Vegan Ice Cream NYC: 20 Best Spots for Vegan Ice Cream [2024]


On a hot summer’s day, everyone wants a little something to help cool them down, and what could be better than some amazing vegan ice cream in NYC?

The city is jam-packed full of amazing spots for vegan ice cream, so you’re in for a real treat if you’re an ice cream fan, let me tell you.

Whether you prefer refreshing fruity sorbets or you’re more of a creamy chocolate ice cream person, there’s something for everyone here.

We’ve rounded up the very best places to go for vegan ice cream in NYC for you, to save you all of the hard work, you lucky things.

All you need to do is keep reading and head on down to your favorites!

1. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream


Address: Multiple locations

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is a true leader when it comes to vegan ice cream in NYC.

They’ve got a bunch of scoop shops across the city, too, so you’ll never be too far away from one of their scoops of deliciousness.

They were founded in 2008, and they’ve really made a name for themselves in the years since for making quality ice cream using the best artisan ingredients.

If you want a great selection of flavors, then this is easily one of the best spots to go for vegan ice cream in NYC.

The vegan churros and fudge is a firm favorite, but their vegan peanut butter brownie honeycomb is also a pretty strong contender!

2. Whipped Urban Dessert Lab


Address: 95 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002

Phone number: 646-892-3338

Whipped Urban Dessert Lab is the world’s first oat milk ice creme shoppe.

It’s a creative concept with incredible oat milk ice creams, and I know you’re going to love it.

The parlor itself is compact and contemporary, and it’s got a warm and welcoming feel to it.

If you’re looking for a place to elevate your ice cream experience, then this is the place to do it, there’s no doubt about that.

It’s black female-owned and it embodies food, culture, and elevated experiences.

They’ve got three signature bases to choose from as well as a range of toppings and sauces, and they’ll be sure to blow you away.

Go for the coffee waffle crunch hand-selected fusion flavor – it’s incredible!

3. Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co x Juice Press


Address: 25 E 17th St, New York, NY 10003

Phone number: 646-901-1321

Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co x Juice Press is a dessert counter that should be right at the top of your list when it comes to vegan ice cream in NYC.

They serve up their delicious soft serve outside Juice Press, and it’s one of our favorite spots to go when it’s warm, no doubt about it.

These are frozen treats with nothing to hide, and they’re truly tasty.

Chloe’s also offers a bunch of ice pops at various spots around the city, and they’re absolutely to die for, too, so be sure to check them out if you spot them!

The cookies and cream pops are a personal favorite of mine.

4. Gelatoville Gelato


Address: 163 1st Ave. Unit 1, New York, NY 10003

Phone number: 201-913-9393

Gelatoville Gelato offers a wide range of delicious and all-natural flavors of gelato.

They make their gelato fresh every day, and it’s truly one of the best in town.

This is a place where you can indulge in the sweetest moments, and it really is one of the best spots for vegan ice cream in NYC.

They say there’s only one way to make gelato, and that’s the Italian way, and that’s exactly what they’re doing with their authentic artisan gelato.

It’s a scoop of Italy in the heart of the East Village, and it’s not to be missed.

Their sorbet is all vegan, and there are 12 flavors to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find your perfect match here.

Get on down here and grab an ice cream to cool off!

5. Morgenstern’s Bananas


Address: 2 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002

Phone number: 212-209-7684

Morgenstern’s Bananas is a modern spot that’s one of our absolute go-to places when it comes to vegan ice cream in NYC.

They’ve got a range of creative ice cream and sorbet flavors that will be sure to tantalize your tastebuds and leave you with a smile on your face.

They’re in the business of experimental non-dairy soft serve, which they dream up by reimagining everyone’s favorite classic ice cream flavors.

From salted peanut butter to mucho mango, there’s a flavor to tickle everyone’s fancy here at Morgenstern’s, trust me on this one.

You’re going to go bananas for Morgenstern’s Bananas!

6. Seed and Mill


Address: 409 W 15th St, New York, NY 10011

Seed and Mill is the home of seed-based foods in NYC.

They’re all about foods that create joyful moments, and that’s exactly what they do with their vegan ice cream in NYC.

It’s a contemporary counter in Chelsea Market, and their take on sweet treats is unique, exciting and absolutely second to none.

Their tahini soft serve is truly to die for, so if you’re looking for a new take on vegan ice cream, then this is the place for it.

Made with an oat milk base and all-natural ingredients, their sundaes come with halva crumbles and a drizzle of their delicious tahini for an extra twist.

7. Dreamery


Address: 299 Greene Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone number: 347-633-5400

Dreamery is your sweetest fantasy, and you’re not going to want to miss it.

They serve up incredible plant-based ice cream, popsicles, candy, and cakes for kids of all ages, right in the heart of Clinton Hill.

This is a place where your dreams will come to life, and it will let you unleash your inner child a little more with every bite you take.

Their delicious offerings vary daily, using seasonal ingredients that are local where possible to create the freshest and most delicious vegan ice cream in NYC.

This spot is from the same people behind Clementine Bakery, so it’s fair to say these guys are experts in vegan sweet treats!

Be sure not to miss this one.

8. Scoops Ice Cream Parlor


Address: 624 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Phone number: 718-282-5904

Scoops Ice Cream Parlor is a dreamy spot for vegan and Caribbean eats, and it also happens to be one of the best spots for vegan ice cream in NYC.

It’s a modest, relaxed place with a friendly vibe, so if you’re looking for a quick pit stop on your travels around the city, this spot will be sure to tick all the boxes.

Their dairy-free soft-serve ice cream is some of the best in town, so I can assure you that you won’t want to miss this.

Possibly the best part about visiting Scoops is that you’re supporting a small business in doing so, which is always a plus in my books.

Get on down there and dig into their tasty ice cream!

9. Soft Swerve


Address: 85B Allen St, New York, NY 10002

Phone number: 646-476-6311

Soft Swerve is NYC’s premium whimsical soft-serve ice cream shop.

They specialize in Asian-inspired flavors such as ube, and the results are truly incredible.

Trust me, you need to give this one a go!

This place is a true adventure, with a range of unique flavors and rare toppings that will be sure to absolutely blow your mind.

Their vegan ube scoops are one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted, so if you want something a little different, then check this out.

Every bite here is an absolute delight!

10. Figo Il Gelato Italiano


Address: 178 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012

Phone number: 212-226-6758

Figo Il Gelato Italiano is the ultimate spot for authentic Italian gelato in NYC.

It’s an independent gelato parlor that serves artisanal, traditional gelato and sorbet in a range of classic flavors, and it’s a real superstar.

They’ve got plenty of outside seating as well as a few indoor tables, so this store is the perfect choice on a warm and sunny day.

They’ve got five delicious vegan flavors to choose from, ranging from nerone to frutti di bosco, so it’s sure to satisfy all tastes.

On a hot day, you really can’t beat the refreshing taste of their limone ice cream.

This is easily one of the best spots for vegan ice cream in NYC!

11. 16 Handles


Address: Multiple locations

16 Handles is a place to let the good times swirl.

They serve frozen yogurt, ice cream, and smoothies in a range of exciting flavors, and they’ll be sure to blow you away.

They’ve also got a great selection of toppings for you to check out, which adds an extra dose of excitement to your sweet treat!

16 Handles has several locations across the city, and it’s really made a name for itself since its first store opened in 2008 in the East Village.

It was NYC’s first self-serve frozen yogurt concept, and it’s easily one of its best all these years later.

Try the Oatly chai tea flavor and thank me later.

12. Blossom Ice Cream


Address: 226 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone number: 347-889-5039

Blossom Ice Cream is an artsy parlor with incredible vegan ice cream in NYC.

They’ve got a great selection of all-natural ice cream flavors, and there really is something to suit everyone here at Blossom.

They specialize in rolled ice cream, and it’s some of the tastiest in town.

This lovely spot has a friendly feel to it that will make you feel right at home, and it’s not to be missed, trust me on this one.

Their vegan ice cream is made with an organic soy base, and it’s totally delicious.

The vegan pina colada is my personal favorite, but the vegan rose is a close second.

What would be your flavor of choice?

13. Tipsy Scoop


Address: 217 E 26th St, New York, NY 10010

Phone number: 917-388-2862

If you’ve always dreamed of getting amazing boozy vegan ice cream in NYC, then Tipsy Scoop is sure to be the place for you.

It blends the magic of artisanal ice cream with the mastery of a perfectly mixed cocktail, and the results are incredible.

Their flavors are infused with all your favorite booze, so if you want an ice cream with a bit of a kick, then this is the place for it.

Their sorbets are totally vegan, and they’re incredibly refreshing on a summer’s day.

The mango margarita sorbet is absolutely out of this world, and it will be sure to get you feeling tipsy!

If you love to combine drinks with sweet treats, then this is sure to be your dream spot.

14. Amorino


Address: 721 8th Ave, New York, NY 10036

Phone number: 212-445-0101

Amorino is the home of exceptional Italian gelato.

If you’ve ever wanted to try those gorgeous rose-shaped ice cream cones, then you’re not going to want to miss this lovely spot.

They’ve got an incredible choice of flavors, including plenty of vegan options, so you’ll be sure to find your perfect match here.

Their vegan sorbets are absolutely to die for, and there are some great flavor choices.

The organic chocolate sorbet is perfect for any chocoholics among you, but if you fancy something a little more refreshing, then it’s got to be the lime and basil.

Be sure to snap a picture of these beautifully aesthetic ice cream cones while you’re here!

15. Blue Marble Ice Cream


Address: Multiple locations

Blue Marble Ice Cream has several shops around the city, and it’s easily one of our favorite spots for vegan ice cream in NYC.

One of the best parts about this one is that you’re never too far away from a Blue Marble shop, so you can always get a taste of their sweet treats in no time!

Their ice cream is made responsibly and enjoyed recklessly, and it’s a real treat.

This is ice cream that not only tastes good, but also makes you feel good, which is a win in my books.

They use the highest quality ingredients from organic farms and fairtrade purveyors, so you can guarantee a top quality ice cream here.

Try their red raspberry chocolate chip vegan flavor – it’s a real delight!

16. Gelateria Gentile


Address: 253 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Phone number: 347-599-0646

Gelateria Gentile is the best place in town to enjoy the ancient art of homemade Italian gelato, let me tell you.

They’ve got a few shops around the city, and each one is an even bigger treat than the last one, so you have to check them all out!

These guys have been making gelato since 1880 when they opened their first store in southern Italy, and they’ve stayed true to their roots ever since.

Their knowledge of gelato has been handed down the generations, ensuring authentic and delicious gelato with every bite.

They’ve got plenty of vegan options, so get on down here – you won’t want to miss it!

17. Downtown Yogurt


Address: 303 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013

Phone number: 646-590-9870

Downtown Yogurt is the home of rocking good frozen yogurt and soft serve in NYC.

They’ve got amazing vegan options on offer too, so you don’t need to worry about missing out on these tasty treats!

There’s also a selection of over 50 toppings, which is an added bonus!

It’s not always easy to find great frozen yogurt as a vegan, so this place gets extra brownie points from me just for solving that problem.

They’ve even got fro-yo-dipped doggie treats for your four-legged friend, so everyone will be well looked after here!

18. Mochidoki


Address: Multiple locations

If you’re a fan of mochi ice cream, then Mochidoki is the place fro you.

They’ve got a great range of flavors that pack imagination into every bite, and their perfect bite-sized pieces will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Their ice cream is poppable, delicious, and fun, and it’s perfect for those looking for an indulgent sweet treat that’s packed full of flavor.

Their take on the Japanese-inspired delicacy creates a uniquely chewy and decadent experience that you’re not going to be able to resist.

With six vegan flavors to choose from, you’re pretty spoiled for choice here.

The vegan lychee is a personal favorite – give it a try and thank me later!

19. Bambina Blue


Address: 23 Cleveland Pl, New York, NY 10012

Phone number: 646-692-3452

Bambina Blue is home to NYC’s wildest gelato.

Their handmade gelato is some of the best in town, so you have to check this one out.

As a frozen dessert enthusiast, you know that not all gelatos are equal, and this is some of the very best of the bunch.

It’s served in a stylish gelato shop that’s perfect for those summer days when you just need to step outside of the sunshine for a little while.

The pistachio bella is my favorite of their four vegan options.

Which would be your flavor of choice?

They’re all absolutely delicious, so you’ll be sure to leave this one with a smile on your face!

20. Emack and Bolio’s


Address: Multiple locations

If you’re looking for ice cream that rocks, then you’ll find it at Emack and Bolio’s.

They’ve got three locations that are spread out around Central Park, so you’ll always be within reach of their tasty sweet treats.

These guys are total ice cream magicians, and their creations will be sure to blow you away.

Their flavors are completely outrageous, and they’re some of the tastiest I’ve tried.

It’s all about peace, love, and rock ‘n’ roll here, so the vibes are good and the ice cream is better.

They’re pretty legendary on the ice cream scene, so this one should be top of your list.

The raspberry chocolate krispy rice is number one for me, but they’re all a real treat.

From sorbet to frozen yogurt, you’ll be sure to find something for you here!


There you have it, then, that brings us to the end of our roundup of vegan ice cream in NYC.

There’s something for everyone to get stuck into here, no matter your tastes.

From frozen yogurt to creamy ice cream, all types of ice cream have been veganized for you in NYC!

When it comes to cooling down on a sunny day, this city has got you covered.

Bookmark this article and come back to it next time you fancy some vegan ice cream in NYC.

You’ll be sure to find your dream sweet treat here!

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