Glamping Goals: Devon’s Loveland Farm


Located in the beautiful North of Devon, right by the coast, you will find the most unique accommodation I ever have stayed at: Loveland Farm. Loveland Farm is a remote glamping site filled with beautifully designed eco-domes, or “pods”. This was my first time glamping and I am already eager to do more of it. It is just what we need in our hectic, technology fuelled, modern-day environment: peace, nature, and ultimate relaxation! Gaz and I visited in June for a wonderful two-night stay.

Loveland Farm prides itself on its sustainability, and this eco-friendly ethos is infused into the site. Green technologies are used throughout, from their recycled woodchip 110kw biomass system to their award-winning compost loos (which I can totally vouch for!) As a family, they also grow most of their own vegetables, sell produce to their guests, and support many local farmers.

So whether you choose to leave your phones and laptops behind (and fully embrace nature), or opt for staying connected using the fast Wi-Fi the glamping site offers, anticipate an off-the-grid luxury trip that you will never forget. It’s time to disconnect, get back to nature and embrace life’s simplicities. And believe me, it’s needed.

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Before I get to into this, look out for an upcoming blog post where YOU may be able to win a holiday to Loveland Farm yourself! Exciting stuff. You can also find a cheeky 15% off discount code for Loveland Farm at the bottom of this post, so be sure to read until the end!

The Popla Pod

IMG_2861Loveland Farm Glamping DomeLoveland Farm GlampingLoveland Farm Glamping

On arrival at the farm (after hours of motorway and narrow country lane driving) we were immediately greeted by Fleur, one of Loveland Farm’s lovely summer interns. Side note: Is this the best job or what?! We didn’t know which pod we were staying in, so we were pleasantly surprised to be taken to the Popla Pod.

The Popla Pod truly lives up to Loveland Farm’s name. It is the most romantic of the pods, and also the smallest. While each pod is unique and quirky in their own way, I’m very glad we were put in the Popla Pod. The other pods would have dwarfed us. They are much more appropriate for a family or group of friends!

Our pod came with a stunning, hand-made, four-poster bed (with the comfiest mattress ever), a table and bean bags, and a wood burner. Each pod is also elevated above the farm on a wooden platform, making you feel even more secluded.


Loveland Farm GlampingLoveland Farm Glamping

On the doorstep of the Popla Pod sat a wooden hut which housed both a private kitchen and shower room. One of our favourite parts of the trip was being able to cook our own food (including one too many English breakfasts). Normally whilst we travel we tend to eat out, so this was a far cheaper and more rewarding, homely alternative to restaurant food. Unless we’re in a hostel that offers kitchen facilities we typically do not get the opportunity or time to cook our own food, so we made the most of this experience! 

Alongside running Loveland Farm, husband and wife team, Jeff and Karina, also run the menswear label, Griffin. This passion for design is infused throughout the farm, “as the lines between fashion and lifestyle continue to blur to offer our visitors a truly unique experience”. Both the kitchen and shower room were uniquely decorated with everything from reflective stickers and action figures, to Element skateboards and quirky lighting features.

Shower Room

Loveland Farm Glamping

Think you’ll be using any old portaloo? Gone are the days of trashed Reading & Leeds portaloos, it’s time to sit on your very own Iron Throne (please appreciate my rhyming and GoT reference). Whilst many may be put off by the compost toilet, these bad boys have won awards because they are just that great! Plus I know it’s glamping, but getting down to nature is all part of the experience, right?! The shower was also hot, powerful and very spacious – better than what you’d get in most hotels. 

What To Do

Loveland Farm Glamping IMG_3116

NOTHING! This is one of those travel experiences where I recommend you just take your time to enjoy where you are and simply just sit back and relax. If you know me, you’ll know I am obsessed with love being productive. Yes, I’m a bit of a workaholic. While most of the time my work is fun and I bloody well enjoy it, our rainy day (see picture below) actually forced me to just do nothing… The dome was even cosier in the rain than in the sunshine, as it felt like a warm, safe retreat from the storm.

We ended up cuddling by the fire, watching crappy movies and eating lots of food, just enjoying each other’s company. Glamping is what all twenty-first-century relationships need! No arguing about putting up the tent… been there, done that, bought the t-shirt… Whilst the farm did come complete with Wi-Fi, we (and by we, I mean I) tried not to let ourselves spend too much time on the internet. 

Also, nothing is better than stargazing, and this unpolluted haven offers the best night skies. Bonus: you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your pod to see the stars…

Loveland Farm GlampingLoveland Farm Glamping

Luckily on the day of our departure, the heavens stopped raining, and while it wasn’t a very sunny day, we did get the opportunity to explore the other pods and the local area. Before road-tripping back to Exeter, we explored Hartland Quay, climbing over boulders and relaxing by the ocean. Loveland Farm is in the perfect setting between Barnstaple and Bude on the Devon and Cornwall border, so if you get good weather there are plenty of beautiful coastal walks and stunning beaches in North Devon. Bring your car along with you, because it’s ROAD TRIP TIME! 

Loveland Farm Glamping


Faraway Lucy was welcomed as a guest of Loveland Farm, however as always, all opinions are my own.

If you want to book a holiday at Loveland Farm you can use the code FARAWAYLUCY to receive 15% off your booking. Neat, huh? This code lasts until December 31st so you can book a holiday either in 2016 or 2017… you have no excuses, folks! You can also find Loveland Farm on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Located in the beautiful North of Devon, right by the coast, you will find England's coolest and quirkiest glamping site, Loveland Farm. Get back to nature in these beautiful sustainable eco pods. Click through to read more...

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