Vegan Restaurants Cardiff: 21 Best Vegan Food Spots [2023]


Over the past few years, Cardiff has been going through a foodie revolution, becoming somewhat of a haven for vegans!

From 100% vegan restaurants to the best spots for vegan sweet treats, you won’t know where to head first.

Whether you’re fully vegan, slowly transitioning, or trying to help out a plant-based pal, there are endless options no matter where you are in the city!

So if you’re ready to discover your new favourite vegan eateries in the Welsh capital, scroll down for the 21 best vegan restaurants in Cardiff!

1. Anna Loka


Address: 114 Albany Rd, Cardiff CF24 3RU

Phone number: 029 2048 9773

Anna Loka was the very first vegan restaurant to open in Cardiff and it’s one of those spots that both locals and tourists can’t seem to get enough of.

Recently, they were the runner-up for the “Best Vegetarian Establishment for 2022” hosted by Wales Food Awards.

They take vegan and vegetarian food to the next level, from plant-based twists on the classics to their infamous ultimate burger.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, they’re not one to miss!

It’s a great place to grab your friends and head over for gourmet vegan food, packed with flavour, colour, and deliciousness.

2. Wahaca


Address: 51-53 The Hayes, Bridge St, St Davids Centre, Cardiff CF10 2ER 

Phone number: 029 2166 1314

While Wahaca is a chain, they offer some of the best vegan options in the city, especially if you’re around the St Davids Centre.

Their menu is truly jam-packed with vegan goodies!

If you want some suggestions, the vegan nachos are a must, as are the plantain tacos and the organic squash tostadas.

And what’s a meal without ending it with churros, right?!

Their vegan churros come with a hot chocolate sauce, which is equally not one to miss!

3. Alex Gooch


Address: 183A Kings Rd Yard, Kings Rd, Pontcanna, Cardiff CF11 9DF

Phone number: 029 2039 7907

Alex Gooch is a leading name around the Cardiff area.

His delicious bakes are based in Pontcanna at the Kings Road Yard, and a trip there is a feast for the senses in every aspect.

He’s open most days of the week, and his vegan sourdough is a must-try.

It’s also the perfect place to pop by on the weekend with friends for one of the wood-fired pizzas. 

They’re top-notch!

4. Brother Thai


Address: 35 Whitchurch Rd, Cardiff CF14 3JN

Phone number:  029 2063 4834

What’s a guide to vegan restaurants in Cardiff without mentioning Brother Thai?

They’re one of the infamous regulars on the Cardiff street food scene.

Their best dish?

Too many to list, but the vegan roti is unmissable.

Picture a roti full to the brim with caramelised shiitake mushrooms and spicy jackfruit!

Told you it was good, didn’t I?!

5. Wild Thing


Address: 36-38 Cathays Terrace, Cardiff CF24 4HX

Phone number: 07751 429492

Wild Thing is another vegan institution in the city, and they serve some of the best brunch in Cardiff.

They’re completely not-for-profit and make delicious vegan food accessible to everyone.

They even offer a “pay what you can afford” scheme too.

From top to bottom, their menu is packed to the brim with delicious plates and nutritious salads.

They change their menu every two weeks and even do a formidable Sunday roast, so you can try something new each time!

It’s an establishment that’s always warm and inviting and one of the loveliest places to eat.

Some of their classics are their warm toasted banana bread, Earl Grey and apple porridge, and a ginger, coconut and lime hot pot. 

6. Bar 44


Address: 5-23 Westgate St, Cardiff CF10 1DD

Phone number: 0333 344 4049

While Bar 44 may not be completely vegan, their vegan menu is the way to do tapas.

Every time I visit, I can’t help ordering the triple-cooked patatas bravas, along with their Jerusalem artichoke.

And if you fancy a drop of wine, no worries!

They have an entirely separate vegan wine list with so many options to choose from.

7. Depot


Address: Depot Cardiff Williams Way, Curran Embankment, Cardiff CF10 5DY

Phone number: 029 2022 0491

Self-described as ‘Cardiff’s most original venue’, Depot is one of the liveliest spots in the city.

This huge warehouse events space is a great place to watch local rugby matches with endless amounts of street food to choose from.

From vegan delicate Bao buns to layered vegan burgers, it can be hard to choose from with so many options available!

Their menu is all about eating global while staying local, so you know you’ll be supporting some hard-working local independents while eating here.

8. Falafel Corner


Address: 4345 Queen St, Cardiff CF10 2HQ

Phone number: 029 2115 4653

Falafel Corner was another of my first vegan foodie finds when I first came to Cardiff and from the first time I stepped in, they had me hooked.

There’s a reason there’s always a queue (unless you go early, which I would recommend!).

This is pick-your-own like no other.

You can pick a salad, pitta, or Lebanese wrap as the base and from there you get to add in all your favourite salads and sauces.

This spot has been a regular for many famous Cardiff icons, with rugby pundits frequently being spotted grabbing a bite to eat here.

From sweetcorn to sauerkraut to couscous salads, this is the perfect place to get your daily quota of vegetables.

Each day they have a different ‘house hummus’, ranging from smoked paprika one day to sweet potato-based the next.

This place is worth the wait (and the queue!).

9. The Lazy Leek


Address: Kings Road Yard Pontcanna, Cardiff CF11 9DF

Located in the King’s Yard in Pontcanna, The Lazy Leek specialises in vegan street food made using local produce.

If you’re a burger lover, Lazy Leek is one of the best vegan restaurants in Cardiff for you!

They don’t just create your average plant-based burger – they make sure it’s just as indulgent as any non-veggie gourmet burger.

My two top recommendations are “the bolly cauli” and “the cow(less) boy”.

The “bolly cauli” is a spicier option served with cabbage, beetroot raita, pickled chillies, and mango chutney, and each flavour combination is well-thought-out and matched!

The “cow(less) boy” deserves equal recognition and is a good option for those starting their vegan journey.

It’s layered with a homemade bean patty with onion rings, BBQ sauce, beetroot and carrot slaw, and not to forget some melted smoked “gouda” style cheese!

10. Crumbs Kitchen


Address: 33 Morgan Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1AF

Phone number: 029 2039 5007

This is one of the best vegan restaurants in Cardiff if you’re in and around the arcades!

Situated in the centre of the old Morgan Arcade, Crumbs Kitchen has been going for so many years.

From soups and salad bowls to coleslaw and toasties, they serve the perfect array of hot and cold vegan food – and it’s all delicious!

If you’re in the centre, this is the place to visit for quick, delicious food when you’re on the go or can’t stop for long.

11. Clancy’s


Address: 167/170, Central Market, Cardiff CF10 1AU

Phone number: 07547 416223

If you know Cardiff, then you’ll know that the Cardiff Market is an institution in the city.

Inside sits Clancy’s, an amazing vegetarian stall, made for quick lunches on the go.

They’re known for their delicious butternut bhajis and superfood-packed baked goods!

They also make a stellar vegan chai around Christmas time which is the ultimate supplement for the cold weather.

12. Fido Coffee


Address: 186-188 Kings Rd, Pontcanna, Cardiff CF11 9DF

Phone number: 029 2037 2055

Fido Coffee is the replacement for city favourite, Kemis.

Fido’s are the Pontcanna spot to visit for a coffee and lunch, especially if you have a four-legged friend in tow.

All week long they offer vibrant, bright, and fresh salads to eat in or take away.

They also offer a wide array of vegan sweet treats, which are certainly not to be missed!

13. Kindle


Address: Sophia Gardens, Pontcanna, Cardiff CF11 9SZ

Phone number: 029 2280 1448

Kindle is truly one of the coolest spots in the city!

They focus on the provenance of the vegetables and sustainability, working with local farmers and gardeners to use ethical produce.

Each small plate is specifically designed to complete the seasonal ingredients of the month, meaning you can mix and match the different items on the menu.

Pair that with their delicious natural wine, and you have a match made in heaven!

14. Nook


Address: 587 Cowbridge Rd E, Cardiff CF5 1BE

Phone number: 029 2115 3274

Similar to Kindle, Nook is another cool spot for vegan eats in the city.

Although they do serve meat, there are plenty of great vegan dishes to enjoy in this casual and oh-so-cosy bistro.

They also focus on seasonality and local, natural wines, which when paired with their small plates make for culinary heaven.

Their roast carrot pesto with sunflower seeds, and Hasselback potatoes with chive aioli and garlic butter are just two of my favourite items on the menu.

15. Friends in Knead and Pettigrew Bakeries


Address: Roath Garage, Moy Rd, Cardiff CF24 4TD

Phone number: 029 2046 2376

If, like me, you love a vegan sweet treat, then look no further than Friends in Knead and Pettigrew Bakeries.

With options for delivery or pick up in the Cardiff areas, they are not one to miss!

Everything is made fresh each day, and their vegan peanut butter cookies and blondies are out of this world.

You’ll also find lots of other delicious goods, like fresh salads, in their deli fridge if you’re looking for something a little more substantial!

16. Luna’s Vegan Corner


Address: 26 Wellfield Rd, Cardiff CF24 3PB

Phone number: 07736 396658

While its name may sound quaint, this place packs a punch with just how much they offer.

It’s one of those places in the city that’s regularly mentioned – and for good reason!

Luna’s Vegan Corner was born out of a passion for conscious living for our planet and kindness to animals. 

A statement any vegan can relate to, no?

From curries and burritos to quesadillas and freshly made soups, they are a mainstay for vegans in the city.

Their ‘fur-midable mixed vegetable green Thai curry’ is still one of my favourites to this day.

It’s the ultimate warming winter bowl!

17. Vegetarian Food Studio


Address: 115-117 Penarth Road, Cardiff CF11 6JT

If you’re craving a classic curry, Vegetarian Food Studio will be one of the best vegan restaurants in Cardiff for you.

Family-run and welcoming from the moment you step in the door, they serve authentic oriental curries, side dishes, and so much more!

You’ll be pleased to hear that many of the options are vegan or can be made vegan on request.

Must-tries are their chilli mushrooms, Channa Bhutura, and any of their homemade vegan chutneys.

18. Herbivore


Address: 13 City Rd, Cardiff CF24 3JD

When I think of Herbivore, I think of innovation.

Working from a garden-to-plate initiative, they always think outside the box!

Think cauliflower and almond crumb risotto, and grilled celeriac served with white beans and rosemary.

They create a carnival in your mouth with each and every bite of their food.

You’ll understand why this is one of my favourite vegan restaurants in Cardiff as soon as you visit!

19. Wingstack


Address: 86 Whitchurch Rd, Cardiff CF14 3LY

Phone number: 029 2037 7609

You may be thinking ‘Wingstack’ doesn’t sound particularly vegan – and technically, you’d be correct.

However, their array of vegan options (burgers, wings, and chips) completely counteract their name.

The vegan cauliflower ‘wings’ are the ultimate comfort food, and are any vegan’s dream.

Sticky and always cooked to perfection, they make any day better.

(Or any hangover for that matter!)

30. The Atma Lounge


Address: Unit 20, Capitol Centre, Queen St, Cardiff CF10 2HQ

Phone number: 07756 299786

Situated in the Capital building is The Atma Lounge.

The aim of the lounge is to provide a sacred space for food and well-being in the centre of the city.

They work on a ‘buy one, feed one’ approach, giving food to those in need.

And luckily, their food is just as lovely as their morals!

Abundant in colour, flavour, and nutrition, each bite will leave you wanting more.

21. Hub Box


Address: Unit 23/23A, Mermaid Quay, Cardiff CF10 5BZ

Phone number: 029 2046 2655

Set in the iconic Cardiff Bay, Hub Box offers a star-studded vegan menu.

Two menu highlights are the ‘no-chicken, chicken burger’ and the vegan ‘all-star burger’ which are both just as tasty as they sound.

Pair them with some vegan chilli fries and you’re onto a winner with this one!

If you want delicious, easy, and no-frills fast food, then Hub Box is the place to head to.


So there you have it: the 21 best vegan restaurants in Cardiff!

As you can see, Cardiff is a vegan haven, so you’re spoiled for choice for your next meal out here.

All that’s left to do is to pick out your favourite vegan restaurants in Cardiff and book in for a plant-based feast of a lifetime!

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