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Date Ideas Bristol: 25 Fun, Quirky & Romantic Dates [2024]

Bristol is a fantastic city with loads of things to do, which means that there are plenty of great date ideas in Bristol for anyone looking for something new to do. Whether it’s an activity date or a more traditional drinks and dinner vibe that…


25 Best Cafes to Work in London [Laptop Friendly Cafes 2024]

In the years since the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become all the rage, but it can sometimes feel overwhelming to find the best cafes to work in London. There’s a seemingly endless supply of options….


21 Best Things to Do in London at Christmas [2024]

It’s that time of year again when everyone starts humming Michael Bublé and walks around with a slight spring in their step. The nights are getting colder and we start consuming hot chocolate by the gallon! Christmas is what…


15 Best Places to Visit Within 2 Hours of Manchester [2024]

Manchester is ideally situated for exploring the northwest of the UK, and it’s a great place to live or base yourself while travelling the country. While there are plenty of amazing things to do in the city itself, there are some fantastic day trips that you can take too…


25 Fun, Quirky & Romantic Date Ideas in Edinburgh [2024]

Scotland’s capital city is without a doubt one of the most romantic places in the country. So it’s no surprise that there are a ton of fun date ideas in Edinburgh! Not only does Edinburgh have beautiful architecture, dreamy cobbled streets, and breathtaking views, but it also has a…


12 Best Cafes to Work in Lisbon [Laptop-Friendly Cafes 2024]

Lisbon is fast becoming one of the digital nomad capitals of the world. And it’s not hard to see why! Remote workers from around the globe are flocking to Lisbon for its sunny climate, vibrant culture, and growing nomad community. I recently spent over a month…


15 Best Indoor Activities in Manchester You Need to Try [2024]

Manchester! A contender for England’s second city and the home of Coronation Street, Oasis and two Premier League football teams. With a student population of over 90,000, there is so much to do and see within this city. However, as anyone who has ever visited Manchester knows, it rains here. A lot! In fact, in…


Activity Bars London: 25 Best Gaming Bars in London [2024]

If you want a unique and fun night out in the capital, then you better check out some of the amazing activity bars in London. From shuffleboard to ping pong, cricket to ice skating, there’s a bar for everyone here, so you’ll be sure to find the right one for you. There are adrenaline-filled…


31 Fun Things to Do in London Bridge (From a Local) [2024]

A hub for commuters and tourists alike, London Bridge is the perfect destination to discover something new. With something exciting to do on every corner, you’ll never be short of things to do in London Bridge. Its central location means you’re never too far from some…

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