

They also have a lovely selection of fresh and fun non-alcoholic fruit drinks, teas, wines, and Vietnamese coffee.

6. Mido Sakura Vegan


Address: Pappelallee 22, 10437 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30 44737348

Two of the world’s best cuisines (Vietnamese and Japanese) come together to form this beautiful vegan restaurant.

The menu at Mido Sakura has many wonderful appetizers, including some great vegan fish options such as scallops made from mushrooms and vegan calamari.

There are also many delicious rice and noodle dishes if those take your fancy.

My personal favourite noodle dish is the Kare Fo – order it and thank me later!

7. The Försters


Address: Dunckerstraße 2a, 10437 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30 98418942

The Försters’ motto is ‘vegan, regional, and delicious’ – and this all-vegan restaurant is all three!

Expect typical German food, just like your mum makes, but fancier.

The schnitzels are delicious and the texture is always great, and they come with sauce and potatoes!

They also offer fluffy hash browns which are just as good as they sound and an excellent tiramisu which deserves a special shoutout.

8. Chay Umi Vegan


Address: Stargarder Str. 2, 10437 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30 46796667

If you love plant-based Pan-Asian food just as much as I do, then you’re going to love this next vegan Prenzlauer Berg recommendation.

Chay Umi became fully vegan in November 2021 and offers many amazing fish and meat substitutes.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated inside and out and the food is just as stunning.

The Hanoi curry with tofu is particularly amazing, but I’ve not yet had a dish I didn’t love!

It’s important to note that this is a cash-only business, but there are two EC cash points next to the restaurant.

9. Lia’s Kitchen


Address: Kollwitzstraße 47, 10405 Berlin

Phone number: +49 163 4648436

Lia’s Kitchen is a fast food restaurant that doesn’t skimp on flavour.

The salads are one of the stars of the show (something I’ve never written before), but I promise, they’re insane!

Lia’s salad with figs and vegan feta is definitely my favourite but they’re all delicious really.

And as expected from a fast food joint, they also do burgers and chips incredibly well.

The service is very friendly and quick too, making Lia’s Kitchen perfect for a bite on the go!

10. 60 Seconds to Napoli


Address: Oderberger Str. 61, 10435 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30 47009602

There aren’t many vegan pizza places in Prenzlauer Berg, but 60 Seconds to Napoli has a few plant-based options with vegan mozzarella.

During my last visit, they had a vegan nduja special which was, well, pretty special.

The prices are a little higher than most places in Berlin, but the pizza is very good, and they also offer a vegan strawberry crumble for dessert!

However, if you’re looking for the best vegan pizza in Berlin, I’d recommend Sotto which is a little further out but incredible.

Half of their menu is veggie and half is vegan so you won’t struggle to find something to eat!

11. The F.I.U.T.Y. (The Future Is Up To You)


Address: Kastanienallee 62, 10119 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30 70238336

F.I.U.T.Y. is a gorgeous vegan restaurant that serves equally gorgeous Indonesian dishes.

Starters include sate skewers, dumplings, and salads, while mains include classics such as nasi goreng and gado gado, as well as pasta dishes.

The nasi goreng is the best I’ve eaten outside of Indonesia which is no mean feat!

The décor is beautiful and the portions are very big, so you can rest assured that you’ll get great value for money here.

12. Feel Seoul Good


Address: Husemannstraße 2, 10435 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30 47496766

Feel Seoul Good not only has a wonderfully punny name but also amazing vegan Korean specialities.

A dream combination, no?

The menu is incredible and it includes side dishes, snacks, rice bowls, ramen, and entrees.

Some of the best ‘snacks’ are the ‘Ketchup Crunch’ (crispy soy medallions with a flavourful marinade) and the ‘Pancake’ (crispy pancake with a carrot-leek-sweet potato julienne).

They also have a very tasty vegan BBQ that includes various seasonal vegetables on a hot pan, served with glass noodles, tender soy strips, and soy medallions.

13. Vincent Vegan


Address: Schönhauser Allee 79/80, 10439 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30 44675444

Vincent Vegan is one of the best vegan burger joints in Berlin.

There are seven vegan burgers to choose from, and they’re joined by other classics such as a very British vish and chips.

They also offer vegan nuggets and fries with toppings!

The fun doesn’t stop at the food though as there are some delicious vegan milkshakes for you to try too.

Order the cookies and cream milkshake and thank me later!

14. Restaurant Pasternak


Address: Knaackstraße 22-24, 10405 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30 4413399

Breakfast with vodka?

I can’t think of many better ways to start the day!

Restaurant Pastarnak serves Russian-Jewish fare in a small dining room with parquet floors, crystal chandeliers, and a piano.

The choice for vegans isn’t huge but the grilled cauliflower steak and ‘Onkel David’ are exceptional.

If you’re looking for something a little different from your usual Berlin eateries, this is definitely it.

15. Vegano Flavors


Address: Raumerstraße 6, 10437 Berlin

Phone number: +49 1575 0196635

Vegano Flavors is a fully vegan restaurant serving amazing meat alternatives to traditional Middle Eastern dishes.

The hummus and the kebab alternative are definitely worth ordering, or if you’re in a big group, you can buy a board and share!

Don’t leave without trying the homemade wholemeal naan either as it’s also delicious.

It’s worth noting that you can’t pay by card here so remember to bring cash.

(One day Germany will catch up!)

16. Chutnify


Address: Sredzkistraße 43, 10435 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30 44010795

Unfortunately, there aren’t many vegan Indian restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg, but Chutnify has plenty of vegan options.

(In fact, they make up about a third of the menu!)

The restaurant has a unique street food style with South Indian cuisine and colourful decor.

Menu highlights are the dosa, the vegan thali, and the light and fluffy idli (steamed pancakes made from fermented rice and lentils).

Chutnify is a little more expensive than other spots and unfortunately, there aren’t any vegan desserts, but it’s still worth a visit.

17. Vedis


Address: Schönhauser Allee 142, 10437 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30 4485172

Vedis is also a vegan-friendly Indian restaurant, as well as a great cocktail bar.

Although they don’t currently have as many vegan options as Chutnify, they serve amazing authentic Indian food with good portion sizes.

My recommendation would be the amritsari chole.

It’s super tasty and let’s be honest, you can never go wrong with a chana masala!

18. Brammibal’s Donuts


Address: Danziger Str. 65, 10435 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30 53056524

If donuts are the way to your heart then you’re in luck because Brammibals is a 100% vegan donut chain in Berlin.

All their donuts are incredible and the selection of flavours is phenomenal, ranging from salted caramel to Bailey’s to peanut butter and jelly.

They’re not cheap but you’ll never regret a trip to Brammibals!

And you can also get a bulk discount if you buy multiple (and yes, you definitely will want to!).

A very easy way to get on the good side of your friends or colleagues, stock up on a bunch of different flavours and share the donut love.

The staff here are super friendly too and the coffee is also very tasty.

19. Cafe Morgenrot


Address: Kastanienallee 85, 10435 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30 44317844

Café Morgenrot is a collective café that serves tasty vegan and vegetarian dishes.

In the morning at the weekends, you can try their sizeable breakfast plate which is the stuff of vegan dreams.

During the day, you can relax with coffee, vegan cakes, and sandwiches, while at night, you can turn to their vegan cocktails and mocktails!

20. Zeit für Bröt


Address: Eberswalder Str. 26, 10437 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30 89545600

A perfect spot to sit and work or people-watch, Zeit für Bröt is an institution in Berlin, as well as a few other cities in Germany.

They offer sandwiches, cakes, smoothies, and much more.

Among vegans, they’re best known for their vegan rhubarb cinnamon roll and apple almond roll.

The fluffy, juicy cinnamon ‘snails’ are dreamy and after that first bite, they’ll have you coming back time and time again.

Don’t leave without trying the banana bread either as it’s just as tasty as you can imagine!

21. FREA Bakery


Address: Gartenstraße 9, 10115 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30 13897068

FREA Bakery may not be located in Prenzlauer Berg itself but as it’s only a 10-minute walk away, I couldn’t help but include it!

Everything here is incredibly delicious, 100% vegan, and zero-waste.

Talk about a triple threat!

It’s an amazing bakery whether you’re picking up something for lunch, sitting inside and enjoying the smells, or popping in for a sweet treat after work.

I’m obsessed with the cardamom croissants (I once ate four in a week) and the pizza slices are also tasty and filling.

Although I’m yet to try it, they also have a formal chic restaurant called FREA Restaurant, which is said to be mind-blowing.


So that concludes my round-up of all the best vegan restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg.

I’ve left out a few exceptional local Vietnamese restaurants as there are so many great vegan ones in the area so have an explore for yourself and see what you can find.

It’s safe to say you’ll never run out of places to eat vegan in Prenzlauer Berg!


This article is written by Faraway Lucy writer, David Moss. David is a vegan foodie and the website’s authority on the German vegan food scene. He found a second home in Berlin after living there for a few months and travels back often to see friends and eat food (not necessarily in that order).

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