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Cocktail Bars York: 32 Best Bars for Cocktails in York [2022]

York is a beautiful, historic city, and there’s so much to do there, such as visiting the wide range of amazing cocktail bars in York! The city has Roman roots and a Viking past, and it’s a lovely place to have a stroll around, stopping off for a drink along the way. Whether…


Cocktail Bars Leeds: 50 Best Bars for Cocktail in Leeds [2022]

Leeds was the city that I did my Masters in, so if anyone has a good understanding of the best cocktail bars in Leeds, then it’s bound to be me! The city is jam-packed full of exciting bars and restaurants, and it really does have some of the best cocktail bars that I’ve ever…


Cocktail Bars Brighton: 41 Best Bars for Cocktails [2022]

I’ve been going to Brighton since I was tiny, so I think it’s fair to say I’ve got a good grip on the best cocktail bars in Brighton by now. It’s a vibrant city with plenty of colour and excitement about it, and there’s a whole load of stuff to do there. Spend the day on the beach…


Cocktail Bars Bristol: 52 Best Bars for Cocktails in Bristol [2022]

If you’re planning on visiting Bristol in the near future, then this list of the best cocktail bars in Bristol is exactly what you need. Bristol is an amazing city with a thriving independent scene, and there’s so much to do and see here. The city’s creative industries…


Cocktail Bars Birmingham: 49 Best Bars for Cocktails [2022]

Birmingham is my home city, so it’s fair to say that I know a thing or two about the best cocktail bars in Birmingham. The city’s gone through a bit of a revamp in the last few years, and it’s now jam-packed full of incredible bars and restaurants. It’s a city…


Cocktail Bars Oxford: 49 Best Bars for Cocktails in Oxford [2022]

Oxford is best known for its world-famous university, so it should be no surprise that there are a lot of great cocktail bars in Oxford, given the student population! It’s a beautiful city with incredible architecture and plenty of history, and you could easily spend hours strolling…


Cocktail Bars Nottingham: 55 Best Bars for Cocktails [2022]

Nottingham is my uni city, so if anyone can give you a list of the best cocktail bars in Nottingham, it’s probably me. It’s a fantastic city with loads to see and do, and its foodie and bar scene is really up and coming. When it comes to cocktail bars, they’ve got everything…


Cocktail Bars Leicester Square: 33 Best Bars for Cocktails [2022]

Leicester Square is one of the most iconic areas of London, and there are plenty of amazing cocktail bars in Leicester Square. Whether you’re here for theatre, shopping or just drinking, you’re sure to want a cocktail bar or two to stop off at. Have a drink, have…


Cocktail Bars Shrewsbury: 20 Best Bars for Cocktails in Shrewsbury [2022]

If you’re looking for the best cocktail bars in Shrewsbury ahead of your big night out on the town, then you’ve come to the right place. Shrewsbury is a pretty market town in Shropshire that’s famous for being the birthplace of Charles Darwin, and it’s well worth a visit…


Cocktail Bars Reading: 31 Best Bars for Cocktails in Reading [2022]

If you’re in Reading and want to find the best cocktail bars in Reading while you’re there, then you’ve come to the right place. Reading is much more than just a commuter town. Home to Reading Festival, one of the biggest festivals in the UK, this is a town with so…


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91 Essential Road Trip Packing List Items You Can’t Forget [2022]

Great tunes, amazing views and even better company. What’s not to love about a road trip? In my opinion, road trips are the absolute best way to travel. But what on earth do you need to include in your road trip packing list? If you can’t decide what you need to bring with you, I’m here to help with…

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