Cocktail Bars Cheltenham: 29 Best Bars for Cocktails [2024]


If you’re heading to Cheltenham any time soon and want a comprehensive list of the best cocktail bars in Cheltenham, then this is the post for you.

Cheltenham is a great little town with a warm and friendly vibe, and it’s got so much more to give than just its annual races!

With the beautiful Cotswold countryside just a stone’s throw away, the views that you can admire here are second to none.

The only thing better than the views is the cocktail bars, so be sure to check out as many as you can!

1. Lily Gins


Address: 2a, Ormond Terrace, Regent St, Cheltenham GL50 1HR

Lily Gins is a bespoke cocktail bar in the heart of Cheltenham, and it’s well worth a visit, that’s for sure.

If you want to experience visual and taste sensations, then this is one of the best cocktail bars in Cheltenham for you.

It’s a lovely little spot that’s based on an old Victorian bordello bar, and it has a feeling of decadence and excitement about it.

For some of the most innovative cocktails in the whole town paired with amazing, friendly vibes, look no further than Lily Gins.

2. The Urban Fox Bar


Address: 4 Montpellier Walk, Cheltenham GL50 1SA

Phone number: 07483 951605

The Urban Fox Bar is a fantastic cocktail bar that is sure to become your new favourite Saturday spot in no time.

It’s a place with quality food and drink, a buzzing atmosphere and friendly staff.

What more could you want?

To make it even better, everything on their menu is amazing value for money!

Now, this really is ticking all the boxes.

Their frozen margaritas are the perfect summer’s day drink – be sure to give one a go as they’re always a popular choice!

3. The Botanist Bar & Restaurant


Address: Unit 6, The Brewery Quarter, Cheltenham GL50 4FA

Phone number: 01242 895165

The Botanist Bar & Restaurant is one of the best cocktail bars in Cheltenham by some stretch, there’s no doubt about it.

Step inside this botanical paradise and you’ll feel instantly soothed by the warm lighting and the abundance of plants.

Their cocktails are truly incredible, with a heavy dose of creativity injected into each and every one of them.

If you’re in a group, check out the watering can sharing cocktails.

It doesn’t get much quirkier than pouring your drink from a watering can!

4. The Clarence Social


Address: 1 Clarence Parade, Cheltenham GL50 3NY

Phone number: 01242 245539

The Clarence Social is a fab neighbourhood bar that can be found right in the centre of regency Cheltenham.

For those of you that are looking for a bar with a friendly atmosphere and amazing drinks, this one is a pretty good bet.

The bar is spread across three floors, and its interior design exudes elegance with a touch of playfulness.

When it comes to cocktail bars in Cheltenham, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Check them out when you’re in town!

5. The Alchemist


Address: Unit 8, The Brewery Quarter, Henrietta St, Cheltenham GL50 4FA

Phone number: 01242 895434

The Alchemist is another of the funkiest and most creative cocktail bars in Cheltenham, and I just know you’re going to love it.

Unsurprisingly, their drinks menu is based around alchemy, and you’ll be delighted by the tricks they pull with some of them.

From smoking test tube drinks to colour-changing cocktails, there’s something to fascinate even the most cynical of guests.

Its elegant vibe will make you feel like royalty, and its drinks will be sure to blow your mind every time.

6. Imperial Haus


Address: 1A Imperial Square, Cheltenham GL50 1QB

Phone number: 07943 896090

For an enchanting experience at every level, look no further than Imperial Haus.

Nicknamed ‘The Enchanted Bar’, this is a bar that will completely blow you away.

They use a combination of signature mixology, majestic interiors, an immersive atmosphere and unparalleled service to create an experience that you’ll never forget.

As exclusive experiences go, this is by far one of the best, with its enchanted forest vibe that’s inspired by regency Cheltenham.

Be sure not to miss out on this one.

You’ll regret it if you do!

7. Revolution


Address: Clarence Parade, Cheltenham GL50 3PA

Phone number: 01242 234045

Revolution’s Cheltenham branch is housed in a stunning former church building in the centre of the town.

If you’re looking for a reliably good night out with banging cocktails and incredible vibes, they’ll be sure to tick all of your boxes.

From early in the day right through to late night, this is the kind of place where you’re going to want to spend hours.

Get ready to dance the night away at this fantastic cocktail bar.

There’s a reason it’s popular the country over!

8. All Bar One


Address: 18 Montpellier Walk, Cheltenham GL50 1SD

Phone number: 01242 523431

All Bar One is a fantastic choice for a classy yet casual spot to drink with friends.

Whether you’re after a bottomless brunch location or just a relaxed after-work drink, this is the place for it.

It’s one of those bars that you can find all over the country, and that’s because it’s reliably good and ticks all the boxes.

Sip on a pornstar martini as you nibble on some of their tasty light bites.

As far as cocktail bars in Cheltenham go, this is a pretty decent option.

Give it a go!

9. Bentleys Bar


Address: 76 High St, Cheltenham GL50 1EG

Bentleys Bar mixes the feel of a lounge bar with the cool, intimate vibe of a late-night city cocktail bar.

Its intimate interior features exposed brick walls, low lighting and dark wood tables, making you feel like you’ve stumbled upon a secret spot.

They offer all customers the chance to beat the barman at heads or tails when they order, and if you win, you get the same round for £1.

They’ve pushed the boundaries of mixology here, and the results are excitingly intoxicating, and I just know you’re going to want to check this one out.

10. Croft & Jones Trading Co


Address: 1 Clarence Parade, Cheltenham GL50 3NY

Phone number: 01242 245539

Croft & Jones Trading Co is the ultimate speakeasy bar.

The relaxed, speakeasy style will ensure that you feel instantly at home, and the drinks will wash away your worries in no time.

It’s a classy space that’s tucked away in the basement of The Clarence Social, and it’s a real hidden gem.

The team is friendly, the cocktails are amazing, and the vibes are spectacular.

What more could you want from a cocktail bar?

They truly have it all!

11. Memsahib’s Lounge


Address: 47 – 49 Promenade, Cheltenham GL50 1PJ

Phone number: 01242 583377

Memsahib’s Lounge is an upscale underground lounge that specialises in inventive cocktails and Indian-inspired small plates.

They specialise in gin and have a huge selection of 55 that can be turned into the cocktails of your dreams.

Their spectacular menu is packed full of unique flavour combinations that are sure to blow your mind every single time.

With gorgeous décor and an ambience that will get you in the mood to celebrate, this is a place that you’re going to want to come back to again and again. 

12. Gin & Juice


Address: Gin & Juice, 131 The Promenade, Cheltenham GL50 1NW

Phone number: 01242 822939

As the self-proclaimed best gin bar in Cheltenham, it’s fair to expect pretty great things from a visit to Gin & Juice.

It’s open from morning to late and judging by its popularity, it’s very deserving of a spot on this list of the best cocktail bars in Cheltenham.

It’s inside the fantastic No.131 hotel, and was actually awarded the title of number one hotel gin bar in the UK in 2022.

If you fancy some of the best gin cocktails in Cheltenham, then you really need look no further than this.

13. Aura


Address: 16 Bath St, Cheltenham GL50 1YE

Phone number: 07557 767592

Aura is one of the newer cocktail bars in Cheltenham, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not one of the best.

The vibe inside is ethereal, tranquil, mysterious and captivating, and the drinks will be sure to enchant you with their delicious flavours.

It’s a day-to-night spot with creative cocktails and beautifully designed charcuterie boards, as well as one of the best afternoon teas in town.

Whether you fancy a pizza and a glass of wine or just a drink or several, this is the perfect place for every occasion.

14. Coco


Address: 14 Regent St, Cheltenham GL50 1HE

Phone number: 01242 578222

Coco is a lively basement venue that can be found in the heart of Cheltenham.

It’s been a strong part of Cheltenham’s nightlife for years now, and its popularity shows no signs of waning.

Some of the best DJs in this part of the UK often do sets here, so if you want to get your dance on, then this is the place for it.

Think dim, neon lighting, amazing drinks and pumping tunes.

It’s the perfect place to get the party started at the weekend, and you’ll be sure to want to stay until closing.

15. Flight Club


Address: Unit 11 & 12, The Brewery Quarter, Henrietta St, Cheltenham GL50 4FA

Phone number: 01242 339734

Flight Club is popping up all over the country, and it’s not hard to see why!

It’s a fun and modern take on a sports bar, with dart boards dotted around to add a competitive element to your drinks.

This is a bar with an electric atmosphere, and one that will shatter all of your preconceptions about darts.

If you thought it was just a sport played by men in pubs, then think again.

This is the best answer to the question of where you’re going to spend your weekend.

Don’t miss out, it really is one of the best cocktail bars in Cheltenham!

16. Cosy Club


Address: The Brewery Quarter, High St, Cheltenham GL50 3FF

Phone number: 01242 644088

Cosy Club is another one that continues to grow in popularity across the UK, and Cheltenham is no exception.

It’s open from breakfast to late, so whether you want a relaxed midweek brunch or late night Saturday cocktails, they’ve got you covered.

The décor is opulent and classy, and the vibe is warm and friendly, which when combined will be sure to make you fall in love with the place.

Tuck into some of their tasty food and wash it down with some of the most creative cocktails in town.

17. Lounge 72


Address: 70-72 High St, Cheltenham GL50 1EG

Lounge 72 is split into two bars, with both an intimate ground floor bar and a larger more social bar on offer.

This means that whatever vibe it is that you want, you’re pretty likely to find it here at Lounge 72!

It has everything from darts boards and pool tables to premium cocktails, so you can easily spend hours here.

Get ready for the night of your life at one of the best cocktail bars in Cheltenham when you visit Lounge 72.

18. The Daffodil


Address: 18-20 Suffolk Parade, Cheltenham GL50 2AE

Phone number: 01242 700055

The Daffodil is a beautiful hidden gem of a bar and brasserie, spread over two floors with dramatic art deco interiors.

They’ve got a seasonal British menu that pairs wonderfully with their selection of classic and original cocktails.

The building itself is an old 1920s cinema, so you can imagine the grandeur and opulence of the place.

Treat yourself to an incredible bespoke cocktail as you enjoy one of their delicious dishes and admire your surroundings.

19. Cicheti


Address: 3-4 Regent Chambers, Cheltenham GL50 1HE

Phone number: 01242 357996

Cicheti is a lovely little Italian bar and restaurant that serves some of the best cocktails and light bites in town.

They hand pick Italy’s best cured meats for their deli and then pair them with some of Europe’s finest cheeses for sharing boards that are to die for.

When paired with their spectacular wines and carefully curated cocktails, you’ve got the Mediterranean bar of your dreams.

This is a place for top quality flavours at affordable prices.

Seriously, what more could you want?

20. The Ivy Montpellier Brasserie


Address: Rotunda Terrace, Montpellier St, Cheltenham GL50 1SW

Phone number: 01242 894 200

The Ivy Montpellier Brasserie is part of the iconic Ivy brand, and it’s not hard to see why it’s such a popular choice.

Its interiors are splendid and elegant, with beautiful greenery adorning the walls and the bar, making it a great spot for an Instagram.

Add to that its fantastic cocktails and its delicious dishes, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for success.

Everything about the place oozes glamour and class, so if you’re looking for somewhere a little special, then this is the place for you.

21. Turtle Bay


Address: 20-24 Pittville St, Cheltenham GL52 2LJ

Phone number: 01242 529923

Turtle Bay is pretty much a classic when it comes to cocktails.

They’re legends on the bottomless brunch scene, and that’s largely because of their phenomenal cocktails.

If you’re wanting to get boozy, then this is one of the best cocktail bars in Cheltenham for it, that’s for sure.

Their speciality is rum-based cocktails that will most definitely get you in the mood to party.

Get your brunch on, sip a cocktail and get ready for the time of your life.

22. Copa of Cheltenham


Address: 66 Regent St, Cheltenham GL50 1HA

Phone number: 01242 245044

Copa of Cheltenham is a stylish spot in the town centre that’s arguably one of the best cocktail bars in Cheltenham.

They’ve got stylish décor and great food and drinks, so basically everything you need for a successful night out.

If you want somewhere to host an event, they also have a fantastic function room – it really is a place for every occasion.

Perfectly balancing the line between pub and bar, this is the best place to get your weekend started.

23. Come A Casa Ristorante


Address: 2, Rotunda Terrace, Come A Casa Ristorante, Montpellier St, Cheltenham GL50 1SW

Phone number: 01242 510999

Come A Casa Ristorante is a traditional Italian restaurant that also happens to serve some pretty great cocktails.

For authentic Italian food in Cheltenham, you really won’t find many places better than this one.

It’s a family-run restaurant that brings the tradition of Italian cuisine and combines it with excellent drinks to create your perfect dining experience.

If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a gorgeous dinner this weekend, then this will tick all the boxes.

24. The Ox


Address: 10 Cambray Pl, Cheltenham GL50 1JS

Phone number: 01242 234779

The Ox is a steak restaurant and cocktail bar that’s a true institution on Cheltenham’s thriving food scene.

They’ve got a gorgeous terrace for the sunnier days, or you can cosy up inside for winter – it’s perfect for all seasons!

Their simple, quality British menu is packed with dishes that are always cooked to impeccable standards.

When paired with their exquisite cocktails, there isn’t a better meal in town.

Be sure not to miss out on this one!

25. The Coconut Tree


Address: 59 St Paul’s Rd, Cheltenham GL50 4JA

Phone number: 01242 465758

The Coconut Tree is bringing the best of Sri Lankan street food right to the heart of the regency town of Cheltenham.

Their food will cause a flavour explosion in your mouth, made better only by washing it down with their sweet and fiery Cocotails.

The recipes go back generations, and the food is truly phenomenal, while the cocktails are absolutely out of this world.

Come and experience a bit of Sri Lankan flair at The Coconut Tree.

You won’t regret it!

26. Bar No.9


Address: Bar no.9 LTD, 9 Church Rd, Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham GL52 8LR

Phone number: 07833 783053

Bar No.9 is a cocktail and gin bar with a friendly and relaxed vibe.

They’ve won awards, so you don’t just have to take my word for how good they are!

As well as serving their fantastic drinks in-house, they also batch up their cocktails so you can enjoy them at home if you’d prefer.

They’re open from morning until night, so you can pop in for breakfast or stop by for an after-work cocktail – whatever you fancy!

It’s a small, intimate venue, so it’s great for a relaxed drink – it would be a fab date spot too if you ask me!

27. Frog & Fiddle


Address: 313-315 High St, Cheltenham GL50 3HW

Phone number: 01242 701156

Frog & Fiddle is a true Cheltenham icon, having been on the town’s nightlife scene since 1998.

Live music is their thing, and it’s worth checking out their events calendar as the stuff they play is pretty great.

It’s also a fab choice for those looking to watch some live sport while they enjoy a drink or two, so if that’s your scene then this is the place for you.

Their drinks menu is packed with classic cocktails and some less obvious choices, so you’ll be spoiled for choice here!

28. Montpellier Wine Bar


Address: 6 Montpellier St, Cheltenham GL50 1SY

Phone number: 01242 527774

Montpellier Wine Bar is Cheltenham’s most iconic and most popular wine bar, having been around since 1977.

This is a place that’s at the heart of the town’s social scene, and it’s one that you really won’t want to miss.

For a stylish space with incredible drinks and charming staff, you won’t find anywhere better than this.

From the classic martini to their delicious drunken cherry lemonade, you’ll definitely find something to suit your tastes here!

29. Bottle of Sauce


Address: Ambrose St, Cheltenham GL50 3LH

Phone number: 01242 256156

Bottle of Sauce is a neighbourhood pub in the heart of Cheltenham that loves to put on live entertainment and music.

This is a watering hole like no other, with its tantalisingly tasty drinks and its deliciously mouthwatering dishes.

Come here and order a burger, then wash it down with a craft cocktail or two to really complete your night.

Add live music to the mix, and you’ve got the recipe for the best night out in Cheltenham.

Don’t miss this fantastic pub – it’s a real superstar!


As you can see, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to cocktail bars in Cheltenham.

It may not be the biggest of towns, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be lacking places to drink at.

Whether you prefer a relaxed pub vibe or a classier spot, there’s sure to be something for you on this list.

Make a note of your faves and get yourself down there when you’re next out on the town!

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