25 Best Cafes to Work in London [Laptop Friendly Cafes 2024]


In the years since the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become all the rage, but it can sometimes feel overwhelming to find the best cafes to work in London.

There’s a seemingly endless supply of options, so it can be a little tricky to work out exactly what you want in a working space.

To help you find your new favourite working spot, I’ve rounded up the very best cafes to work in London, and there’s something for everyone.

So, let’s get stuck in and find your dream laptop-friendly café!

We’ve also rounded up the best coworking spaces in Shoreditch, so be sure to check that out if Shoreditch is your vibe!

1. The Wren Coffee


Address: 114 Queen Victoria St, London EC4V 4BJ

If you’re looking for a majestic setting with artisan snacks, look no further than The Wren Coffee. 

It’s an independent coffee shop in St Nicholas Cole Abbey, a soaring church with incredible stained-glass windows and plenty of natural light.

This spot is located just a stone’s throw away from St Pauls, so it’s in a great central location that’s perfect for any remote workers looking to be in the thick of it.

Be sure to indulge in one of their almond croissants if you’re in need of a snack.

They’re completely out of this world!

2. One Hundred Shoreditch


Address: 100 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JQ

Phone number: 020 7613 9800

One Hundred Shoreditch‘s lobby is one of my favourite spots to get some work done.

It’s got a chic and modern feel to it, perfect for anyone who’s looking for an Instagram-friendly space to work in the city.

There’s a big communal work table as well as some comfy areas where you can get in the zone and work on that project that’s been crying out for your attention all week.

They’ve also got plenty of power sockets, which is always a plus for remote workers!

Grab a coffee from a nearby coffee shop and get set up for a day of hard work.

3. Nessa Soho


Address: 86 Brewer St, London W1F 9UB

Nessa Soho is a dream come true if you’re looking for an Instagrammable spot.

The vibes are giving Soho House, and there’s a relaxed feel to the place that’s great if you need a stress-free zone to get stuck into some work.

Their menu features classic dishes that champion seasonality with an inventive twist, so if you fancy a bite to eat, this is the place for it.

It’s also a perfect place to have meetings, as the stylish setting will be sure to impress any clients!

Stick around after a long day of work for a cocktail or two from their incredible bar menu.

You’ve earned it!

4. Mare Street Market


Address: 117 Mare St, London E8 4RU

Phone number: 020 3745 2470

Mare Street Market has a cool, industrial-chic feel about it, and it’s by far one of the best cafes to work in London, so you have to check this one out.

The interiors are open plan and airy, which creates a calming work environment that’s perfect for those days when you need to whizz through your to-do list.

Flying Horse Coffee is open between 8 am and 3 pm, so you can enjoy a steaming hot cup of coffee along with a delicious sandwich from the Deli and Bottle Shop.

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

This will be sure to boost your work ethic!

5. Redemption Roasters


Address: Multiple locations

Redemption Roasters is open until 6 pm every day, which will be music to the ears of any freelancers who are fed up with being turfed out at 4 pm when most coffee shops close for the day.

There are ten locations across the city, so you’ll never be too far from one of these fantastic coffee shops, you lucky things!

They serve up a delicious selection of seasonal speciality coffees and tasty pastries and brunches, so this one’s a great choice if you need some good brain fuel.

Pack your laptop up and head on down here!

6. Ozone Coffee


Address: Multiple locations

Ozone Coffee is not only one of the best cafes to work in London, but it’s also B-Corp certified, which is a huge tick in my box!

They’ve got a few locations dotted around London, all of which open their doors at 7:30 am, which makes it an amazing option for any early birds.

They’re big into low-waste dining, too, so not only is this a great independent coffee shop, but it’s also doing its bit for the planet.

Add plenty of plugs and speedy WiFi to that, and you’ve got the perfect working location!

7. Brewdog Waterloo


Address: Unit G, Waterloo Station, 01 The Sidings, London SE1 7BH

Phone number: 020 7397 1010

Brewdog Waterloo perhaps wouldn’t be the first place that springs to mind when thinking of somewhere to work, but trust me when I say it’s one of the best.

It’s got a dedicated co-working space, as well as a podcast recording studio for any creatives out there, so it’s a fantastic choice for any freelancers looking to mix up their working day.

Grab a coffee from their in-house Grind café, then settle in with your laptop to work through your jobs list for the day.

On Mondays you can also make the most of their two-for-one offer on vegan and veggie mains, which is great for any penny pinchers!

Oh, and there’s a slide that you can shoot down if you need a break from your screens.

Pretty cool, right?

8. Poplar Bakehouse


Address: 8a Cotall St, London E14 6TL

Phone number: 020 7537 2979 

Poplar Bakehouse is a micro-bakery that’s the sister venue to the popular e5 Bakehouse.

They’ve got lovely spaces to work in, with good-sized tables meaning you’ve got plenty of space to lay out all your gear for the day.

A highlight of this spot is their fantastic pastry selection, which are even better when washed down with their incredible speciality coffee.

The e5 Bakehouse collective also runs a refugee training programme, which means that by visiting you’re also giving back to the community.

It really does tick all the boxes!

9. FWD:Coffee


Address: Multiple locations

FWD:Coffee is open from 7 am until 5 pm, which gives you plenty of time to really get stuck in to all of those big tasks that need your attention.

They’ve got multiple locations across east London, and their colourful interiors and eclectic soundtrack really set them apart from other coffee shops.

Their motto is ‘not serving bad coffee since 2009’, and it’s fair to say that their coffee is a big jump away from just ‘not bad’ – it’s excellent!

If you’re looking for one of the best cafes to work in London, then this is it.

Power up your laptop and link it to their high-speed WiFi

10. Mostrador


Address: 61 – 67 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3HU

Phone number: 020 3995 3622

Mostrador is the laidback restaurant in Shoreditch’s Hart Hotel, and it’s a surprisingly amazing spot to get some work down in this cool area of London.

They serve up a menu of seasonal produce, alongside tasty fresh pastries that are the perfect accompaniment to your working day.

Another option is to work in the Hart Hotel lobby, but it’s still well worth dropping by Mostrador for a quick bite to eat when you get peckish!

Grab a seat on the bench-side of one of the restaurant’s comfy tables and start ticking off those urgent tasks.

11. Guillam Coffee House


Address: Multiple locations

Guillam Coffee House is the home of curated, single-origin, traceable coffees, so if you’re something of a coffee connoisseur, then this is one of the best cafes to work in London.

They’ve got four locations around London, so there’s always one within striking distance, and they’re great for anyone looking to escape their home-working environment.

All of their coffee shops have a friendly, relaxed feel to them which is perfect if you’re looking for a peaceful place to get some work done.

Sip on a delicious coffee and work on meeting those deadlines!

12. Bean and Hop


Address: 424-426 Garratt Ln, London SW18 4HN

Phone number: 020 7998 6584

Bean and Hop is a firm favourite of mine, and it’s a dream if you’re looking for a casual, relaxed neighbourhood spot to spend the working day.

They’ve not only got great interiors but there’s also plenty of outdoor seating if you fancy stepping outside for a bit of fresh air on a sunny day.

Spend a day typing your way through your tick list, then treat yourself to a craft beer or a refreshing glass of wine in the sunshine as the day draws to a close.

As working days go, it doesn’t get much better than this!

13. Grind


Address: Multiple locations

Grind has made a name for itself on the coffee shop scene, and it’s also fast become a favourite for freelancers and creatives looking to escape their home offices.

The cafés have an industrial-chic vibe with a dash of pink that gives them an Instagrammable aesthetic, perfect for anyone looking for a dose of creative inspiration.

Find a seat at one of their many locations across the city, then kick off the working day with a delicious brunch before getting stuck into your latest report.

These coffee shops are also a fantastic choice for a quick brunch meeting in between PowerPoint slides.

Trust me, Grind’s gorgeous cafés really do tick all the remote worker boxes!

14. Prufrock Coffee


Address: 23-25 Leather Ln, London EC1N 7TE

Phone number: 020 7242 0467

airy space with laidback vibes. good decaf

Prufrock Coffee offers an airy space with laidback vibes, creating the perfect working environment for freelancers who have a deadline to meet.

Their incredible coffee provides fantastic fuel for a working day, while they’ve also got a delicious decaf option that’s ideal for those who like to knock the caffeine on the head after lunch.

The booth spaces are great for cosying up and working your way through your spreadsheets, while also doubling up as a dreamy meeting spot.

Get a good mug of coffee in, plug your laptop and make the most of their speedy WiFi!

15. The Monocle Café


Address: 18 Chiltern St, London W1U 7QA

Phone number: 020 7135 2040

hipster vibe, patisserie and sandwiches, cute street

The Monocle Café is a dream for any remote workers who are after an aesthetic space.

It’s super intimate, meaning it’s generally quite quiet, creating the ideal working environment for those days when you need to get in the zone.

It’s run by the renowned magazine Monocle, and they’ve definitely created this space with the working freelance creative in mind.

Head to this lovely Chiltern Street café, get some baked goods in and let the creative juices flow.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Monocle on the way out – it’ll be sure to provide you with some much-needed inspo!

16. Pophams Bakery


Address: Multiple locations

Pophams Bakery is a cosy artisan bakery and café with several locations for you to check out if you fancy café-hopping across the city.

They specialise in sourdough bread and croissants, too, so if you fancy a tasty bite to kickstart your working session, then this is the place for it.

The staff are super welcoming to remote workers, and there are plenty of tables where you can spread out your stationery ahead of a busy day.

The Scandi-inspired interiors will be sure to help you relax, so if you’re looking for a stress-free environment, then this is easily one of the best cafes to work in London.

17. Daisy Green Collection


Address: Multiple locations

Daisy Green Collection has really made a name for itself across London.

They’ve got a bunch of different cafés all over the city, each of which has its own personality, so you’ll be sure to find your perfect working space among their collection.

A huge plus is that a lot of their cafés are in central locations, meaning that there are plenty in key office hubs, ideal for any freelancers who want to be around the office worker buzz.

Their food menu is also a huge plus, with Australian-inspired brunch dishes that will be sure to get the creative juices flowing.

Grab a seat, whip out your laptop and start bashing out that report you’ve been putting off.

18. Notes Coffee


Address: Multiple locations

Notes Coffee is a collection of beautifully designed coffee shops and bars, all of which are a dream come true for any freelancers looking for a new spot to work.

Their coffee shops have plenty of table space to get your work done on, whether it’s communal bench tables or individual tables where you can get in the zone.

They sell incredible single-origin coffee that’s locally roasted, so if you like to consider yourself as a coffee expert, then this is a fantastic choice.

Unwind at the end of a long, busy working day with a glass of wine from their curated collection – you’ve earned it, after all!

19. Shaman Coffee


Address: Multiple locations

Shaman Coffee provides inspired coworking spaces for the creators and dreamers among us.

They’ve got a community feel to them that encourages the sharing of ideas between colleagues, so if you’re looking for a spark of inspiration, then this is the place for you.

They serve up seasonal produce with wellness at the heart of their menus, ensuring that you’re fuelled with wholesome sustenance ahead of a working day.

Relax on a comfy bean bag or settle in at a communal bench – no matter your vibe, these cafés will be sure to tick all the boxes.

They really are some of the best cafes to work in London!

20. Söderberg


Address: Multiple locations

Söderberg is a Swedish café business with two London branches for you to enjoy.

The interiors are Scandi-inspired, creating a relaxed vibe that will be sure to help you get in the zone.

They’ve got loads of seating for freelancers to settle into, with plenty of USB ports to make sure that your devices stay charged throughout the working day.

Dig into freshly baked pastries during the day, before tucking into a sourdough pizza washed down with a cocktail or two in the evening.

When it comes to amazing working spaces in the city, it doesn’t get much better than this!

21. Cobalance Café


Address: 130 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JE

Phone number: 07424 704021

Cobalance Café is the ultimate spot for anyone looking to fire through their to-do list.

Whether you prefer a cosy corner, a formal boardroom or a comfy sofa, there’s something for everyone spread across this gorgeous spot’s two floors.

There are a whopping 42 workstations as well as meeting rooms and booths for any confidential conversations that you need to have during the day.

They’ve got speedy WiFi and printers too, as well as a library, so all your needs really are catered to here.

There’s even a dedicated napping space if you need to take a break from it all!

Get yourself a membership to this gorgeous spot – you really can’t beat it.

22. Rude Health Café


Address: Kiln House, 212 New Kings Rd, London SW6 4NZ

Phone number: 07954 142322

Rude Health Café is a vibrant yet relaxed space that’s perfect for getting some work done.

It’s got colourful décor that will be sure to boost your creative spark, while the delicious coffee will really get those ideas flowing.

Unlike a lot of cafés in London, it’s got a really exciting food menu, full of dishes made from organic ingredients that taste great and will make you feel even better.

For relaxed meetings, the communal outdoor benches are unquestionably some of the best in town, especially on a rare sunny day in the city.

Head on down here and fire up your laptop for a day of creativity and inspiration.

23. Hjem Kensington


Address: 3 Launceston Pl, London W8 5RJ

cosy, outdoors and indoor spaces

Hjem Kensington is a cosy spot that’s become super popular over the years, especially since remote working took the city by storm.

They’ve got both outdoor and indoor seating areas, meaning there are great spaces not only for laptop work but also for casual business meetings.

Although it’s not the biggest coffee shop in town, it’s easily one of the best cafes to work in London, especially if you’re a fan of a good pastry or two.

Bring your laptop along and start to make your way through that seemingly endless to-do list.

24. Riding House Cafés


Address: Multiple locations

Riding House Cafés are a selection of modern restaurants, cafés and bars, each of which have their own vibe. 

My favourite has got to be the Bloomsbury location due to its tropical feel, but it’s fair to say that they’re all pretty special, so why not give them all a go?

The cafés all have a relaxed vibe, creating a working environment that’s both peaceful and productive.

The majority of their locations not only have great counter table spaces but also beautiful booth areas, so there’s something for every kind of worker here.

Head down to one of these incredible cafés and you’ll soon feel the creativity pouring out of you!

25. Catalyst


Address: 48 Grays Inn Rd, Chancery Ln, London WC1X 8LT

Catalyst is a gorgeous spot with a window counter and wooden seating that’s surprisingly comfortable for a working day.

Natural light pours in through the café’s windows, meaning that you can enjoy basking in the sunshine while you get your work done.

The food menu here is a real standout, especially when washed down with its delicious coffee, so be sure not to miss out on that.

Grab a window seat, order yourself a coffee and settle in for the ultimate working day.


There you have it, my ultimate roundup of the best cafes to work in London!

There’s something for everyone in the capital, whether it’s cosy corners or communal benches where you can brainstorm with your colleagues.

Whichever option you choose, there’s one thing that you can be sure of – working environments this good will be sure to boost your productivity!

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