Vegan Porto: 15 Best Vegan Restaurants in Porto [2024]


If you’re a vegan who’s travelling to Porto then you’ll be pleased to hear that Portugal is one of the most vegan-friendly countries in the world.

I recently spent a week or so in the city and as a vegan foodie, I took it upon myself to try out practically everywhere you can eat vegan in Porto.

And luckily for you, I’ve rounded up all my favourite spots in one place!

Whether it’s a luxurious vegan restaurant with a tasting menu or a casual plant-based cafe with a buffet, you’re spoilt for choice here.

So read on to discover your new favourite vegan eatery in Porto!

1. Kind Kitchen


Address: R. de Ceuta 80, 4050-189 Porto

Phone number: +351 22 208 6529

Be kind to the planet, your body, and your tastebuds with a trip to Kind Kitchen.

They believe that we should ‘Be kind to every kind’ and this is reflected in their entirely plant-based menu.

Their menu is one of the longest in Porto, ranging from burgers, bowls, and sandwiches to starters, small plates, and desserts.

I tried out a load of the food here and have a ton of recommendations.

However, my favourite things would have to be the tofu nuggets, the crispy seitan and bacon burger, and the chocolate chip cookie with vanilla gelato.

And as if things couldn’t get any better, the restaurant is beautiful too!

Think a sloping ceiling, exposed brick walls, and plenty of greenery, and you’re on the right lines.

2. Vegana by Tentúgal


Address: R. de Santo Ildefonso 412 4300, Porto

Phone number: +351 22 536 1667

Vegana by Tentúgal is an amazing plant-based and cruelty-free grocery store, coffee shop, and restaurant rolled into one.

It’s no surprise then that it’s gathered quite the cult following over the years!

Come here to indulge in an item off their daily menu or treat yourself to toast, a sandwich, a salad, a burger, or even a francesinha.

Vegana by Tentúgal is a great spot for a quick lunch so come here if hunger hits in the day!

You also can’t leave without trying some of their pastel de nata or picking up some bits from the grocery store.

The vegan meats and cheeses are to die for!

3. Apuro – Vegan Bar


Address: Rua do Breiner 236, 4050-124 Porto

Phone number: +351 22 402 4756

For the coolest place to eat vegan in Porto, check out Apuro.

Apuro is the first vegan bar in Porto and is best known for its craft beer, organic food and live events! 

A triple threat, no?

These guys pride themselves on being fully vegan, organic, and local, so you know that by eating and drinking here, you’re helping the animals, the environment, and the local community.

Their huge menu ranges from tapas, toast, and hot dogs to burritos, bowls, and burgers.

Basically, if you want anything, they’ll probably serve it!

Menu highlights are the cheese board, rainbow toast, evil burrito, and the trouble burger.

So order one of those and thank me later!

Be sure to also try the chocolate mousse or the chocolate and walnut brownie before you leave – both of them blew my mind.

4. Em Carne Viva


Address: Av. da Boavista nº868, 4100-112 Porto

Phone number: +351 932 352 722

Translating to ‘In Live Meat’, Em Carne Viva wins the award for the most beautiful vegan restaurant in Porto.

With a stunning romantic garden and a gorgeous indoor space, this wine and teahouse serves homemade Portuguese vegan food in spectacular surroundings.

Eating here is a true gastronomical experience so if you’re stopping by, prepare to part with your pennies.

(Five courses cost €45 per person, while ten costs €80.)

All their food is 100% vegan and almost entirely organic too, with menu highlights being the bulhão pato style mushrooms, white asparagus, and the chocolate decadence dessert. 

Em Carne Viva also sports a yoga studio where you can escape from the bustle of the city and practice yoga in a peaceful environment.

Perfect for a post-meal wind-down! 

5. Soul Food


Address: R. de Antero de Quental 677, 4200-068 Porto

Phone number: +351 911 083 840

For filling, hearty soul food, look no further than the aptly-named Soul Food.

Sustainability, high-quality ingredients, and flavour are at the heart of Soul Food’s menus and it shows!

Visit midweek for lunch (expect a rotating menu) or dinner (think tapas and snacks), or for an even more special experience, visit at the weekend.

On Saturdays, they offer lunch and themed dinners, while on Sunday, you can indulge in dishes of the day, francesinhas, and burgers for lunch.

The perfect way to fight off the hangover from last night, right?!

Everything here is vegan too so the best bit is that you have free reign over their entire menu.

Feed your body and soul with the good stuff here at Soul Food!

6. daTerra


Address: Multiple locations

If ‘all-vegan buffet’ is music to your ears, then you’re going to love daTerra.

daTerra is a 100% vegan buffet-style joint with a daily changing menu and locations in Baixa, Mercado Bom Sucesso, and Foz do Douro.

This is a casual, quick, and affordable alternative for those looking to refuel while exploring the city.

Here you’ll pay a fixed price, before letting loose on their detox juices, soups, hot and cold foods, desserts, and more.

Keep an eye out on their website where they publish their imaginative daily menu in real-time.

Past mains have included seitan with turnip greens and mushroom and asparagus sauce, and Greek spinach and white cheese puffs.

Their buffet is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so they’ll always have something to serve you no matter what time hunger strikes.

While I’d recommend going for their buffet (it’s popular for good reason), they also offer sandwiches, burgers, snacks, pastries, and cakes to buy separately too.

This spot is well-loved and after just one visit, you’ll understand why!

7. Jardineiro


Address: Rua do Almada 609, 4050-039 Porto

Phone number: +351 22 976 8850

Jardineiro translates to ‘Gardener’ and this name reflects the all-vegan restaurant’s fabulous plant-powered menu.

Their creative and colourful meat-free menu is filled with beautiful dishes like tofu Wellington, bolognese cannelloni, and pumpkin and spinach dahl.

The Porto-style tripe is also a game-changer and the linguini with spinach pesto and feta will leave you wanting more.

Don’t leave without trying a dessert either!

From blueberry tiramisu to apple crumble to French toast, their desserts are truly spectacular.

While the food is more than enough reason to visit Jardineiro on its own, the decor is an added incentive.

From their glass-roofed winter garden that brings the outdoors indoors to the art deco bar with velvet mustard sofas, every inch of the space has been beautifully crafted.

Tasty and Instagrammable?

That’s what we like to see!

8. Remédio Santo


Address: Rua do Campo Alegre 553, 4150-179 Porto

Phone number: +351 914 541 472

Remédio Santo is easily one of the best places to eat vegan in Porto.

The all-vegan restaurant translates to ‘Holy Medicine’ which gives you a good idea of the type of food you can expect to see here.

It’s all healthy, homemade, and the perfect antidote to modern processed food.

They have daily-changing lunch and dinner menus for you to try with dishes like steak and stroganoff dominating the menu.

My favourite dish was probably the quesadilla with red onion, cauliflower, red bell pepper, organic tofu, and cheese.


However, if you really want to treat yourself, order the tasting menu for two to sample all of Remédio Santo’s finest food.

9. O Porto dos Gatos


Address: Av. de Rodrigues de Freitas 93, 4300-466 Porto

Phone number: +351 22 245 2502

If cats and vegan food is your dream combination, then you’re going to love O Porto dos Gatos.

Translating to ‘the port of cats’, O Porto dos Gatos is (yep, you guessed it!) a cat cafe.

Cuddle up to these furry feline friends (rescued and for adoption) while you dig into their entirely vegan menu.

On it, you’ll find mains, brunch, toast, and cakes, among other things – and all of it is super tasty. 

If you only order one thing, let it be the francesinha, then follow it up with a sweet treat from their mind-blowing cake selection.

The cinnamon cake was my favourite but after trying a few, I can highly recommend them all!

10. O Macrobiótico


Address: Rua do Bonfim 63, 4300-069 Porto

Phone number: +351 964 246 130

O Macrobiótico is an incredible local and organic vegan cafe with a menu that’s to die for.

Their daily-changing menu always features a couple of dishes that are filling and full of flavour, with past options being a chickpea burger and bean strogonoff.

When I was here, I tried the purple risotto with shitake mushrooms and the cream of mushrooms and sweet potato, and they were both phenomenal!

No visit is complete without trying one of their desserts either.

Whether it’s a tiramisu or a cocoa and cashew mousse, O Macrobiótico is sure to impress with its sweet treats.

11. MANNA Porto


Address: Rua da Conceição 60, 4050-213 Porto

Phone number: +351 913 527 270

MANNA Porto is another incredible one-stop shop that I can’t get enough of.

This veggie cafe not only serves mind-blowing vegan cuisine but it’s also an amazing lifestyle shop that hosts yoga and meditation events.

While they serve veggie food as well as vegan, there are plenty of options to keep us plant-based eaters happy, especially if you’re visiting for breakfast.

Think pancakes with hazelnut butter, fresh fruit, and caramelised almonds, and sweet sourdough toast with almond butter, fresh fruit, and sugar.


When you visit MANNA, you’ll come for the food but stay for the community.

12. Suribachi


Address: Rua do Bonfim 134, 4300-096 Porto

Phone number: +351 22 510 6700

If fresh salads and bowls are your idea of a good time, then you’re going to love Suribachi.

Suribachi is another health food store meets vegan-friendly restaurant combo, where at the back of the store you’ll find the oldest macrobiotic restaurant in Porto.

While they do sometimes serve fish and cheese, their menu is still 95% vegan so they’ve still firmly earned their spot on this list.

As well as a small vegan buffet, you can choose from a variety of ever-changing plant-based dishes, which feature seitan and tofu, among grains and veggies.

(Plus, they also serve vegan cake if you fancy a little sweet treat!)

13. Francesinhas Al Forno da Baixa


Address: Rua do Almada 160, 4000-196 Porto

Phone number: +351 912 551 855

No visitor to Porto should leave without trying the region’s infamous francesinha.

A love-or-hate dish, the francesinha comprises layers of toasted bread and assorted hot meats, covered in melted cheese.

It’s basically the least vegan-friendly dish in the world!

However, thanks to places like Francesinhas Al Forno da Baixa, us vegans don’t need to miss out on the fun anymore.

Here they have a surprisingly big dedicated vegan menu featuring starters, hot dogs, francesinha, steaks, and desserts!

Of course, if you’re here, you’ve got to try the francesinha, and you can pick between a tofu filling, wheat gluten, curry wheat gluten, and tempeh.

Each comes with tasty fillings including vegan chorizo, veggies, and cheese.



Address: Praça D. Filipa de Lencastre 25, 4050-259 Porto

Phone number: +351 910 595 015

NOLA KITCHEN is one of my favourite eateries in the city and they also happen to serve one of my favourite brunches in Porto too!

This health food restaurant has an all-organic menu made from authentic ingredients with lots of yummy vegan options.

There’s so much goodness to tuck into that you won’t know where to start!

If you’re there for breakfast, I’d recommend trying out their acai bowl, choco-hazel pancake, or avo sandwich.

Alternatively, if you’re visiting later in the day, then go for the naked burrito, the beet burger, or the cauli’n’cheese.

The green bowl I had here was by far the most filling salad I’ve ever had so come hungry!

For a balanced, healthy, and tasty vegan meal in Porto, you can’t go wrong with NOLA.

15. Honest Greens


Address: R. de Santa Catarina 184, 4000-442 Porto

Phone number: +351 22 976 9310

Last but by no means least, no list of vegan restaurants in Porto would be complete without mentioning Honest Greens.

This small European chain may not be entirely vegan but for plant-based fast food, you can never go wrong here.

Their slogan is ‘EAT REAL’ and this is reflected in their ethically-sourced, organic, and unprocessed menu.

My favourite item on their menu would have to be the whole-roasted cauliflower with tahini sauce, harissa, dukkah, and herbs.

I’ve ordered it countless times and I never get bored of it!

Their sweet potato fries with beet ketchup, plant-based aioli, and coriander also deserve an honourable mention.

As for mains, you can never go wrong with a sweet chilli tofu market plate or an avocado supergreen salad.

They also have some equally appetising sides which are well worth shouting about.

Order the Moroccan rice, miso-glazed brussel sprouts, or the black chanterelle mushroom and lentils, and thank me later!


So that concludes my round-up of all my favourite places to eat vegan in Porto!

Being vegan in Porto is made easy thanks to incredible eateries like these so shortlist your favourites on this list and try them out for yourself.

You won’t regret it – I promise!

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