Brunches Porto: 14 Best Places to Go for Brunch in Porto [2024]


Porto is a romantic coastal city known for its cobbled streets, impressive bridges, and delicious port wine.

However, what you may not know about Porto is that it’s a great brunch hotspot.

This lovely little city has taken inspiration from Australian brunch culture, and now more and more brunch restaurants are popping up each year.

I recently visited the city and tried out a load of brunches in Porto, and I’ve rounded up all my favourites in this handy list!

From Instagrammable brunches to vegan brunches, local brunch spots to tourist hotspots, here are the 15 best places to go for brunch in Porto.

1. Zenith Brunch & Cocktails


Address: Praça de Carlos Alberto 86, 4050-158 Porto

Phone number: +351 22 017 1557

Open from: 8 am

Firstly, we have the aptly-named Zenith Brunch & Cocktails which serves one of my all-time favourite brunches in Porto.

This popular all-day brunch spot does cocktails really well so if you fancy a brunch in Porto with a drink, they’ve got your back.

(Order the mimosa party jug and thank me later!)

As for the food, their menu is huge, and half of it is vegan, making it great for groups with dietary restrictions.

From acai bowls, banana bread, and pancakes to shakshuka, tacos, and toast, they have countless sweet and savoury dishes for you to try.

Some of my favourites are the Oreo French toast, the eggs Zenith, and the jackfruit tacos.

Zenith is open from 8 am daily too giving you loads of time to try out their brunch!

2. Camélia Brunch Garden


Address: R. do Passeio Alegre 368, 4150-571 Porto

Phone number: +351 22 617 0009

Open from: 10 am Monday to Friday, 9 am Saturday and Sunday

Camélia Brunch Garden serves one of the most beautiful brunches in Porto.

Adorned in greenery and with neon-lighted quotes on the walls, Camélia is super Insta-friendly – and its brunch dishes look the part too!

Here you can indulge in everything from eggs, pancakes, and toast to burgers, salad bowls, and tapioca.

I’ve eaten here a couple of times and would highly recommend the earth tapioca and the acai bowl.

Alternatively, the Dutch baby pancakes (topped with crushed Oreo, raspberries, toffee, dried fruit and edible flowers) come highly recommended!

I also shared the guacamole and hummus, and hash browns with homemade black garlic sauce for starters and both were phenomenal. 

The best thing about Camélia is that it’s great value for money.

Nothing here costs more than €8 and most dishes cost around €5-6!

Treat your tastebuds and your wallet with a trip to Camélia.

3. Nicolau


Address: Largo de Alberto Pimentel 4, 4050-214 Porto

Phone number: +351 22 208 2406

Open from: 9 am

With locations all across the country, I Love Nicolau is a Portuguese brunch institution!

By the time they opened their Porto restaurant, the team behind I Love Nicolau had already perfected the art of creating yummy brunches in their multiple branches in Lisbon.

Their ever-changing seasonal menu features delicious salads, pancakes, burgers, toasts, acai bowls, and much more.

And the best part is that none of it breaks the bank either!

For example, you can get Nutella pancakes for €5.20, French toast for €6, or shakshuka for €7.50.

However, my favourite option here is the €17 vegan brunch which comes with orange juice, coffee or tea, oat and banana pancakes, and white bean hummus toast with spinach and sauteed mushrooms.

The perfect mix of sweet and savoury!

4. O Diplomata


Address: R. de José Falcão 32, 4050-198 Porto

Phone number: +351 916 501 477

Open from: 9 am

For beautiful brunch bowls and perfect pancake plates, look no further than O Diplomata.

This fun brunch restaurant is best known for its make-your-own pancake option.

Choose your base (simple, chocolate, oats, blueberry, vegan, and Oreo), then pick as many toppings as you like from their fruits, ice cream, chocolate, creams, spreads, and more!

From kiwi and acai to peanut butter and KitKat, they have toppings for everyone.

However, if you’re not a big pancake person don’t worry because they also have salads, bagels, and toast for you to try, as well as a unique rosti burger that will have you dreaming about it for weeks.

Expect cheap prices and big portions here at O Diplomata!



Address: Praça D. Filipa de Lencastre 25, 4050-259 Porto

Phone number: +351 910 595 015

Open from: 9 am

NOLA KITCHEN is one of my all-time favourite eateries in the city so it’s no surprise that they also happen to serve one of my favourite brunches in Porto too!

This health food restaurant has an all-organic menu made from authentic ingredients with lots of yummy vegan options.

There’s so much goodness to tuck into that you won’t know where to start!

If you’re looking for a breakfast dish, I’d recommend trying out their acai bowl, salty pancake, or shakshuka.

Alternatively, if you prefer your brunch dishes more on the lunch side, then go for a salad or burger.

The Green Bowl I had here was by far the most filling salad I’ve ever had so come hungry!

For a balanced, healthy, and tasty brunch in Porto, you can’t go wrong with NOLA.

6. Early


Address: Rua dos Bragas 374, 4050-122 Porto

Phone number: +351 22 112 4203

Open from: 9 am

If you’re looking for quality seasonal cuisine and speciality coffee, Early is the Porto brunch spot for you.

This beautiful restaurant is a feast for the eyes, as are its impressive plates.

Here, almost everything is made in-house from freshly picked ingredients and local produce, ensuring all the food is top quality.

However, they don’t skimp on quantity either as you have a whopping 17 dishes to choose from.

From bowls and egg dishes to burgers and pasta, their menu has something for everyone.

The brioche French toast with bacon, pepper chutney, and maple syrup is an Early fan favourite, but mine would have to be the vegan burger.

Whatever you order, Early is sure to impress with its sensational seasonal dishes!

7. Garden Porto Café


Address: Rua de Fernandes Tomás 985, 4000-220 Porto

Phone number: +351 22 110 8540

Open from: 9 am

Garden Porto Café describes itself as “impossible NOT to photograph” and “more than a brunch” and while they may be biased, I’d have to agree with them.

The cafe is absolutely stunning and highly photogenic, and the same can be said for their food too.

Here you’ll find an eclectic mix of American brunch dishes and Asian street food, with menu highlights being the pumpkin pancake with Oreo ice cream and the chicken waffle with a fried egg and maple syrup.

Whatever you order, it’s sure to impress as they prioritise quality at Garden Porto Café.

And if you fancy making your brunch a boozy one, their cocktails are the stuff of dreams!

8. Negra Café


Address: R. Guedes de Azevedo 117, 4000-272 Porto

Phone number: +351 913 951 570

Open from: 9 am

Vibrant and funky, Negra Café is filled to the brim with eclectic furniture and movie-inspired decor.

And luckily for us, the food is just as great!

On their large menu, you’ll find everything from bowls, pancakes, and smoothies, to toast, salads, and eggs.

Their menu is quite meat-heavy with few vegan options to choose from but I had an amazing acai bowl here that I’d highly recommend.

The café is also a great place to work as it’s laptop-friendly and they have fast Wi-Fi.

So if you need to knuckle down and do some work, this is a great place for it!

9. NOSHI Coffee & Healthy Food


Address: R. do Carmo 11 12, 4050-164 Porto

Phone number: +351 22 205 3034

Open from: 9 am Wednesday to Monday

NOSHI does exactly what it says on the tin: serve coffee and healthy food.

Situated in a unique and beautiful garden, the team behind NOSHI take inspiration from their surroundings by prioritising sustainable and organic food and drink.

Their menu is filled with happy healthy food like their famous oat pancakes, chia pudding, and smoothie bowls.

As expected from a place like this, they cater well for vegans and those with gluten intolerances which is always great to see.

And if the photo above hasn’t already inspired you to visit this gorgeous cafe, then I don’t know what will!

10. Mercador Café


Address: R. das Flores 180, 4050-266 Porto

Phone number: +351 22 332 3041

Open from: 9 am Monday to Saturday

Mercador Café is a beautiful and elegant brunch restaurant, serving pancakes, eggs, smoothie bowls, and more.

The family-run cafe is inspired by traditional Portuguese cuisine and prioritises using fresh seasonal products from small producers.

This means their menu changes with the seasons!

However, you can always expect fan favourites such as their banoffee waffles, cacao smoothie bowl, and eggs Benedict.

11. Lazy Breakfast Club


Address: R. Das Oliveiras 110, 4050-449 Porto

Phone number: +351 926 383 359

Open from: 8 am

Got a hangover to nurse and want some carb-y breakfast goodness to revive you?

Then Lazy Breakfast Club is here to help!

Serving breakfast all day from 8 am to 6 pm, here you can indulge in anything from eggs and burgers to waffles and croissants.

However, if you really want to treat yourself, go for one of their large breakfast plates (lazy, English, French, or veggie) which come with coffee too.

Need another reason to visit?

Well, if you love snapping a pic or two, you’ll be pleased to hear that this cafe is oh-so Instagrammable. 

Think millennial pink and neon lighting and that’s Lazy Breakfast Club all over!

12. Swallow Decadent Brunch


Address: face à, Campo dos Mártires da Pátria, Rua dos Caldeireiros 144, 4050-368 Porto

Phone number: +351 22 208 1689

Open from: 10 am Wednesday to Sunday

This brunch spot puts the word ‘decadent’ in Swallow Decadent Brunch.

And no, I’m not just talking about the food!

The bright, urban-inspired space features high ceilings and lots of light and greenery, making it one of the most beautiful spots to enjoy brunch in Porto.

The cafe was founded by a Canadian couple living in Porto and as such, you can expect North American-style brunches here.

Think chicken and waffles, loaded pancakes, huge cooked breakfasts, and so much more.

Whatever you order, it’ll fuel you for a big day of exploring (or fight off the morning hangover!).

13. Esquires Coffee


Address: R. de 31 de Janeiro 215, 4000-543 Porto

Phone number: +351 22 208 0216

Open from: 8:30 am

Esquires Coffee is one of the most underrated places to go for brunch in Porto.

This casual little coffee shop is a go-to for remote workers so expect to be surrounded by people tapping away on their keyboards.

That aside, it’s a really affordable cafe with a great menu and super-friendly staff!

Join them from 8:30 am every morning to enjoy a huge menu of breakfast dishes, omelettes, salads, toasts, sandwiches, burgers, steak, and so much more.

I had the acai smoothie bowl and the veggie burger here and both were super tasty!

14. Do Norte Café by Hungry Biker


Address: Rua do Almada 57/59 4000, 4050-036 Porto

Open from: 8:30 am

Next up, we have Do Norte Café by Hungry Biker, another casual but Instagrammable brunch hotspot in Porto.

Do Norte Café specialises in coffee, brunch, and wine, which is a dream combination if you ask me.

Head out to their gorgeous outdoor courtyard and order yourself a fan favourite like a big brunch plate.

They don’t take reservations here so just rock up on the day and get ready to indulge in some hearty brunch food!


So that concludes my round-up of all the best brunches in Porto!

While the city may not have as many brunch spots as its elder sister, Lisbon, the ones that are here are pretty great.

Shortlist the brunches in Porto that have most caught your eye and schedule them for your next trip to Porto!

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