Rooftop Bars Nottingham: 13 Best Bars with Amazing Views [2023]


Nottingham is where I studied when I was doing my undergraduate degree, and for that reason, it holds a special place in my heart.

It’s a fab city with so much to do, and I have very happy memories there!

If you’re in the Nottingham area and you’re looking for a rooftop bar, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve compiled a list of the very best rooftop bars in Nottingham for you, so you don’t have to spend hours searching the Internet to find the one for you.

Simply open up this list, have a read, and get yourself booked into your favourite rooftop spaces. 

1. Hidden Rooftop 


Address: 14a Swann’s Yard, Long Row, Nottingham NG1 2DH 

Hidden Rooftop does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a hidden rooftop.

I know, you’re just as surprised as I am, right?

All jokes aside, what could make a rooftop bar better than it already is?

Making it hidden, obviously!

Everyone loves a hidden bar, no matter what kind of bar it is, but a hidden rooftop bar?

That’s simply another level (literally)!

It’s not open all the time, but when it is, it’s the ultimate party spot in town.

Local DJ collectives provide the soundtracks, and street food is available throughout the day.

It’s the rooftop party of your dreams! 

2. Alto


Address: Corner House, Forman St, Nottingham NG1 4DB 

Phone number: 07739 971594 

Alto is offering you a taste of the high life at their fantastic city-centre rooftop bar.

If you want a stylish rooftop spot for your drinks, this is the one for you.

It’s an independent modern bar with a lovely terrace area that looks out over the city and is the perfect place for a classy drink with your friends.

Their hand-picked cocktails are unbeatable, and the décor is impossibly stylish.

Think Instagram influencer vibes, and you’re on the right lines.

They sometimes host events here, which are always good fun, so keep an eye out for those, because they’re worth a visit. 

3. The Golden Fleece 


Address: 105 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG1 3FN 

Phone number: 0115 855 7475 

The Golden Fleece has a fantastic pub rooftop garden.

Pubs with rooftop gardens are a rare find in a lot of cities, but Nottingham has them aplenty.

And they are the perfect spots to go for casual drinks with your mates.

Moreover, the multi-level layout of this lovely pub means that it feels spacious even when it’s packed, which is always nice, especially if you’re not looking for a super busy space!

Come and down a couple of pints here on a weekday evening.

There’s no better place for it. 

4. Six Barrel Drafthouse 


Address: 14 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG1 3GX 

Phone number: 0115 924 1628 

There are two locations of Six Barrel Drafthouse in Nottingham, but if you’re after a rooftop, then the Mansfield Road location is the one for you.

It’s a superb craft beer pub which is the perfect place for a cold pint or two.

The rooftop terrace isn’t very big, but it’s a lovely spot to spend a summer’s afternoon with your pals.

The smaller size gives it a reasonably intimate feel, but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of space for you to fit in!

They have burgers and hot dogs too, which makes them a winner in my eyes.

Just look at the Maverick burger – southern fried chicken with bacon, cheese and pineapple? Yes, please!

Now don’t tell me that pineapple doesn’t belong with savoury, I simply won’t hear of it! 

5. The Sir John Borlase Warren 


Address: 1 Ilkeston Rd, Nottingham NG7 3GD 

Phone number: 0115 988 1889 

The Sir John Borlase Warren is just a short walk from Nottingham city centre, and it’s most definitely worth the visit.

This is a proper pub with real ales and ciders among other tipples, as well as pub grub for lunch if you fancy it.

It’s popular with students due to its proximity to the student accommodation in Nottingham, and that gives it a fun and relaxed vibe.

Their rooftop terrace is decked out with wooden benches and colourful cushions which will brighten up your day, and it’s the perfect little sun trap to spend your summer evenings on.

If you’re looking for a chilled pub, then The Sir John Borlase Warren is the place for you. 

6. Pepper Rocks 


Address: 12 Pepper St, Nottingham NG1 2GH 

Phone number: 0115 958 6477 

Pepper Rocks is one of the funkiest rooftop bars in Nottingham.

If you’re after a lively bar with a great atmosphere, then this is the rooftop bar for you – trust me on that one!

Their rooftop terrace has a hotdog stand, which makes it even cooler if you ask me.

Who doesn’t love a hot dog, after all?

They’re Icelandic style, beer-soaked lamb hot dogs, topped with raw white onions, crispy fried onions, sweet mustard and remoulade (pick as many or as few toppings as you like!), and they are delicious.

The house cocktails are also only £5.50 each until 10 pm every single day of the week.

How good is that! 

7. Coco Tang 


Address: 8 Byard Ln, Nottingham NG1 2GJ 

Phone number: 07825 889370 

Coco Tang is one of the coolest spots to go for a drink in Nottingham.

It’s well-loved by the younger crowds in the city, and it’s not hard to see why.

The Vietnamese food that they serve up is delicious, and the ambience is fantastic.

They have a daytime Oriental Café upstairs and a late-night downstairs Cocktail Bar, as well as a cracking rooftop terrace space.

It’s cool, it’s fun and it’s the place to be of an evening!

The cocktail bar is hidden behind a Hong Kong-style alley, too, which adds to the excitement of the place, if you ask me.

Get down here for a tasty tipple or two. 

8. Restaurant Six 


Address: Radcliffe Road Stand, Six Restaurant & Bar, Sixth Floor, Trent Bridge, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 6AG 

Phone number: 0115 671 7666 

Restaurant Six is a glam restaurant offering elevated dining at the iconic Trent Bridge.

They serve some of the finest food in Nottingham, paired with creative cocktails, panoramic views and impeccable service.

There isn’t much more you could ask of a fine dining restaurant.

The windows look out over the city as well as over the grounds, giving you the very best seat in the house if you’re a sports fan!

Their menu is exquisite; the rabbit terrine, the salt-aged duck breast, the wild halibut and gnocchi…

It’s all incredible, so need I go on?

Book a table now, before you miss out! 

9. Alchemilla 


Address: 192 Derby Rd, Nottingham NG7 1NF 

Phone number: 0115 941 3515 

Alchemilla is a Michelin-starred restaurant tucked away in an unassuming building on a road outside of the city centre, and trust me, it’s fantastic.

It may not look like much from the outside, but the interior is intimate and you won’t find better food in the whole of Nottingham.

It’s one of the best vegan restaurants in Nottingham for good reason, after all!

They focus on delivering unique, imaginative, plant-based fine dining, although they do serve meat too.

Every dish is carefully crafted, and it’s instantly clear how they attained their Michelin star.

Their rooftop terrace is a gorgeous place to enjoy a pre-dinner glass of something nice, and why not head up there after dinner, too?

It’s waiting for you! 

10. Pitcher & Piano 


Address: High Pavement, Nottingham NG1 1HN 

Phone number: 0115 958 6081 

Pitcher & Piano is one of Nottingham’s very best bars, not least because it’s housed in a church.

Yep, you read that right – this incredible bar is inside a converted church!

Their gorgeous rooftop bar area is held in by a glass balcony, and the vibes here are immaculate.

Walk through the stunning converted church and out into their rooftop area and it feels like stepping into a hidden paradise in the middle of the city.

The food here is great, with the gunpowder potatoes and Cajun fish tacos being the standouts for me.

The drinks are equally incredible, and they do a banging bottomless brunch in Nottingham, which is what we love to see!

Get yourself up here for the rooftop bar of your dreams. 

11. The Organ Grinder 


Address: 21 Alfreton Rd, Radford, Nottingham NG7 3JE 

Phone number: 0115 970 0630 

The Organ Grinder is a classic red-brick pub that features a traditional wood-burning fire, and it’s the best spot in town for a casual catch-up.

They pride themselves on their selection of cask ales, but that’s not the only thing they should be shouting about.

Why, I hear you ask?

Because they have a cracking rooftop terrace too, of course!

There isn’t a better place to chill out with your mates on a Saturday afternoon than their lovely beer garden.

They also have a gorgeous old piano for you to enjoy a tune or two on, so all in all, this couldn’t be a better pub if it tried.

Head on over for a deliciously cold pint on the terrace. 

12. Nottingham Secret Garden 


Address: 17, 3 / 4 Trinity Walk, Nottingham NG1 2AN 

Another secret spot!

Clearly, Nottingham loves a secret bar…

Nottingham Secret Garden is one of the best rooftop bars in Nottingham, so make sure to hunt it down and check it out.

I promise you’ll thank me for it later!

Classic and signature cocktails are served up to the clientele, with sharing pitchers for you to dish out among your friends if that’s more your style.

Their leafy patio is a lovely spot to while away a few hours on a summer’s day.

And it gives off exactly the mysterious vibes you would expect from a secret garden.

Head down here and grab yourself a sharing cocktail or two – you won’t want to leave this bar! 

13. GinSecco 


Address: 3rd Floor, The Cornerhouse, Nottingham NG1 4DB 

One of the best rooftop bars in Nottingham, GinSecco is an airy, chic bar with exquisite views of the city below.

While it’s not technically a rooftop bar, it’s high up enough to give you a cracking view, so it’s earned a spot on the list.

It specialises in, yep, you guessed it, gin and prosecco.

And they do it very well.

As you can probably imagine, it’s the Instagram backdrop of dreams, and it’s a lovely place to enjoy a glass of fizz with friends.

The pink décor looks almost like it came straight out of the Barbie Dream House, so if that’s the vibes you’re after, then this is the bar for you. 


So, there you have it, my round-up of the best rooftop bars in Nottingham.

There’s certainly no shortage of rooftop bars in Nottingham, and there’s something to cater to every taste, which is always good!

Whether you’re after a sit-down meal or just some chilled drinks, it’s safe to say that rooftop bars are some of the best places to visit in Nottingham.

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