21 Best Vegan Restaurants in Nottingham You Need to Eat At [2022]


Being a vegetarian myself, I’m very aware of how much of a struggle it can be to find restaurants with a decent veggie and vegan menu.

There’s nothing worse than checking out a restaurant’s menu and realising that the only things you can eat on there are a boring bean burger or a bland mushroom risotto!

Luckily for you, I’ve written up this list of the best vegan restaurants in Nottingham to save you the trouble of having to search for them yourself!

Because, let’s be honest, eating delicious vegan food is one of the best indoor activities in Nottingham.

So from vegan burgers and tacos to Spanish tapas and Indian street food, here are the 21 best vegan restaurants in Nottingham you need to eat at!

1. No. Twelve


Address: 2-3 Eldon Chambers, Wheeler Gate, Nottingham NG1 2NS

No. Twelve is a family-run plant-based restaurant located in a converted red brick mill in Nottingham’s iconic Eldon Chambers.

In 2020, they won the “Best Vegan Restaurant in the UK” award, so you can be pretty certain you’ll get great food here.

Absolutely everything on their menus is 100% plant-based, so whether you are veggie or vegan, you’ll find something to enjoy here!

Their lunch menu has snacks, sides and mains which include delights such as their Artichoke & Celeriac Risotto, while their evening menu has a number of tasting plates to be shared or eaten alone.

They also have a seven-course tasting menu, which costs a reasonable £55 per head, or £75 with beverage pairings.

The beauty of this place is that not only is it vegan-friendly, it’s also relatively cheap.

The most expensive dish on their lunch and evening menus costs a mere £10!

2. 13th Element Plant Based Kitchen


Address: Victoria Centre Clocktower Dining, Upper Mall, Nottingham NG1 3QD

Phone number: 07725 873666

13th Element is an independent plant-based burger kitchen based in the city’s Victoria Centre.

Their menu boasts six mouth-watering burgers as well as a decent range of sides, including a couple of different loaded fries, among other absolute treats like Truffle Mac Balls.

This is the perfect place to eat if you want to eat a burger without feeling guilty about the planet.

Honestly, everything on their menu looks delicious, which is all the more reason to keep going back for more!

3. Prickly Pear


Address: 127 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG1 3FQ

Phone number: 0115 958 1339

Prickly Pear is easily one of the best vegan restaurants in Nottingham!

They serve up vibrant and delicious dishes like burgers and tacos, and they do it so excellently you’ll be kicking yourself for not having been here sooner.

The cosy café atmosphere and friendly staff work together with the amazing food to make this a vegan scene legend.

And to make it even better, it’s not just planet-friendly, it’s also wallet-friendly, with everything on the menu costing less than a tenner.

4. Crocus Café


Address: 18 Lenton Blvd, Nottingham NG7 2ES

Phone number: 0115 950 5080

Crocus is a volunteer-run café in the Lenton area of Nottingham, so it’s perfectly located for students living in the area wanting a quick bite to eat.

The café is a not-for-profit, and its menu is mega cheap because of this.

As well as being veggie and vegan, they put an emphasis on sourcing their produce locally where possible, making them one of the most environmentally-friendly vegan restaurants in Nottingham.

Get down here to support a local not-for-profit while enjoying some delicious food!

5. Mowgli


Address: 1 Stoney St, Nottingham NG1 1LG

Phone number: 0115 941 3939

Though Mowgli isn’t exclusively veggie or vegan, it does have a wide range of options available for those of us who prefer to follow a meat-free diet.

Indian cuisine is renowned for being relatively vegetarian-friendly, and Mowgli is no different.

Around half of the menu is meat-free and there are plenty of vegan options too, so this is a great place to come with friends who don’t follow a veggie or vegan diet.

Plus, they have swing seats at some of their tables which make for a great Instagram picture!

6. Alchemilla


Address: 192 Derby Rd, Nottingham NG7 1NF

Phone number: 0115 941 3515

Alchemilla is a Michelin starred restaurant and so may be best kept for a special occasion as it’s a fair bit pricier than most vegan restaurants in Nottingham.

However, the food menu is full of incredible and unique dishes so it’s well worth the price tag!

When booking here, specify you are plant-based and they will do their best to accommodate you.

But don’t worry, they are launching vegetarian and vegan tasting menus in 2021, so watch this space!

They offer seven-course and ten-course tasting menus as well as a kitchen table dining experience where you can watch your food being cooked right in front of you.

This is the ultimate foodie experience.

7. 31K


Address: 31 Goose Gate, Nottingham NG1 1FE

Phone number: 0115 958 0446

31K is another not-exclusively meat-free restaurant, but around 50% of the menu is veggie and vegan friendly.

It’s an amazing independent bar with a meatball menu (which includes vegan meatballs and pakora balls), and you can combine your choice of meatballs with any of the carbs, sauces and greens on the menu.

It’s a fun concept, and by going here you’re supporting a great local independent. Win, win!

8. Sans Patrie


Address: 2-6 Alfreton Rd, Radford, Nottingham NG7 3NG

Phone number: 07745 797761

Sans Patrie is a kind of tapas-style restaurant, and they have absolutely loads of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options on their menu.

The best bit about tapas for me is getting to pick a bunch of dishes and enjoy them all – perfect for the indecisive eaters among us (like me!).

Even their breakfast menu has plenty of vegan options, so whatever the time of day, you can be sure that you’ll find something to suit you here.

9. Annie’s Burger Shack


Address: 5 Broadway, Nottingham NG1 1PR

Phone number: 0115 684 9944

Do you want to know the best thing about Annie’s?

Absolutely everything on their menu can be made veggie or vegan.

Yep, you read that right!

All of their burgers can have swaps made to make them entirely meat and dairy-free, which is pretty rare for a burger restaurant, especially one with a menu as extensive as Annie’s.

For that reason alone, I think you should head on down here for a bite to eat, but if you needed any more reasons to visit Annie’s, then let me tell you, the veggie burgers are among some of the best I’ve ever eaten.

And I’ve eaten a lot of veggie burgers!

10. Yamas Meze & Tapas


Address: 5 Thurland St, Nottingham NG1 3DR

Phone number: 0115 950 1000

Yamas is a Mediterranean restaurant specialising in tapas-style service.

They have a whole section on their menu for vegetarian dishes, and the majority of them are vegan, too.

You won’t find better Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in Nottingham – Yamas are the masters of it!

The best bit is that if you’re having a hard time picking what to eat, you can order a few different things and share (or enjoy alone!) as so many of the dishes are smaller tapas-sized plates.

The atmosphere in this little restaurant is warm and inviting, and you will feel at home as soon as you step through the door.

11. Pistachio


Address: 19 Carlton Rd, Nottingham NG3 2DG

Phone number: 0115 950 9090

Pistachio serves amazing Persian cuisine, inspired by the flavours of Iran but with its own modern twist.

It’s a family-run restaurant and has a homely, welcoming feel to it.

Their menu boasts an impressive amount of meat and dairy-free options, so this is another of the best vegan restaurants in Nottingham if you’re looking for somewhere to go with friends who don’t follow a veggie or vegan diet.

Try the warm pinto bean dip – it’s absolutely delicious!

12. The Angel Microbrewery


Address: 7 Stoney St, Nottingham NG1 1LG

Phone number: 0115 948 3343

Few pubs offer a vegetarian and a vegan alternative to fish and chips, but The Angel offers both!

It’s one of Nottingham’s most historic pubs, and it’s great to see that they’re making an effort to offer veggies and vegans plenty of choice.

The halloumi, chips and mushy peas is my personal favourite, but the tempeh option is great too, as are the other meat-free options on the menu, which includes things like soup, burritos, and more.

13. Bread & Bitter


Address: 153-155 Woodthorpe Dr, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 5JL

Phone number: 0115 960 7541

Bread & Bitter is run by a vegan owner, and so the menu boasts a significant amount of vegetarian and vegan meals, which is great news for you!

This large pub is located in what used to be a bakery, giving it a unique appearance, which is a hit with guests.

They also have loads of amazing craft beers, world beers and real ales for you to wash your food down with.

So what are you waiting for? Get down there now!

14. Baresca


Address: 9 Byard Ln, Nottingham NG1 2GJ

Phone number: 0115 948 3900

Another tapas entry for the list! Baresca serves up the best of Spanish cuisine, and they have a bunch of vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes on their menu, so you’re in luck.

Who doesn’t love patatas bravas, right?

This is a great place to go with friends for a bite to eat and a few sangrias and beers.

Head on down for a fantastic all-around dining experience.

15. Clean Cut Kitchen


Address: Clock Tower Dining, INTU Victoria Centre, Nottingham, NG1 3QE

Fancy heading out for something to eat, but want to stay relatively healthy?

Then Clean Cut Kitchen will be right up your street.

At CCK they serve healthy fast food, making sure every dish tastes just as delicious as its not-so-healthy counterparts would.

Everything here tastes fresh and makes you feel great, and what’s more, they have loads of veggie and vegan options for you to choose from.

16. Kushi-ya Japanese Grill


Address: 1A Cannon Ct, Long Row W, Nottingham NG1 6JE

Phone number: 0115 941 1369

Japanese cuisine is one of my absolute favourites, and Kushi-ya does it excellently!

About 50% of their menu can be made vegan, which makes it even more appealing.

Their menu has snacks, skewers and small plates, all of which sound delicious and can be shared between friends if you so desire.

They also offer a set menu for tables of six or more, so if you’re in a group, check that out to see if it suits you!

17. Cock & Hoop


Address: 25 High Pavement, Nottingham NG1 1HE

Phone number: 0115 948 4414

Cock & Hoop is a traditional cosy pub in the heart of Nottingham’s bustling city centre.

They have a few veggie and vegan options on their menu which look absolutely delicious, including a vegan BBQ jackfruit pizza which is making my mouth water just thinking about it!

They also serve a selection of vegan craft ales, which is great as this is something that many pubs often overlook.

18. Embankment


Address: 282-284 Arkwright St, Nottingham NG2 2GR

Phone number: 0115 986 4502

This lovely spot has an entirely separate vegan menu with around fifteen dishes on it, so you’ll be spoiled for choice here!

Think burgers, flatbreads, pizzas and other delicious dishes – have I convinced you yet?

Embarkment is located near the River Trent and is ideally positioned if you’re visiting either of the Nottingham football clubs or the local cricket ground, as it’s just a few minutes walk from all of them.

19. Café Roya


Address: 130 Wollaton Rd, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 2PE

Phone number: 0115 922 1902

Café Roya is an entirely veggie and vegan café serving modern vegetarian cuisine with influences from around the world.

The menu changes once a month, so it’s one of those places that you can keep going back to over and over again to try new dishes, without ever getting tired of eating the same thing.

All ingredients are locally sourced, too, so you’re supporting a bunch of local businesses by choosing to eat here.

20. Fox Café


Address: 9 Pelham St, Nottingham NG1 2EH

Phone number: 0115 950 1295

A friendly local café, Fox Café has numerous vegan options available – just ask staff if you’re unsure which are vegan friendly!

You’ll be able to enjoy your meal in the lovely cosy atmosphere here.

It’s perfect for a lunchtime catch-up with your mates or for a light bite to eat during a day exploring the city.

21. Balageru Ethiopian & Eritrean Restaurant


Address: 19 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG1 3FB

Phone number: 0115 941 4310

If you’re after authentic Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine, then you don’t need to look any further!

Balageru serves tasty traditional food from Ethiopia and Eritrea in a casual setting, and there are ample options for vegetarians and vegans, so you’re in luck.

If you’re looking for something different to the usual pizza or curry, then this is definitely worth checking out, as their food is incredible and will have you coming back for more again and again.

Hopefully, now you realise that you’re certainly not limited to choice when it comes to eating out as a veggie or vegan in Nottingham!

On this list, there are absolutely loads of amazing vegan restaurants in Nottingham for you to choose from.

So many, in fact, that I’d say you’re actually spoiled for choice!

Gone are the days of spending ages trawling through menus to find one that suits you.

Save this list of vegan restaurants in Nottingham and come back to it whenever you need a new spot to eat, no matter what cuisine you’re after!

The 21 Best Vegan Restaurants in Nottingham You Need to Eat At. From vegan burgers and tacos to Spanish tapas and Indian street food, you'll love these vegan restaurants in Nottingham. Click through to read more...

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