Bottomless Brunch Victoria London: 12 Best Brunches [2024]


Thanks to its major railway station, London Victoria is a central hub for tourists visiting the city.

Not only is the area well-connected to the rest of the capital, but it’s also just a stone’s throw from major tourist attractions like Buckingham Palace and Westminster Cathedral.

Among these world-class attractions, you’ll find plenty of great eateries for you to whet your appetite on the go.

And luckily for you, many of these spots serve fantastic bottomless brunches!

If you’re looking for the best places to go for bottomless brunch in Victoria London then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve rounded up every single place to go for bottomless brunch here, from brunch with darts to brunch with live music to bottomless afternoon tea!

So without further ado, scroll down to discover the 12 best places to go for bottomless brunch in Victoria London.

1. Timmy Green


Address: The Nova Building, 11 Sir Simon Milton Sq, London SW1E 5DJ

Phone number: 020 3597 9908

Price: £49.90 per person

Timmy Green is part of the fantastic Daisy Green Collection, which has venues dotted all around London.

They are Aussie-inspired, and the laidback vibes definitely make you feel like you’re abroad somewhere warm and beachy!

And I mean, no one does brunch better than the Aussies, do they?!

Timmy Green’s bottomless brunch is £49.90 per person and is available on Saturdays and Sundays.

For that price, you get one of their mouth-watering brunch dishes alongside 90 minutes of free-flowing fizz and mimosas.

Happy days!

Their menu is split into two categories, savoury and sweet, and features plenty of great vegan options, meaning there’s something for everyone here.

In total, there are 15 great items on their brunch menu so there’s plenty of variety!

If you want to keep things healthy, opt for the Healthy Start: chilli and maple celeriac toast, avocado, poached eggs, broccoli, spinach, and grilled tomatoes.

Alternatively, treat yourself to the Dirty Daisy.

It’s a delicious plate of tater tots, chipotle sour cream, Monterey Jack, chorizo, free-range egg, tomato avocado salsa, black beans, and pink pickled onion.

Bottomless brunch is served from 10 am to 3:30 pm Monday to Saturday, and from noon to 3:30 pm every Sunday!

2. The Palm House


Address: The Nova Building, 150 Victoria St, London SW1E 5LB

Phone number: 020 3780 8110

Price: £50 per person

Adorned with greenery, the aptly named Palm House is one of the prettiest places to go for bottomless brunch in London Victoria.

This Miami-inspired oasis provides the perfect backdrop to brunch and will look incredible on your Instagram!

Luckily for you, Palm House’s bottomless brunch is just as incredible as its interior decor.

Pay £50 per person and you’ll be treated to a whopping five-course meal, two generous hours of free-flowing drinks, a live saxophone, and music from top London DJs.

Told you it was good, didn’t I?

It gets better, though!

For drinks, you get to choose from an amazing selection of Ron Santiago de Cuba rum punch, sangria, beer, and Prosecco.

As for food, they kick things off with a sharing starter of fruits colorida, then quickly follow it up with a sharing taco platter.

For your taco filling, have your pick from chipotle plantain, pork al pastor, chilli chicken, and avocado prawn!

Next, you get to enjoy a main (think burgers and Cuban toast and you’re on the right lines), a savoury muffin (guacamole, pulled pork, or smoked salmon), and finally end things on a high with unlimited churros.

Yes, that’s right: unlimited.

(I think you can now why this is one of my favourite places to go for bottomless brunch in Victoria!)

If Palm House has won you over too then join them every Saturday from noon to 5 pm.

3. All Bar One


Address: Cardinal Place, Retail Unit 1, 58 Victoria St, London SW1E 6QW

Phone number: 020 7828 9772

Price: From £35 per person

All Bar One is a classic and has been on the scene for years, so it’s no surprise that they know how to throw a cracking bottomless brunch.

For £35 per person, you get 90 minutes of bottomless fun as well as a delicious brunch dish from their selected menu.

It runs every day until 4:30 pm, giving you plenty of time to knock back Prosecco, G&Ts, Aperol spritz, or flavoured daiquiri.

Alternatively, you can pay £45 per person instead for unlimited pornstar martini, espresso martini, or long island iced tea.

In terms of food, you can expect brunch classics like their full breakfast and French toast, as well as more lunch-y items like a cheeseburger and chicken quesadilla.

My favourite items on the menu would have to be the vegan breakfast, and the banana and berry bowl – yum!

All Bar One always get it right, so you won’t be disappointed if you choose to head here for your bottomless brunch in Victoria.

4. Browns


Address: Cardinal Place, 2 Cardinal Walk, Greater, London SW1E 5JE

Phone number: 020 7821 1450

Price: From £40 per person

Browns is the epitome of class and style, and their bottomless brunch is no exception to that rule.

For £40 per person, guests can enjoy 90 minutes of unlimited Prosecco, bellinis, or Bloody Marys, while for £60 per person, you can upgrade your bottomless drinks to Moët & Chandon Impérial champagne.

Either way, you’ll be dining on some seriously delicious grub.

Fan favourites are the smoked pancetta buttermilk pancakes, the Browns lobster Benedict, and the smashed avocado and feta on sourdough.

My go-to is usually either the vegan breakfast or the baked eggs in purgatory but none of their food disappoints!

If you want to live the life of luxury for a day, then this is probably the bottomless brunch in Victoria for you.

It’s served every Friday to Sunday until 2 pm.

5. Bill’s


Address: Cardinal Place, 6 Cathedral Walk, Cardinal Walk, London SW1E 5JL

Price: £20.50 per person + price of brunch dish

Bill’s may be somewhere that needs no introduction but their bottomless brunch is relatively new on the scene.

As well as now having a bottomless booze option, they also have a bottomless pancake deal which allows you to go unlimited on your food too!

Order any item off their brunch menu and you can pair it with 90 minutes of free-flowing fizz for just £20.50 per person.

There are only five dishes on their brunch menu so there isn’t loads of choice.

But the options they do have are pretty great.

From a full English breakfast to avocado on sourdough to eggs Benedict with fries, their brunch dishes are hearty and delicious.

They all cost somewhere between £9.95 and £13.50, bringing the grand total of your brunch to anywhere between £30.45 and £34 per person.

However, if a single brunch dish wasn’t enough, you can get bottomless pancakes for a mere £7.50 from 3 to 5 pm.

That brings your total to just £28 per person – what a bargain!

If this sounds good to you, join Bill’s for bottomless brunch from 11:30 am to 5 pm every Saturday and Sunday.

6. Flight Club


Address: Nova North, 6 Sir Simon Milton Sq, London SW1E 5DJ

Phone number: 020 3019 3093

Price: From £30 per person

From Thursday to Sunday every week, Flight Club run their Brunch Social event.

The classic Brunch Social ticket gives you two delightful hours of bottomless pizza and a bottle of Prosecco per person.

It’s perfect if you want a chilled brunch or if you’re in a group of four or less.

However, if you fancy tickets to the Brunch Social with Social Darts option, you’ll get one hour of darts with your mates, adding a competitive edge to your brunch.

The Brunch Social option starts at £30 per person, with the Social Darts option being between £35 per person and £40 per person.

Pretty reasonable for fun, food, and booze if you ask me!

And obviously, you want to play darts and unleash your competitive spirit, right?

Flight Club is also super accommodating to all guests, whether you need vegan cheese, gluten-free bases, or mocktails for teetotal guests!

This is one of the best places to go for bottomless brunch in London Victoria if you fancy something a little different to your typical brunch.

7. Munich Cricket Club


Address: 1 Abbey Orchard St, London SW1P 2LU

Phone number: 020 7222 8972

Price: £35 per person

Munich Cricket Club is a Bavarian beer hall and easily one of the most fun places to go for bottomless brunch in London Victoria.

Their Big Bavarian Brunch brings you a schnitzel and sausage sharing board, 90 minutes of bottomless booze, and heaps of live entertainment, ranging from cheesy euro-pop tunes to stein-holding contests.

It takes place every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 2:30 pm and costs just £35 per person.

An absolute bargain considering all the bang you get for your buck!

Don’t think that you’ll just be drinking German beer here, either, as you also get to enjoy cocktails galore.

And the best bit is that they’re all served in your very own Munich Cricket Club boot which you can take home with you!

Prepare to eat your body weight in bangers while singing along to some absolute bangers too.

8. Giraffe


Address: 120 Wilton Rd, Pimlico, London SW1V 1JZ

Phone number: 020 7233 8303

Price: £29 per person

With their bottomless brunch costing a sweet £29 per person, Giraffe is one of the cheaper places to go for bottomless brunch in Victoria.

Their deal is simple: pay £29 and you’ll get one brilliant brunch dish and 90 minutes of free-flowing Prosecco, cocktails, and Peroni.

What’s not to love?!

As expected from Giraffe, their brunch menu is globally-inspired, ranging from a classic full English to a Mexican tostada plate. 

Keep it simple with a classic fish finger sandwich or mix it up with a ham and slow-cooked pork Cuban sandwich.

Whatever you order, you’re sure to love it!

Even better yet, this bottomless brunch is available every single day of the week from 11 am to 4 pm.

Perfect for a spot of mid-week brunching!

9. No 11 Pimlico Road


Address: 11 Pimlico Rd, London SW1W 8NB

Phone number: 020 7730 6784

Price: £35 per person + price of brunch dish

No 11 Pimlico Road is a modern European restaurant best known for its fantastic breakfast menu!

However, they not only serve up some winning brunch dishes but they also throw in free-flowing alcohol in too.

Lucky you, huh?!

Enjoy 90 minutes of free-flowing Prosecco, mimosas, or mojitos for £35 per person, on top of the price of your brunch dish.

Their dishes cost anywhere between £4.50 and £14.50, bringing the grand total of your brunch somewhere between £39.50 and £49.50.

There’s something for everyone on their menu, whether you want to keep it sweet with apple and raisin spiced buttermilk pancakes or go savoury with their vegan house breakfast.

My typical order here is the avocado green goddess on wild-farmed sourdough, but all their food is delicious really!

Even better yet, No 11 Pimlico Road aims to be as eco-friendly as possible, sourcing sustainable ingredients and reducing food waste in all they make.

Help them do their bit for the planet every weekend from 10 am to 4 pm!

10. The Bay & Bracket


Address: Artillery House, 17-19 Artillery Row, London SW1P 1RT

Phone number: 020 7799 1620

Price: From £30 per person

The Bay & Bracket thinks that brunch is the most important meal of the day.

And based on that logic, they’ve made their bottomless brunch available every single day of the week!

That’s two hours of bottomless prosecco, cocktails, beer and G&Ts, coupled with one of their yummy brunch dishes, for a mere £30 per person.

Wallet-friendly as well as fun, that’s what we like to see!

Their brunch menu features lots of great dishes, including smashed avo crumpets, sweet-a-bisc waffles, and a mex-melt quesadilla.

They also have all the classics such as a full English, burgers, and even pizzas.

However, if you’re looking for something extra tasty, why not upgrade to one of their premium burgers or pizzas or bottomless wings for an extra fiver?

Similarly, you can level up your drinks for a £5 supplement, too.

This will get you a wider array of G&Ts, cocktails, lagers, and craft beer!

11. Victoria Taps


Address: 27 Gillingham St, Pimlico, London SW1V 1HP

Phone number: 020 7096 6991

Price: From £30 per person

If you liked the sound of the last bottomless brunch then you’ll be thrilled to hear that Victoria Taps has an identical one!

Also owned by Crafted Social, this inviting craft pub has a daily £30 brunch too.

As a little refresher, for this price, you get a whopping two hours of bottomless booze and one item from their brunch menu.

These include a great vegan burger, a hearty breakfast wrap, and even pepperoni pizza!

There are also lots of upgrades available, whether you fancy cocktails, bottomless wings, or something else.

If The Bay & Bracket is all booked up, then you know where to head!

12. The Rubens at the Palace


Address: 39 Buckingham Palace Rd, London SW1W 0PS

Phone number: 020 7834 6600

Price: £115 per person

For a fun twist on your classic bottomless brunch, look no further than The Rubens at the Palace.

Overlooking the Royal Mews of Buckingham Palace, The Ruben’s bottomless afternoon tea is truly fit for a king.

At £115 per person, this is easily the most expensive bottomless brunch in London Victoria.

But I can assure you it’s worth every penny!

For this price, you get to indulge in an exceptional afternoon tea for a generous two hours.

During this time, you’ll not only get to enjoy lots of dainty and delectable dishes but bottomless champagne, too!

Expect enough cakes, pastries, scones, and finger sandwiches to fill up even the hungriest guests.

Gluten-free, veggie, vegan, and halal guests need not worry either as The Rubens would be delighted to accommodate you!

No one does afternoon tea quite like London does so you’re in for a treat if you book here.


So there you have it: all the best places to go for bottomless brunch in London Victoria!

As you can see, there are some great spots to go for bottomless brunch in Victoria, ranging from a £28 brunch with bottomless booze and pancakes to a £100+ champagne afternoon tea.

Whether you save your pennies or splash your cash, it’s safe to say you’re in for an absolute treat!

However, if none of these takes your fancy, why not try out a bottomless brunch in Mayfair or a bottomless brunch in Soho instead?

They’re worth travelling for – I promise!

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