New Zealand Packing List, What to Pack for Two Months in New Zealand's Winter

What to Pack for Two Months in New Zealand’s Winter

Planning a trip to New Zealand in winter, but not sure what you need to pack? I’ve put together this New Zealand Packing List to help you. Quite like the UK, where you can also experience the infamous “four seasons in one day”, New Zealand’s weather is temperamental all year round. This means you kind of need to pack for any weather…

The Ultimate New Zealand Bucket List Queenstown New Zealand Faraway Lucy Travel Blog

The Ultimate New Zealand Bucket List

If you haven’t already read my latest post, well, SURPRISE, I’m going to be living in New Zealand for two months this summer! I haven’t stopped thinking about everything I want to see and do in this wonderful little country so I’ve put together a little mahoosive bucket list. This is my own bucket list but for SEO purposes, we’re gonna go with…

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My 2018 Life/Travel/Blog Plans

Yes, it’s March and yes, it may be a tad late to be telling you about my plans for this year (personally I’d like to think I’m just fashionably late) but I’m writing this post because I’ve got some veeery exciting news to share with you! I’m talking so exciting that I might just burst if I don’t get it out of me anytime soon. On that note, I hope you enjoy this very self-indulgent post and if you don’t…

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