Acai Bowls Dublin: 11 Best Places to Go for Acai Bowls [2023]


Ireland is notorious for its hearty – and typically beige – food.

Both colourful and vibrant, acai bowls feel like the complete opposite of the cuisine that Ireland does best.

But luckily for you, the country’s capital serves up some amazing acai bowls!

From quick and easy bowls in smoothie bars to extravagant bowls in health food cafes, there’s something for everyone in Dublin.

Scroll on to find your new favourite places to go for acai bowls in Dublin! 



Address: 18 Grangegorman Lower, Dublin, D07 WF44

Price per bowl: €9.50

If seeing a photo of the above bowl doesn’t already have you rushing to KALE+COCO to get your acai fix, I’m not sure what will.

KALE+COCO serve amazing plant-based food that’s good for the planet and good for you, and their acai bowl is no exception.

It comprises Amazonia organic acai, frozen banana, and coconut water, and is topped with banana, granola, coconut chips, and rose petals.

And it could be all yours for just €9.50!

Alternatively, if you fancy trying one of their other smoothie bowls, they have an amazing selection of punnily-named bowls to choose from.

(We’re talking everything from The Khaleesi to 50 Shades of Green to Treat Yo’ Self!)

If you enjoy their acai bowl, you can even take the acai goodness home with you with a DIY acai bowl kit.

Worth €27.50 but costing €22.50, the kit includes four Amazonia organic frozen acai packets, 1L organic coconut water, KALE+COCO homemade gluten-free granola, and a gorgeous coconut bowl.

2. Mojo Health Bar


Address: Perpetua Fitness, 2 Windmill Ln, Dublin Docklands, Dublin 2, D02 F206

Phone number: 086 108 5556

Price per bowl: €9.90 – €10.90

With four delicious bowls to choose from, Mojo Health Bar is one of my favourite places to go for acai bowls in Dublin.

There’s the OG Acai Bowl, the Nutty Acai Bowl and the Green Acai Bowl for €9.90, or you can upgrade to the Power Acai Bowl for €10.90.

The OG is simple but yummy, comprising pure acai topped with banana, strawberries, and granola.

If you’d rather swap out the strawberries for peanut butter for an added protein punch, you can opt for the Nutty Acai instead.

Alternatively, the Green Acai swaps out the banana and strawberries for kiwi and blueberries for a more tropical acai experience.

Finally, the Power Acai is packed full of protein thanks to the added vegan vanilla protein powder and chia seeds.

The Power Acai is by far my favourite but they’re all really tasty so you’re in for a treat no matter what you order!

3. Urban Health Cafe


Address: Fields Terrace, 9 Charleston Rd, The Triangle, Dublin 6, D06 V218

Phone number: 01 497 5977

Price per bowl: €9

Urban Health is a gorgeous little cafe and juice bar that serves delicious healthy food to the people of Dublin.

On their extensive brunch menu, you’ll find their acai bowl made by blending frozen berries, bananas, and acai.

The bowl is then topped with kiwi, coconut, and fresh berries for all that fruity goodness, granola for some added crunch, and finally, chia seeds for protein.

Now that’s a dreamy acai bowl if I’ve ever seen one!

Even better yet, Urban Health is a 95% zero general waste business; the majority of its packaging is compostable, and what’s not compostable is recyclable. 

You can rest assured that when supporting Urban Health you’re doing your bit for the planet!

4. Eathos


Address: Multiple locations

Price per bowl: €10.99

Eathos‘ acai bowl is as tasty as it is beautiful – and luckily for you, they have two cafes on Baggot Street for you to visit!

Their acai bowl costs €10.99 and it’s available until 11:45 am every single day of the week.

It’s a beautiful concoction filled to the brim with all kinds of goodness that you’re going to want to tuck into.

We’re talking a nut cluster, toasted quinoa granola, banana, peanut butter, passionfruit, toasted coconut, goji berries, cacao nibs, and bee pollen.

I told you it was good, didn’t I?!

Eathos’ fresh approach to food ensures that they only ever serve quality dishes with creative flavours and first-class ingredients.

I’d like to think that’s summed up pretty nicely in their acai bowl.

5. Póg


Address: Multiple locations

Price per bowl: €11

They might be famous for their pancakes, but Póg also serves a mean acai bowl.

With locations all across the city (in Malahide, Tara Street, Howth, Bachelors Walk, and Clontarf), Póg is always a great spot to head to for delicious food and a vibrant atmosphere.

Their acai bowl is served all day at all their locations so there’s plenty of opportunity for you to try this one out!

It costs €11 and comprises acai berry puree, peanut butter, homemade granola, kiwi, strawberry, and coconut flakes.

(If that doesn’t sound like a good time to you, we’re not the same person!)

Combine it with one of their homemade smoothies and juices and you’re onto a winner of a brunch at Póg.

6. Danu


Address: 56-58 Drury St, Dublin, D02 HT29

Phone number: 01 444 5910

Price per bowl: €8.95

Danu firmly believes that fast food doesn’t need to be heavy and unhealthy, which is why they bring fast, healthy food to the city centre for all to enjoy!

Whether you pop by to catch up with friends or to work for a few hours (yes, they encourage this!), you’re sure to enjoy an acai bowl at Danu.

Their acai bowl costs just €8.95 and is made up of acai blended with banana, strawberries, and honey, topped with granola, strawberries, banana, and coconut flakes.


However, if you really want to push the boat out, you can order their Empress bowl instead.

This 750ml/26oz acai bowl costs a whopping €35 and is filled to the brim with all the superfood goodness you could possibly imagine.

We’re talking everything from marine collagen and whole-leaf aloe to goji berries and raw Irish honey!

If it’s a treat that you want, it’s a treat that you’ll get at Danu.

7. Toca Tapioca House


Address: 49 Fleet St, Temple Bar, Dublin, D02 XW26

Phone number: 085 229 0059

Price per bowl: €9.95 – €11.95

Toca Tapioca House is one of my all-time favourite places to go for acai bowls in Dublin.

Their 100% gluten-free menu brings wholesome and flavourful superfoods from Brazil to Ireland, and I’m sure you’re going to love it just as much as I do.

Their medium bowls cost €9.95, while their large bowls cost €11.95, and there are six delicious bowls to choose from.

The base of each bowl is acai blended with banana, but the toppings change with each option.

For example, the Electric Summer is topped with mango, kiwi, blueberry, and honey, while the Sweet Brazilian is topped with banana, granola, Paçoca (Brazilian peanut candy), and Nutella.

The Original is a classic for good reason, topped with the textbook strawberry/banana/granola combo.

If you’re keen to try one of Toca’s famous tapioca wraps, you can enjoy a wrap and a small version of one of their acai bowls for €13.95 instead.

Worth it to try the Irish-style tapioca wrap, alongside the Brazilian-style acai bowl, surely?!

All their ingredients are ethically and authentically sourced, too, so you can enjoy your bowl with complete peace of mind.

8. Taste Food Company


Address: 39-40 William St S, Dublin 2, D02 AK50

Phone number: 01 671 7972

Price per bowl: €10 – €14

Taste Food Company prides itself on serving some seriously tasty food – and luckily for you, they have five amazing acai bowls for you to enjoy!

They range in price from the Morning Bowl at €10 to the Green Bowl at €14.

Even though it’s the cheapest, the Morning Bowl is still pretty extravagant.

Its base is a blend of acai, raspberry, banana and apple juice, and it has shaved coconut, melon, pineapple, and granola as toppings.

On the other end of the scale, the Green Bowl has a base of acai, banana, apple juice, lime, avocado, and kale puree, and is topped with mixed berries, nutty granola, and chia seeds.

My favourite bowl would have to be the €12 Power Bowl because I love peanut butter.

But all their bowls are amazing, really!

Whatever you order, you can rest assured that all their bowls are high in antioxidants and all that good stuff that you know your body will thank you for.

9. Wigwam


Address: 54 Middle Abbey St, North City, Dublin, D01 E2X4

Phone number: 01 873 4020

Price: €8.50

Wigwam is a fun and vibrant rum bar and restaurant, known for its delicious cocktails.

It may come as a surprise, then, that they serve an acai bowl, but hey, I’m not complaining!

You’ll find their acai bowl on their brunch menu that’s available from noon to 5 pm, Friday to Sunday.

It costs a very reasonable €8.50 and is served with granola, banana, and mixed berries.

What’s not to love?!

If you’re keen to try out Wigwam’s incredible drinks (Cuba Libre, anyone?), you can upgrade to their €35 brunch package which gets you any brunch item and three drinks tokens.

After all, the only thing better than an acai bowl brunch is an acai bowl bottomless brunch in Dublin.

Bottoms up!

10. Ten10 Coffee Box


Address: Shanowen Rd, Santry, Dublin, D09 NN88

Phone number: 087 935 2310

Price: €6

If you’re looking for the cheapest acai bowls in Dublin, then look no further than Ten10 Coffee Box.

Their acai bowls come in at a sweet €6 each.

But don’t worry because that doesn’t mean you’re going to be compromising on quality!

This popular coffee stand in Santry is well-known for its incredible acai bowls so you’d be a fool to miss out on trying one.

They have four acai bowls to try out: the Cali bowl (acai, granola, banana, and strawberry), the berry bowl (acai, granola, blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry), the nutty banana bowl (acai, granola, banana, and peanut butter), and finally, the nutty strawberry bowl (acai, granola, strawberry, and peanut butter).

My favourite would have to be either the classic Cali bowl or the nutty banana bowl – they’re both so good!

Get yourself down to Ten10 and treat yourself to one of the best acai bowls in Dublin today.

11. Bay Restaurant Clontarf


Address: 369 Clontarf Rd, Clontarf, Dublin 3

Phone number: 01 853 2406

Price: €10.50 – €12

Alternatively, if you feel like splashing the cash and treating yourself to an acai bowl in an upmarket restaurant, then head on over to Bay Restaurant Clontarf.

Bay has been adding flavour and creativity to Clontarf’s food scene since 2003.

This means you can rest assured that they know how to cook up a storm!

Their acai bowl costs €10.50 on their mid-week breakfast menu (available until noon Monday to Friday) and it rises to €12 on their weekend brunch menu (available until 4 pm every weekend).

It’s topped with toasted granola, banana, passionfruit, and coconut chunks, and is just as delicious as you can imagine!

Like most acai bowls, it’s high in protein, antioxidants, and omega 3, 6 and 9, so you’ll be treating both your body and your tastebuds with this one.


So that concludes the 11 best places to go for acai bowls in Dublin!

There’s something for everyone on this list, whether you fancy a cheap and cheerful bowl on the go or a beautiful bowl in an Instagrammable cafe.

I think it’s safe to say that whichever of these acai bowls you try, your tastebuds will thank you later!


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